Duke Medicine Profiles: Anupama B. Horne, MD

my name is Anupama horn I'm a comprehensive ophthalmologist and cataract surgeon at the Duke eye Center I work with adult patients currently and I'm a comprehensive ophthalmologist so doing anywhere from routine eye screening exams diabetic eye exams beginning medical issues with the eyes including glaucoma macular degeneration a lot of urgent patient visits I take care of red eyes were coming in loss of vision but surgically my focus is on cataract surgery I think that's the scope the energy level the satisfaction among patients and physicians is all what what drop drew me to it my approach with patients is that I like to welcome them into my practice but at the same time I like to make sure that I'm really educating them and informing them so that we're making decisions together eyes can be a little bit nerve-racking for patients because they're so so passionate about their eyes their their vision it's a really important sense for them and so so I try to make sure that they understand exactly what we're doing and why in general especially being here at Duke where a lot of patients are coming in with high expectations or coming in from outside outside physicians may be wanting a second opinion or just wanting more information my approach with patients is to be upfront and to educate patients really well so that they know and we're making a decision together you can do the practice of medicine every day but the reason that you're doing it for is for the people that you are trying to help and so I think that's that's to me that's the most important part you

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