Dr. Thomas E. Levy – The Cause of All Disease: A Unified Theory


  1. Dr.Thomas Levy is giving great talks worthy tons of gold I like his attitude, personality and very distinguished knowledge, may God bless him.

  2. from my own experience with severe palpitations such that it takes my breath away all day and night, which have greatly decreased from iron dumping by blood donation, I'm wondering if iron overload, even a slightly abnormal ferritin level might be the cause of the epidemic of atrial fibrillation since there is no known cause, BUT iron does effect heart muscle. Kind of makes sense. would be interesting to do a stud on AF patients, who then do iron dumping, or see how high their iron/ferritin/TFS is in the first place, then compare before and after

  3. At 36:00 he mentions agents that pull calcium out of cells. I didn’t hear him tell us what those agents are. Did I miss it????

  4. I listen to every lecture i can find on this guy. His integrity is astonishing. I cant believe there are doctors this honest. Somewhere in Omaha a five-legged pig is flying….

  5. Thank you for this video!!!
    Is the Second half of this lecture available?
    What is the best route to REDUCE a serum Calcium level?

  6. I received a response and was asked how I do grounding?. I'm a retired Engineer from the Boston Cambridge Massachusetts area. I'm sure you have an idea of my Engineering origination. I'd like to say I use magnetics as well as traditional grounding via copper post as an earth ground. This I use stainless steel meshed area to connect with. This is a common grounding but I use an internal process with chelation useing a fraction of fulvic acid without any minerals as refferd by 14th century Chinese medicine as Wujisan, a golden clear fraction that chelaites organic & inorganic minerals mixed with volatile and other particulats then distilling the water. I then use magnetic vortexing to change the spins of the polarized electrons. I substitute my mineralization useing microgreens I grow as well as medicinal mushrooms( all exotic or gourmet are medicinal) I supliment thease two self grown organics with the purified fulvic acid ( wujisan) that allows the biome & cells too absorb the organic minerals & plethrera of complex substances that promote symbiosis.
    If you'd like details please ask.

  7. Best way to Bury anything online is to not have your own domain name. Spend the ten bucks register domain name people can find it, not to do so is foolhardy waste of time.

  8. Thank You Dr. Levy..I'm presently in the hospital with an infection of Lower Rt Leg precipitously to excess stress caused by an ongoing Veinous Stasis Ulcer which has healed off an on for over 30 years…Even though I've religiously changed bandages daily utilizing compression stockings / tubi grips..I a retired LPN nurse Now understand a Lot More @ IOS…so now once discharged tomorrow. My focus will be on Detoxification…My New Mantra "You can't dry off if your still in the Shower"" I thank my Sister who's alway been in to Nutrition/Holistic medicine steered me to your presentations..Again Thank You..

  9. After listening to Dr. Levy, the one question I have is this: my understanding is, some disease is pernicious Because they cause an aggressive immune response. This was seen in Spanish Flu epidemic where young healthy people died. How does vitamin C (which Dr. Levy said promotes immune T-cell response) avoid the problem of imbalance of immune response?

  10. @40:00…Copper? It is my understanding that Copper converts Ferrous Iron to Ferric Iron, releasing Oxygen, which enhances Magnesium ability to move Calcium. Ferrous Iron accumulates in deposits and seemingly the best way to eliminate these deposits is with Copper. If someone knows for a fact this described chemistry process is incorrect, by all means do comment!

  11. Thank you Dr levy , for all the valuable information eye opening at least, you are amazing God bless ❤️

  12. What a true Patriot, a lover of freedom, this doc is. When Big Pharma, AMA, etc., went after him for using IV Vit C, he went back to school for a law degree. Clearly, he's used it wisely, as he's both still alive & still doing the Vit C thing. This is one stubborn man in the best way. It's yet another sign that the cabal, the loony Left, is losing control, losing their ability to control the narrative. Yeah!!

  13. So in short…. Take correct amounts of Vit c, Proline, L-Lysine  to help make collagen for the Arteries and skin to keep them elastic so Atherosclerosis is migrated, hence plaque consisting of Calcium and Cholesterol is not required to repair damaged artery's and hence the blood flow is normalised. Second thing is to reduce overall body inflammation by getting rid of any dental diseases by using his unique method which also has Vit c as a prerequisite. All these things occur because of highly processed foods that were not available 100+years ago so many of these disease did not occur, we all died of "other"  mechanisms which modern life has overcome. So we have taken 1 step forward and 1 step back, the trick of course is to change your life so you are only taking the steps forward and not the modern food sources) of the steps back. Sounds easy but in practice it is hard to accomplish with out sacrifice.

  14. "Symptoms of Iron Toxicity"
    Iron toxicity occurs when high levels of the element are accumulated in the body, leading to hemochromatosis. Excess iron can deplete vitamin B6 and vitamin C, as well as cause a deficiency of manganese, zinc, and copper. Many of the adverse physical health conditions caused by iron toxicity are a direct result of these deficiencies (5).

    Hemochromatosis is an iron storage disease that occurs when there is an overload of iron in the body. It is the consequence of the intestine’s inability to keep out unneeded iron (10). Iron accumulates in the organs, often iron-storing organs like the liver, and damages the tissues.

    In addition to those mentioned above, iron toxicity may also alter a person’s brain chemistry and affect one’s mood or personality! (12) An overload of this metal is often associated with a strong ego, rigidity, tenaciousness, hostility, stubbornness, and irritability. (5)

    Iron also raises Na (Sodium) levels. Slow oxidizers have low sodium levels; so if you are a slow oxidizer, please take this into consideration as well.

    Iron overload refers to the gradual build-up of too much iron in the body. … Over time, untreated hemochromatosis increases the risk of arthritis, cancer, liver problems, diabetes and heart failure (11). The body has no easy way to dispose of extra iron. The most effective way to get rid of excess iron is blood loss or best is donating blood to the RedCross.


  15. Conventional Doctors will never bother using their little brains , they are all using the e-net and have Novartis and Bayer doing all the (Marketing and Commission work)

  16. Thyroid discussion begins @ 46:04. T3/rT3 ratio @ 48:34. Dessicated thyroid's effectiveness @ 49:19.

  17. In the future we will have patients snorting lines of vitamin c along side lines of opiods and other prescription drugs (snorting is the superior way to take these drugs)

  18. There you go then straight from the horses mouth…..all diseases are causes by toxicity and difficiency 👍🏽👍🏽oh I thought you got cancer from a bad gene or so they say

  19. So much clarity!!!! My eyes are opened wider👀. Dr Levy…peace and many blessings to you. May you sit in a seat next to God (and all the other earth angels that preceded you) when you get to heaven💕. You are a very bright light shining in this very grey space here on earth😀

  20. can you explain about MMS which oxidise more and cure malaria. so confusing. But I am sure you may have answer to that.

  21. 35:00 I've heard the same about sugar, that it feeds cancer cells. Also I've heard how candida (which feeds off of sugar), often leads to leaky gut. Makes me wonder about the connection between iron and sugar.

  22. I was made unwell from the drug accutane and taking vitamin C for me hasn't been the answer. Accutane alters gene expression and taking vitamin C doesn't put that right.

  23. also I thought cancer cells ate sugar :((( also I get my calcium from red algae, are these studies showing that taking out calcium from cells makes them less malignant or normal based off people getting calcium through diet vs people taking supplements that may be of low/toxic quality? I don't know a lot about this subject that's why I've been watching these videos

  24. do you think going off gluten could have helped because you no longer are eating the chemicals they use to kill and dry the wheat? unless you are eating organic. I have read that gluten intolerance did not become a big thing until they started treating wheat with glyphosate which was causing inflamed gut

  25. How does this Doctor think all infections come from the mouth and he doesn't mention the harmful foods that people eat. He doesn't talk about the harmful bacteria produced by consuming meat and dairy products. You wouldn't need so much Vitamin C in the diet if the inflammatory process in the body wasn't being triggered by animal products. That's where oxidative stress enters the body via unhealthy foods especially animal products. Please talk about the key elements of disease. High levels of saturated fat and cholesterol which are primarily found in animal products will lead to coronary heart disease. Vitamin C is vital as an antioxidant. But please, let's get real. Stop eating the steak and eggs three times a day. Cut out the major oxidative component from the diet and watch the body heal itself. Then you'll see how adding Vitamin C via fruits will jump start your immunity.

  26. How well do we hold onto the iron we do need, haemaglobin for oxygen, right, its necessary. Or did we get partial info? Can we work like plants….with a magnesium there instead?

  27. For the most part the body will heal! Fantastic! I mean Awesome, Glorious….best yet….Superb, Hyperthingy!
    What was I going to say……All The Best…..Yes.

  28. One thing about when medical people are talking they may be talking to fellow medical people however they know the general public is going to listen to their video and they need something light to say something like see brings in oxygen this takes out oxygen instead of the pro-oxidant or whatever Creek has is really hard to sort out with the comings and goings of what's going on you need pictures

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