Drs. Rx: A Delicious Shot for Your Heart Health

Do you wanna boost your heart health? Yes, we do right? (crowd cheers) Heart disease number one killer of men and women. What about a doctor’s shot of health to help and you probably already have the ingredients, or hopefully have them in your kitchen. What do we have here? First up, blueberries. Anthocyanins in blueberries fight inflammation and stiffness in your arteries and improve heart function. What else? And you guys can dig in. Bananas. Potassium in bananas can help regulate blood pressure. Cacao high in flavonoids that are linked with good cholesterol which we know can improve vascular function. And last, spinach. That leafy green veggie is high in vitamin K and nitrates can reduce blood pressure and Drew, improve your arterial function. What are you doing? I feel so good! Can I do the word of the day again? (crowd shouts) Yes, they said yes. (laughs) Okay. Get in there Dr. Nita. I’m in there. I’m in there. This is how you do it. (audience cheers) Okay, okay. Yeah! [Woman In Audience] Yeah! I expect to live for five extra years after being on this show. All of this stuff. It also confirms that you spent time in school in the library, not chugging beer. Yeah, I did kinda get that wrong huh? I went for the straw. Now I that I think about it, it was a bad call. You had it and we’re gonna have a recipe for this heart healthy shot at the thedoctorstv.com

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