Dr. W.G. Watson — Oldest Working Physician

I know very few doctors who’ve been practicing 62 years. I know very few doctors practice after 75. Most of them retire then. I’m W.G. Watson. I was born Feb. 25, 1910. I’m chief of OB/GYN at University Hospital. I usually get up about 6:15 every morning, eat my breakfast and make rounds in the hospital. I try to get to the office around 8:30-9 o’clock. Ya’ll doing OK? Everything alright? I see patients every day. I try to make rounds on nursing stations, the operating room to check on the help they have. Everything OK? Full house? Got plenty help? Patients bragging on you? I went into practice in ’47 and in the early ’50s I was hitting 50, 60, 70 babies a month. I’ve got some patients I’ve been seeing for 50 years. In fact, I saw one patient the other day, said I delivered her, I delivered her mother and I delivered her grandmother. So, I don’t go anywhere I don’t see a patient of mine. I love medicine. I enjoy contact with people, and try to help people. I feel there is close contact between doctors and patients and you help one another that way. It’s something to crawl out of bed for every morning. How many patients you got? How many? How many nurses? Ya’ll take care of them, OK? After the day is over with I run through my mind the patients I’ve seen. The things I did for them or didn’t do for them. When I feel like I’m not caring for them, then I’m retiring.


  1. I have had the pleasure of knowing this man personally. I began seeing him when I was 16 years old. He delivered me, almost all of my family and both of my children. He is one of the smartest, sweetest men I have ever known. Love him dearly.

  2. i know a 100 year old doctor who works in the Uk his name is william frankland, and he worked with alexander fleming who discovered the antibiotic penecillin.

  3. He has lived a century wow I am so surprised that we have the same surname
    And I want to be a neurology surgeon in the future.

  4. You know, when i saw him for the first time (not in person) on those 'spamming sponsored links', where they will promise you cures for killing parasites simply by drinking something, i was curious about the photo itself, who would misuse that photo for some scam. Then i saw the truth and now i am amazed about the facts of Dr. Watson. May he rest in peace and fuck those who misused him for some scams.

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