Duke Medicine Profiles: G. Michael Felker, MD, MHS

My name’s Mike Felker. I’m a cardiologist,
my specialty is in heart failure. And I’m really focused on advanced heart
failure patients who really have a severe form of the disease, and potentially
need bigger and bigger treatments, things like heart transplant and
mechanical cardiac support devices. We’re one of the largest
heart transplant and mechanical support programs in the world. So we have a vast experience both
in terms of medicine, surgery, and all the other things that go along with
it, pharmacy, physical therapy, etc. So I think we really have a level of
expertise sort of across the board, where you’re not just gonna get sort of
pigeonholed into one treatment that we happen to be good at. But the ability to sort of identify what
treatment or treatments are the best for you, and really target each individual
therapy for each individual patient. Many of the patients who come to
see us have already seen many other cardiologists. And actually, many of them have been told,
well, there’s nothing more that anybody can do for you,
sort of get your affairs in order. So we try to take sort of
a fresh look at each person. And almost always, we find that there’s
something we can do to help them. It may be something relatively simple,
like just adjustment of medications. It may be a new device or adjustment
of an existing device like a pacemaker. Or it may be something more dramatic, like
a heart transplant or a mechanical heart. I think Duke’s a great place, I’ve
been here a long time, I came here for medical school. And it’s a great place to work,
it’s a great place to practice. I think it’s a great
place to be a patient. So I can’t say enough wonderful things. I like to play the electric guitar, and my family would say that I play
it too loud and too often. But I think music’s a nice sort of
escape from the science of medicine.

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