Dr. Sandy Brannin From Internal Medicine

I always enjoyed helping people as much
of a pun that sounds like it’s true. Started out being the lifeguard. In doing
that learned CPR first aid was kind of there when I needed to be. I think one of
the huge turning points was in my high school when we had a high school
shooting. The kid was shot and I was immediate reaction was to respond. So I was the first one there. Performed CPR until EMS arrived. So that I think was a big
turning point for me wanting to pursue medicine. I grew up in Charleston
West Virginia went to West Virginia University for undergraduate where I
studied exercise physiology. Always had a passion for health and wellness and then
did my med school at the Osteopathic School in Lewisburg West Virginia. So I do a very traditional general practice. I have more women than men in my practice
but I definitely do both. I have people ages 16 to 102. I do everything from just
yearly physicals checkups, wellness, sports physicals, to diabetes, high blood
pressure, high cholesterol, everything. Number one I hope they feel comfortable
with me. I hope they feel that they were heard. I hope they feel that okay this is
someone I can trust. This is someone I can build a relationship and someone I
can come to when I’m feeling good and when I need help. So my first goal when a
person walks in the door is to address any acute concerns they have.
Once those are taken care of then the goal or focus would switch to prevention
and wellness. It is one of my goals are one of my big spiels is to get my
patients well enough they don’t need me if that makes sense.
So I’m a big proponent of coming every year just for a general physical. I
use health and wellness and preventive medicine almost as an analogy to going
in and getting your state inspection to your car.
Even if everything’s fine you go in once a year to get it checked out.
I’ll tell patients come in let’s have your routine physical. If there’s
something going on maybe we can find it before the check engine light comes on
and address it before there’s a problem. So to me that’s a very important
component of health and wellness. I guess it really depends on what’s important to the patient. Me, if I would say I’m the patient I want to find someone who is
going to take my health care very seriously. I want someone who’s gonna
take the time to listen. I want someone that if I need extra five in extra five
minutes it’s gonna say “dang it I know I’m a few minutes behind but she needs
me now”. I want someone that’s convenient to my home my location. I want someone
who’s gonna be readily accessible either be a phone or email. So that’s what I
would look for so I guess that’s what I feel people would expect of me or expect
when they’re looking for a provider. I’m a normal person with the medical degree. I know it’s hard coming to the doctor. I know sometimes it’s hard
opening up. I know sometimes it’s scary. However, I want people to know that I’m
there to help them. I want to be an advocate. I want to help them guide their
health in the direction they want to go and support those decisions. I’m never
gonna make any anyone do anything they don’t want to do. Being on the water. I
always say the beach is happy when I come see it. So I have three kids very
happily married. I enjoy spending time with my family whenever the weather
cooperates. We enjoy going to the beach, being on the boat, being in the sand. I
love sports, activities, paddle boarding, going to kids ball games. So I enjoy
being active.

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