Dr. Sebi is Ossain: Orisha of Mystical & Medicinal Herbs (Healer of All Disease) VOST FR/ANG

I always use that black woman in the jungle… for some reason she keeps showing up! This black woman in the jungle keeps showing up! As setting the standards and raising the bar! Why — Tell me what you refer to when you say this black woman in the jungle. Oh! I mean this woman was the woman
that set the standard! This woman didn’t die because of disease! She didn’t have any hospitals — in the jungle! She didn’t have any doctors! She didn’t have any medicine! That’s why Hypocrates said that your medicine should be your food, and your food should be your medicine! Because the African people didn’t have a doctor. They didn’t need him! Because they didn’t have any of the substances
that would violate the biology of the individual. So how long did they live? Do you and I know how long those Africans lived in the forests of Africa before the chemical people came? Furthermore! My Mama wasn’t naked!… She was natural! Because to say that my Mama was naked in the forest, is to say that God made clothes! My eyes is on the prize, which is Africa! Because I’m the liittle boy that didn’t go to school! I’m the little boy that didn’t like to comb his hair! I’m still that same little boy, I haven’t changed. My name is Sebi. I too used to be — well, I wear clothes!
I picked ’em I’ve been conditioned, I’m wearing clothes, right?
It’s unnatural! You’re not breathing! You breathe when you take your clothes off! And I saw examples of that in Mexico! With Josefa, when they brought her the crazy man! The first thing she did was walk up to the man
and take his clothes off! And the man just sat right down. See, now what was that? We believe that we breathe through our nose only, no you breathe through your pores! Your pores is the biggest mouth that you have! It receives oxygen! But now, I’m covered up from here to here,
I’m (not) breathing, and from here to here, and from here to here,
so 90% is covered up! Why do we get sick?
The body was not designed to be sick! Bird doesn’t get sick! Elephant doesn’t get sick! He needs no vet! The lion doesn’t need a vet! Neither does a giraffe, or ANY of the natural animals! Why do we get sick? …There has been a violation. So let us all rise together! Not the Usha family alone! No! So don’t come here waiting for a big surprise,
“Oh, we’re gonna hear how AIDS is cured!”… …”from a biochemical or chemical perspective”,
no, no, no, it’s all garbage. The judge said to me when I was talking
about how we cure AIDS in Usha, she said, “Dr. Sebi… you make sound so simple.” I said, “But ma’am, everything is simple.” “EVERYTHING is simple!” “Those things that are of consequence,
they are very simple…and very easy.” She said, “I never heard this before!”
I said, “I know that.” Because the African people has not
stepped in to world society and represent themsevlves as far as pathology and nutrition is concerned, but now, here it is: The African Bio-Mineral Balance
is in the archives of the court of the United States. So let us do something now! Let us come together and further this healing! Grossely needed all over the world! Not only in the Black race! But in the whole Human Race! Healing is necessary.


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