Easy Herb/Weed You Can Use

This is hemp agrimony the herb you can use and grow easy Welcome to Growherbalife, the channel about medical herbs and medicine if your not a subscriber, please consider to subscribe and press the bell button as well Hi my name is Annika Hemp agrimony herb is mostly used for detoxifying fever, cold, flue and other viral conditions And it’s stimulate waste procucts via the kidneys the leaves and the flowertops are cholagogic, diuretic, depurative, emetik, expectorant, febrifuge and purgative due to the expectorant properties I made a coughmedicine, if you are interested in that video i will link to it down in the description field below and I will link it up here it’s a gentle laxative that doesn’t provoke irritation but excessive use or dosage can cause womiting and purging due to its content of alkaloids the plant should only be used under professional supervision myself I take my own home made coughmedicine when I’m wheeze and I take 1 teaspoon a tea from dried leaves will give prompt relief if you take it at first sign of influenza the roots are diaphoretic, laxative and tonic and they are havested in the autumn and dried for later use you can also partition the roots if you want to have new plants or more plants this is a remedy herb you can grow in your own garden thank you for watching and I hope I see you next time Bye!

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