Eastman, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

hi my name is Eastman Welsford, I’m a
third-year student at OVC in the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program and I’m originally from Montreal Quebec OVC is when I applied was fourth in the world
for the veterinary program so it was definitely a world-class institution in
a place where people from all over the world that I knew worked all over the
world were went to school seeing those rankings and seeing that it
was fourth in the world it was sort of a no-brainer the number one in Canada I think my favourite part of vet school so far has actually been the community vet
school and the veterinary profession in itself is a very tight-knit community you talk to professor’s and veterinarians here at the college and they all know each other and they all know the veterinarians and the clinics
around the area even all throughout Ontario so it’s really cool to see that that’s a
community that I’m going to be graduating into a group of people that
are all colleagues they all help each other out they all understand that this
is a profession of lifelong learning and that’s really cool and I think OVC
itself the college has a great community feel too there aren’t that many students in the
program and so everyone really does get to know each other I’m a more of a large
animal person so I remember coming into veterinary
school and thinking I keep my options open, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do,
whether it be small animal or large or go to research or pharmaceutical
companies that kind of thing but after learning about all the opportunities
there are in working with livestock I started to get involved with some of the
extracurriculars and things that you can do at OVC with
respect to that and it really opened my mind up to this whole area of medicine
that’s really unique because not only is it about treating animals and making
sure animal welfare is upheld and that animals are clean and healthy but also
that there’s an impact on humans as well so I’m a third-year student which
means this is the last year of lectures and and sort of classroom content and
then your fourth year there aren’t any classes and it’s all
clinical rotations so you spend time shadowing different veterinarians going
to different clinics and just working hands-on working up different cases and
learning from veterinarians right on the ground yeah I think my biggest advice to
students who are interested in veterinary medicine
or who are going to university and who are making those decisions now pick a university that you are going to excel at what’s most important at this
level is that you succeed in your study and if you choose a University
where you’re happy or excited you feel comfortable in that town you feel
comfortable on that city that community you’re gonna do a lot better so it’s not
always about picking hardest program or the best university but just what where
did you put in the best

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