Dragon’s Breath by Red Dragon Nutritionals from Fat Burners Only

– Dragon’s Breath pre-workout
by Red Dragon Nutritionals. Now, I’m genuinely super
excited to be explaining this awesome pre-workout to you today. So, the girls have had me explaining all of the tough products that are hard to explain at Fat Burners Only. This one is one of my favourite
products on our website, and it’s super easy for me to explain. So it’s my reward for
doing all the hard work. Now, Red Dragon Nutritionals
is a true blue Aussie brand made by a true Aussie legend, Jared. He’s a real genius formulator, and has come up with an
amazing flavouring system for this kick-ass pre-workout. Now, I’m gonna go full
nerd on you right now, so please bear with me. I’m going to explain the ingredients and how they will help
you with your training, your gym sessions, your sport, and what they will do for your focus and energy levels and endurance. So to start with, I’m gonna
talk about the endurance and the pump blend, and they start with a massive six grams of citrulline malate. So that’s a full clinical
dose of this pump ingredient, and what it will do is it
will create nitric oxide in the bloodstream, which
will hit the endothelial walls of your blood vessels
and cause them to expand, and this is known as “pump.” If we can get those blood
vessels open and get more pump, we’re getting more waste removal, we’re getting more glycogen delivery, and nutrient delivery
to the muscles as well, so perfect ingredient to
really pump up those muscles. Next, we have three point
two grams of beta-analine, my favourite
performance-boosting amino acid. Now, this ingredient is responsible for stripping lactic acid
out of your muscle tissues, which means that you can increase the amount of reps on the end of your set. It’ll also help the explosive power as well as increase your reaction speed so you’re faster off the mark. Not only is it fantastic for gym sessions, it’s also fantastic pre-sport. They also put in tyrosine
at the 750 milligram dose. Now, this amino acid will cause the body to produce more dopamine. Dopamine is a hormone responsible
for motivation and focus. So you get that dopamine
up with this ingredient, and you can drive through your sport or your gym session more effectively. Lastly, the energy blend. Now, they’ve put in 250
milligrams of caffeine. This ingredient is derived
from green coffee beans, so it’s a natural form of caffeine. 250 milligrams is enough to give you a really good energy hit, but not too much to get you straight up and
cause that massive crash or give you the jitters. Next, they put in 250
milligrams of TeaCrine. Now this is a form of caffeine analogue which the body cannot get used to, so you still get that
same stimulant effect every time you use this product without it wearing off. An awesome addition,
at a really great dose. And lastly, they put in 100
milligrams of Dynamine, the new stimulant that
every pre-workout needs, ’cause that’s really gonna
cause that massive drive and focus and mood boost to work with all those other ingredients. So you can see, I fully nerd
out on these ingredients, because they’re so well put
together and clinically dosed. The guy is a total legend
and he knows what he’s doing. Now, typically, with
fully dosed clinical doses of these ingredients, you’ll
get a pretty gnarly flavour. However, Dragon’s Breath have managed to flavour this
pre-workout in amazing ways so you’ll actually love the taste. It’s the best-tasting
clinically dosed pre-workout I have ever had. They’ve got the awesome strawberry jelly, which genuinely tastes
like strawberry jelly, we’ve got sour candy, and the best seller and
the best-tasting one I have in my hands here:
mango passion fruit will blow your mind. So you can see I’m super passionate about this pre-workout,
an amazing product. Now, even if you like mild pre-workouts, just take one scoop instead
of the two-scoop dose, and you’ll still get an amazing workout. If you have any questions
about this pre-workout, just wack a comment in the comment section of this video, and myself
or one of the Fat Burners on the team would be happy to
answer that question for you. Thanks for watching Burners. We’ll catch you next time. Cheers! Dragon’s Breath! (roaring)

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