Drexel University Online: MSN in Clinical Nurse Leader

I'm dr. Alice Poisson I'm track director of the clinical nurse leader track in the master's program here at Drexel University a clinical nurse leader is educated at a master's level to include all of the information that is required in order to change practice at the bedside or wherever patients receive the care this is the person that institutions will embrace to really utilize the role to help their institution mold and change with the future of health care I think as healthcare becomes more sophisticated and more complex you know the amount of medical and nursing knowledge doubles all the time and you need people who are trained to really navigate that complexity the clinical nurse leader role really is trained to understand how the systems work together and really get the best out of the people and the staff and the circumstances that exist in a particular floor unit or outpatient provider the Drexel program for the clinical nurse leader is different from other clinical nurse leader programs in the country and that the program itself prepares the clinical nurse leader student to be ready to sit for the certification exam before they can graduate and no other clinical nurse leader track or program in the country has the simulation that we have so in using our technology we're really preparing and positioning our graduates to be able to change practice and improve quality and really be fiscal stewards of the future

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