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hi this is Marcus Giuliano from healthy chef do.com I want to talk to I want to talk today about my secret weapon there aren't a lot of many secret weapons in the health world there's no magic silver bullets there's nothing like that you can take and all of a sudden be fit and run a half-marathon but today I'm going to talk to you about some of that has made a huge difference in my life and a lot of people have noticed it because hey Marcus I don't understand you know I see you you know I see you drink wine all night and and you know next morning you get up and you don't have a hangover and I see running four or five miles the next morning first thing in the morning how do you do it you know I don't don't understand and I claim that I never get a hangover I like to be healthy but I do like my wine I do like my beer and I do enjoy and I do indulge a little too much sometimes but there are simple rules I take that never die never get a hangover and it's guaranteed every single time and sometimes I forget I can easily reverse that in the morning here it is my secret weapon ready so this is simple stuff he'll be really simple baking soda this is a non aluminum baking soda baking soda is my friend my number one friend in the health world I take a teaspoon of this pop it into a glass into a pint glass 16 ounces 2 cups take some water I fill up even if I'm not drinking alcohol I still do this because what this is doing is this is detoxifying or it's helping Mike system take lactic acid out of my system get out of my cells dump and replenish on my blog you'll see some other links Robert Young has does a lot with the pH miracle about doing baking soda how important it is for your diet for your body really what it does for you it's this is amazing for the cost of this this is incredible health care at this cost i buy the non aluminum one it's twice the price of the yellowbox but it's only a couple of bucks so they were doing they've been doing this in horses for years they're not allowed to do it anymore the horse could make one control to the report they are putting into the horse far as the amounts but this is also term that's called soda doping athletes use this term Beijing Olympics the athletes were soda doping heavy because you can it's been proven to improve your performance and endurance events up to an hour long you can shave off ten percent of your time so when you're in a swimming event in the Olympics you know 1/10 of a second is a major difference you can have three people finishing in a tenth of a second so if your soda doping you're allowing your body to flush the lactic acid which is what you get from working out dump that and it's also what you get from drinking alcohol or get too much alcohol it's really what you get from just living and breathing you get this build up in your system laughing asking you want to get out this helps you to transport the lactic acid totally out of your system or get out and replenish so this right here is baking soda it's all mixed in there this has been this is safe my life for heartburn for years I don't have heartburn much anymore so I eat much much better than I used to but I was a typical chef and I eat everything and drink all night and went out with the guys afterwards played pool drink another beer and have cheese fries at 2:00 a.m. in the morning and get home and I couldn't sleep baking soda would save my life because this reverses heartburn I had a doctor tell me in Colorado when I lived out there over 10 years ago they asked my acid reflux medication wasn't working so they wanted to operate and it was insane they actually undergoing and operate on my trach you're something I don't know exactly where they wanted to go but they were concerned that I was like this is really drastic heartburn so you know it was like well don't eat so many french fries but all that he could really tell me he goes at nighttime maybe we should try sleeping in a recliner and sleeping more more you know sitting up so you can digest better it was ridiculous to think that that was all simply solved through my diet was he acid reflux but now I use baking soda much beyond acid reflux if you do have acid reflux you do this exact thing you know if you want to say oh my gosh it tastes bad it tastes salty it doesn't taste that bad that's really all just gulp it down tastes a little little salty but that's it I have another thing that I do to this that I'll talk about some other time but I add shilla jet powder in here which is some organic humus humans from India that excretes out of rocks and it tastes like tar and dirt but it has 88 ionically charged minerals with fulvic acid it's really a powerhouse so I mix it a lot so if you see me I'm drinking something and it's has a brownish tint to it like tea or something or like a beer and with this combination that's what it is but for the meantime I just want to talk about baking soda it is a wonder baking soda is Wonder get your kids on baking soda instead of getting them on Gatorade that stuff is crap and they shouldn't even be drinking it this right here is going to be much much better more beneficial than Gatorade and those fruit juices anything my son 7 years old nearly ran his first half marathon at 6 years old what does he do before and after he runs he drinks baking soda he him like it's a tradition before we go out for our runs that's when were racing for performance we drink a glass of baking soda water and it's most probably the most understated value item in a grocery store is baking soda trust me this stuff is great look at the links on here look at the scientific literature this is absolutely amazing baking soda my secret weapon healthy chef dude calm


  1. Consuming baking soda can reduce muscle strength and cause other issues. Do your research as this is not to be a permanent habit. Look into the adverse effects experiences by athletes who “dose” with it. Its not harmless.

  2. I thought for sure you were going to belch. Whenever I do the baking soda like that I got good one coming out.

  3. Arm and hammer baking soda doesn't have aluminum. You're overpaying for that Bob's crap because they put a label on it that says aluminum free even though the cheaper arm and hammer doesn't have it either. Very sneaky marketing ploy. You got duped.

  4. Maybe, you need your stomach acid to digest foods properly. According to Dr Berg, don't take baking soda within 1 hour before eating.

  5. Best thing ever for acid reflux I was on blockers for 29 years and only found this not long ago it stops the pain in seconds 😁

  6. Only problem I see is all the sodium I was doing Apple cider and baking soda and the sodium bicarbonate made my blood pressure go off the chart's ,I quit doing it my blood pressure went back to normal

  7. Marcus shows himself to be a pharmaceutical tactician. Yes sodiumn bicarbonate can helpvyou stay healthy by consuming some regularly and helping to clean yor environment
    However, don't trust what he pretty much showing to be his ability – proselytising how to solve all your probably by using a special conviction. Yes, it is good for you, but such a simple thing to do it all is a type of malpractice OF WITCHCRAFT!

  8. Marcus shows himself to be a pharmaceutical tactician. Yes sodiumn bicarbonate can helpvyou stay healthy by consuming some regularly and helping to clean yor environment
    However, don't trust what he pretty much showing to be his ability – proselytising how to solve all your probably by using a special conviction. Yes, it is good for you, but such a simple thing to do it all is a type of malpractice OF WITCHCRAFT!

  9. I called Arm and Hammer and asked if there was aluminum in their baking soda and they said "no". I couldn't tell if they were lying 🙂 I have been putting 3 tsp of it in every gallon of my drinking water for over 2 years. I drink a half of a gallon per day. Apparently the body is quite efficient at getting rid of aluminum if ingested …BUT very inefficient if it has been injected as in vaccinations. Remember that the next time you or your children are considering vaccinations. Also do some research if you value your or your children's health. You could start at learntherisk..org or vaxxed.com or nvic.org or google or YouTube. If you have never researched vaccinations before, you are in for a big surprise if you do it now! …..I got off topic a bit, sorry.

  10. Am reading Dr.Young's PH Miracle. Lots of controversy! Will buy Natural CALM supplement as it has magnesium carbonate (which added to water becomes mag citrate). Now will buy the CALM supplement with the calcium carbonate too, after reading the book want to make sure I have a non-too heavy-acidic body.

  11. Don't listen to this clown, he knows nothing… you might notice he also did a vid, "Baking Soda causes cancer". Baking soda is great, but not because this imbecile says so.

  12. I only discovered this 3 days ago. And life changing. acid reflux for 2 years and baking soda is the bomb! I'll drink it daily now for sure

  13. all true healing comes from Creator people can only assist Creator in healing take Creator medicine daily be healed daily

  14. why do DR's nurses deal out poisonous addictive substances drugs don't they have a conscience big money rich medical occult

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