Duke Medicine Profiles: Cary N. Robertson, MD

I’m Cary Robertson. I’m a Urologic Oncologist and Associate
Professor in the division of Urology in the Department of Surgery at
Duke University Medical Center. And I’m specifically trained in
surgical management of malignancies and very, very tough very extensive problems. And through my training and
through my fellowship, I became very comfortable with dealing
with very complex cancer cases. I primarily work with cancer patients, but
also in the men’s health arena because there’s so much about men’s health that
involves early detection and there’s a big crossover between symptoms and cancer and
there’s also the concern for health. So we are the male counterpart
to the women’s health programs. I think it’s incredibly important to make
a connection with a patient, just listen to them first, so the patient understands
that you really care about them. You’re not trying to hit a clock target or make some problem solving mechanistic
action, it’s really about them. And once we get to that point, then we
can delve down into the particulars. I can start asking specific questions,
what are the issues, what are the problems we can solve that day, and
what long-term problems can we work on. I cherish the patient. It’s an amazing privilege to be able
to take care of another human being. And it’s an amazing honor and privilege to
be able to operate on another human being.

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