Dr. Xavier Jimenez – Bio Video

My background’s actually in philosophy before I went into medicine. So I really appreciated people finding meaning in life, and living as full of an existence as possible. I went into medicine hoping to help people with complex syndromes, in general. People who are very debilitated by their disease, by their illness. And I found that in chronic pain and in, again, neurology, there are many of these conditions. So my training led to this area. So I’ve used everything that I’ve trained in in the past to try to help patients as best as I can. The conditions that I see are usually chronic conditions. By that I mean chronic neurological pain syndromes, whether it’s chronic back and spinal pain, whether it’s musculoskeletal pain. In addition to those, because they often kind of flock together, I do see a good amount of depression and anxiety, and sleep problems. Insomnia is a big thing that I also manage. Most rewarding part of my job is watching a patient realize that they have the inner tools, actually, not the outer needs, but the inner tools to get better. So I typically, almost always, actually, avoid controlled substances and things of that sort that have become more controversial as of late. And those are the opioids, and painkillers, and narcotics In fact, one of my side specialties is to help people come off of them, should they be interested in that, and look at alternatives. So I do use non-narcotic, non-opioid strategies I would say essentially every time I see a patient.

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