DUPE ALERT!!! Physicians Formula BUTTER Highlighter & Hard Candy FOX IN A BOX!

What up guys? Ashley Elizabeth here
with AEHM artistry and I have complete dupes for some high-end products! f *Intro Music* First of all, I was in a Walmart a couple weeks ago and I saw these. And they look
exactly like little Benefit bronzer and blush, little boxes. Which if
you didn’t know Benefit is NOT cruelty free. So I am looking for some cruelty
free dupes. So I picked up “Girl Next Door”, this really pretty blush. And each one
has a little sticker for a scratch-and-sniff. So you can smell what
it’s like. Which is a super cute idea! Yeah smells like… definitely strawberries.
So that one is cute. And this one is called a “Party Girl”, it’s a bronzing one
with some kind of shimmery look to it. So almost like the tone of the Benefit
Hoola Bronzer, but with a shimmer pearly to it. This one’s supposed to smell like
chocolate and it does. It’s like a chocolate Tootsie Roll. Which isn’t my
favorite type of chocolate, so hopefully it’s not too much strong when we apply
it. Benefit ones normally retail for, I think, $29 and I got these Hard Candy ones
for $7 each at Walmart! The section for Hard Candy is usually a
little bit hidden and you just find this little space, towards the end of the very
end of the makeup section. If you didn’t know where it was. And then, do you guys
remember the Stila Putty Highlighters, that everybody was going crazy about?! And they are like $30. Well nobody was talking about this Physicians
Formula Butter Highlighter! And I picked this up at Ulta, the original retail is
$10.99. Suppose to be cream to powder highlighter. And I picked up the shade
“Iridescence”. This one has kind of like a purpley shift to it, which you know I
love with my hair right now. So not only do we want to try these out and see if
they’re actually good, I’m kind of curious to see if they are dupes. Because
not only is the price better but Stila is cruelty free, so that is just based
off price, but since Benefit is not cruelty free we want to find something that’s both
cruelty free and cheaper! Right?! Yeah, let’s get to swatching and swiping,
shall we?! First of all, the little characters on
them are so cute, so adorable. And I will pop up a picture of all
shades to choose from, but I believe there was five. Whooo! Yeah, that’s a very very strong
Tootsie Roll smell! The strawberry is nice, I like the strawberry. Its just a hint
of fruit. Didn’t contour, I didn’t put anything. It’s my foundation, as far as my face
goes, obviously my eyes done. I wanted to not contour or anything because I want
to make sure this can show up on camera. These little…that is so cute! So the only
difference, as far as packaging goes, is there’s just no mirror on the inside. But
otherwise these almost look identical to the little Benefit ones. Super cute. Also,
comes with a little square brush, just as a Benefit one does. Doesn’t look like it’s
gonna do anything… but hey! Let’s give it a shot anyways. And see…oh it’s picking up
product. These…I don’t know what they think we’re gonna do with this. Ha! No. So get rid of that and let’s go in with my little brush. If you don’t like food
smelling makeup, you will not like this bronzing one. I’m just saying it. Yeah I
do not like that Tootsie Roll smell. I usually like chocolate, like I love the
Too Faced Chocolate Soleil products but this one is a little much. It’s just a
little fake smelling. So I don’t love that. Oooo, that color it’s so subtle and
pretty. Let’s see if we can build it up. Oh, that’s a really pretty glow, you guys. And
it’s not too shimmery either. I thought it was gonna be super shimmery. I’ll zoom this in up close for you to see. But you see this is like the same
kind of color as the Hoola Bronzer from Benefit and then it has these Goldy kind
of swirls and there is a shimmer look to it. These are definitely baked, so they
are a little more hard pressed. But my Wet N Wild brush is not having any problem
picking up the product. So that’s exciting. Wow! I am so glowy. This is
perfect for summer. Holy crap! And it’s definitely buildable, very easy to blend,
yeah the highlight is almost not coming up at all, in a good way. Some
bronzing powders are just like…oh okay too much, to orange. But this is the
perfect shade. Really pretty. So this one is called “Girl Next Door”. It’s a really
pretty pink-y and if you see these also have that little swirl effect of that
little bit of gold. And there’s a lot of shimmer look to it and that’s a baked
blush as well. That’s the little brush we can just go ahead and remove that…
although, it’s kind of cute I might keep it in there just for looks. Okay let’s go
in with “Girl Next Door” now. Oh yeah, it comes up on the brush really easy. Very glowy, very pretty. Way more pigment than I thought it was gonna be. You never know
with blushes, especially drugstore brushes…BLUSHES! How pigmented they’re
gonna be. This one almost looks like the Benefit Rocketeur, however you say it,
because that one has that pink base with the slightly glittery shimmer and also
in Galifornia. I’m not quite sure what the difference is, but that’s kind of
like the color tone that it looks like. This blush, you can’t really…you can’t
really tell in the monitor…maybe you can see a little bit of the highlight.
It does have a lot of shimmer, so it does give that glow kind of blush to it. So
you either like that or you hate it. I… I’m digging it. I think these were
repackaged by the way, and reformulated earlier this year or 2018, because I saw
old pictures on Google. Where they were quads and half and half, but I didn’t
really see much about these singles. So it looks like they came out maybe
beginning of the year, between January and March. Yeah, I brought my contour kit
out in case I still need it to contour… but you know what? This is looking like a
really pretty sunkissed look. And with this heavy eye makeup and lips, this is
actually complimenting very well. So, that is two dupes. Two dupes that I am happy to say are awesome! I’m loving it. Let’s go ahead and try the Physicians
Formula Butter Highlighters. And again, this is the shade Iridescence. Oh… you can stamp it, just like the Stila ones. Definitely press your finger into it,
no problem. That is… crazy. I see all this crazy purple pigment
in there, so that is insane. They also have this one at Ulta in, I think, three
or four shades. However, I went to Walmart and I was gonna pick up some more, but
this was the only shade that was there. I’ll try this with a brush. I’m thinking a
fan brush might pick up more product. If not, we might go in with our fingers.
Oh it’s picking it up. Mm-hmm, okay, all right…let’s try this. *Waaaa* Yeah, I know
everybody does that, and that’s like super annoying when they’re like *boom*
“oh my goodness!”. But it’s like because highlighters are instant gratification.
Crazy intense! Oh my goodness! You guys, I’m gonna be looking real extra
going to my daughter’s swim lessons in a hour. Yeah, mm-hmm…and so…Wow! Os everybody
sleeping on these products, or just me? Huh? Have you guys seen anybody else
reviewing them? This highlighter is amazing for festival looks because in camera
it’s like “oh it’s perfect: but in person… this is purple! This is like a glowy glow
stick purple. Wow. Like I just took my natural sunkissed look to a whole new
level. That is crazy. Okay, let’s just..let’s just
do it, huh? Wowie wowie. Okay, yep. This is a dupe. A dupe for sure. Trying to blend it
out a little bit. This side I went a little crazy.
This side is like super purple. It’s pretty. But this look it’s getting a little
bit carried away for today. Very pretty! Holy smokes. You guys, that
that’s amazing! I just…I just can’t. Okay, and that is all
three swatched next to each other. Hopefully the camera is doing it justice
cuz holy crap! Alright, you guys go ahead and leave me in the comments below if
you think you’re gonna try these out. Oh my goodness! What a steal! I think right
off the bat, these are 100% dupes! Except the hoola one, it has a shimmer to
it, but I’m just..it’s not picking up shimmer in the brush. Which is super cool. So yeah, $7 a piece but versus the Benefit one which is around $30 a piece.
Benefit is not cruelty-free, where Hard Candy is. That is awesome and now I want
to collect them all because the little containers are adorable. And the
Physicians Formula Butter highlighters, holy crapola! This is Wow!
Again, not for the faint of heart. It isn’t as purple as it is in real life. In
real life this thing is next-level outer space. If you are going festivals
this year grab this and you will not be disappointed.
It’s definitely dry and you know what? it doesn’t crazy accentuate texture like
some powder highlighters do. So I really like that. And that was applied with a
brush. I think if I did a sponge or my fingertips it would be like… Really really crazy! So yeah, this one again was $10.99 at Ulta, but there was deals going
on and you can usually use a coupon with that to bring it down. Not for the faint
of heart, full disclaimer. But the Stila ones aren’t either, those ones are really
intense too. If you haven’t yet please go down you have my little SUBSCRIBE button! If you are new here, thank you so much for joining us! Joining this little
community. And to all my supporters out there, thank you so much for your support! If you guys have any questions, go ahead and submit them down in the comment section.
Either I will try to answer them or one of the fellows beauty junkies will, as
well and we can just have some fun! Thank you again so much for watching and you
guys have a great lovely day!


  1. I forgot to mention! The Physicians Formula Butter Highlighter…ACTUALLY SMELLS LIKE BUTTER!!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ₯ž (But not in a gross way lol, in a yummy-give-me-all-the-bread way!) πŸ₯–πŸžπŸ₯ͺ

  2. I need that highlighter!!! I actually really love physicians formula. I use there organic cc cream all the time haha

  3. Your skin is looking so great! For some reason I wasn't getting your notifications! Will have to binge watch πŸ’›πŸ’›

  4. I have the exact HC blush and bronzer that you have, and I love them! Other YouTubers have been reviewing them, too, that’s how I found out about them, so I bought them at my job at Walmart.

  5. You are so pretty & great review! I love your eye look & your hair! πŸ’• This won't work for my skintone, none of Physican Formula products will, but I love this video! 😊

    I have a channel & it would mean so much if you can check it out & sub for sub? Let's support each other's channel! πŸ’πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

  6. Omg love the fox in a box!!! Soooooo cute. My Walmart sux tho, people rip it apart and it’s just one big sucky touched poked germ filled scuzzfest lol needless to say I never get to try Flower beauty or Hard Candy products. I might have to break down and order online.

  7. I'm so inspired by your eye makeup! Another great review, my fellow unicorn babe! Your personality is so friendly and fun, which is so refreshing after watching other YouTube beauty gurus. No tea. No shade. πŸš«β˜•πŸš«β˜‚οΈ πŸ€—

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