Dr. Sebi | God Food: AIDS, Cancer & Heart Disease Support – Full Version


  1. Dr Sebi Was such a wise man. It’s crazy how the world sleep on what’s really going on. Money is more important than ppl health nowadays 🤦🏾‍♂️

  2. Hes right food brings demons on the spiritual being when Jesus rebuked the man with demons the demons asked to go into the swine (pigs) they never lefted back out and some of the food are chemically balanced some foods are plagued and people are to with generational curses that can be broken back in the day aids wouldnt call aids it was just called diseases…the bible specifically tells you what you can eat and what not to eat

  3. Wow his mind set to find Cures for so many things n cancer was one of them n yet he got arrested n found dead in police custody n why this happened to him this way

  4. I invite anyone and everyone to start taking very large doses of iron. You will see how much time you spend in the bathroom as opposed to try to get anything else done during the day. from what I can see this is just a big ad for promoting all of his products like most all of his speeches and everything else is. I think the man had a lot of knowledge but I think he was also throwing in a lot of bullshit at the same time. I think till this day he bamboozles a lot of people with his loud and predominant speech pattern and yelling and condemning others who do not see things the way he does. I think it is all very emotional and the people who loved him can't really see past that. Which I understand. He seems like a very dynamic figure. But you have to look past all the bullshit and see it for what it really is.

  5. Yeah he was the only man in the whole world that who claim and cure aids with herbs. Get the fuck out of here. Lmao

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