Easterseals Impact Report – Joaquin from Autism Therapy Services

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey how was your day? Good. Did you have a
good day at school? Yes, I did. Yeah? Awesome. You want to go inside? Some of the things
we noticed first that made us seek out extra
help was intense sensory needs, lots of pretty intense tantrums,
and mostly due to the fact that he couldn’t communicate. He couldn’t get his needs
and his desires across. It was a pretty chaotic time. When Easterseals came in,
they were basically like, we are here to support Joaquin,
to support your family. Whatever needs we
need to meet, however we need to arrange things
to make it work for him, that’s what we’re going to do. It was the first time I
felt like I was working with a proactive team
that really genuinely had Joaquin’s needs and
best interests at heart. Every program they worked on
was very specific for Joaquin. Out in the community,
I had a lot of fears about his safety, his
awareness, and so we spent a lot of time walking
around the cul-de-sac and stopping at the curbs
and talking about safety and making him more aware
of his surroundings. We went from having
to have locks on every door at different
heights to keep him safe and inside to letting him
take the dog for walks independently. His safety awareness
has skyrocketed. The child that you
see today is just– you can’t even compare him to
the child he was that we began. It’s like a new kid. I don’t think there’s anything
that Joaquin can’t accomplish without setting his mind to it. Because, again, we thank
Easterseals for that, because they’ve given them
the tools and the confidence. But once he sets his mind
to do something, he does it, and the accomplishes it. So his future is bright. His future is bright. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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