Eat Healthy for Under $20

it's a number-one complaint I hear diet foods are just too expensive and that's why I can't eat help mom determined to change that so I set my med team out with a crisp $20 bill and they brought back all the dye foods too cheap not to buy melissa is joining us she's gonna tell us about our biggest challenges at supermarket welcome how are you here is a $20 contribution to you I'll describe what happens you go shopping well I shop for a family of three I have a two-year-old son and myself and my husband and my two-year-old son of course is so expensive because he just eats so much fruit and I find myself spending so much money at smart get daily I want to meet the right things the best investment you could all make today I'm talking about cutting the costs of the foods that are good for you so there's no excuse anymore eat healthy so it's gonna be everything in this basket but let's go through the one-by-one come on over the first category our cheap diet foods that you'll find the produce aisle we've spent a lot of time and money to produce aisles the first place we go usually for a reason they were sort of shunt the dance with the Carter and everything else I'll give you a little tip here you may not like the first part that's better love a second part of us parsley I wouldn't go for that woody parsley Oh probably not but that's a very inexpensive detox for both you him and the whole family rich source of calcium magnesium and iron but here's a secret your son's gonna like you get everyone's gonna love a poor man's detox soup get a coupla parsley you're gonna add celery carrots and onions please take a taste this you are going to adore this four cups of low-sodium veggie broth mix it up for about 10 minutes when it's simmering and then you drink one cup before lunch and before dinner I've actually tastes really good it great very good I would never leave you aside there's a way to go now here's the best part of all I mentioned you're not gonna have to spend that $20 I gave you just a little bit of it eight cents of serving for the parsley and a couple that's delicious the detox over the buck 54 serving it got everything you never want them there all right next up protein this is a place where a lot of you make mistakes and you always tell me understandably that proteins expensive the bikers you know if you're buying filet mignons expensive thanks what kind of proteins years you get for the family I usually stick with chicken we're big chickadee years at home and of course normal hey I'm joking mostly most people in America it's with the chicken which I get chickens okay but I want you to mix it up a little bit ken salmon is a wonderfully inexpensive option rich in omega threes which I'll keep your belly fat and check for everybody who's worried about that me some people are okay and there's a very easy way to make it for the family these are called salmon croquettes and use canned salmon put some onion egg whole-wheat bread crumbs and they are fantastic and you roll them in little patties the kids can help with this three minutes on each side you're gonna steer him on the frying pan with a little bit of oil on the inside I'm give it a taste again my mom actually makes these she does she does I'm gonna for mom she would buy canned salmon to make these yes she actually does that um I'm so proud of her we don't listen to our moms more I've always wondered that very good she asked my mother 35 cents to serving for the king salmon and these Co guests are about 90 cents a serving as well very inexpensive Tracy this your mom probably has not used this is powdered peanut butter mmm powder peanut butter is 75 percent less calories than regular peanut butter cuz take out some of the fat obviously you mix one tablespoon full of powdered peanut butter into English you like I thought it was a good example it's actually cheaper than the no sugar added peanut butters you'll find in the stores and guess what 61 cents a servant for this and the final cheap diet throughout what you look for is a grain that's very popular on this show quinoa have you I don't think making well for your pick it once a week on maybe places rice for us yeah it can actually place protein too so it's got so much vibrated test and protein in it as well very very filling the quinoa meatballs I'll put the rest of them dr. oz that comes fantastic it's to obviously eggs bread crumbs some seasoning moving little balls put them in a skillet for about 10 minutes seven servings per box of this stuff which is about 439 out the box so the serving size is 59 cents per serving and you get all of these foods that I mentioned to you all them well 20 bucks that I gave you all the original fee is it more in dr. oz calm we'll be right back


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  2. Seriously? This is what it's come to? Being able to afford to eat healthy now means eating parsley, canned fish and quinoa? (So… weeds, processed fish and sand.) And did you hear the audience hoot and holler that parsley was only 8 cents a serving?! Honestly, anyone who hangs on this quacks words is an utter and complete idiot.

  3. Yeah. but…. buying unhealthy food a $20 bill can feed me for a week. So my opinion still stands. Healthy food is to expensive.

  4. I spend 45 dollars a week and buy healthy food , whole wheat toast , 3 zucchinis , a green pepper, 2 onions , frozen veggies are way cheaper that the fresh ones like mixed veggies , green beans , black eyed bean , a bag from each of the previous ones.. for meat i like chicken breast and tilapia and a buy one of them each week .. bulked whole wheat pasta and some rolled oats and powdered milk for breakfast .. seven apples and seven counts of another fruit that i find is not expensive .. for salad i buy 2 avocados , tomatoes , a bag of mixed green veggies or some cucumber, i choose the cheaper .. and canned stuff i buy tomato paste and tuna when i dont want to buy chicken breast of tilapia.. i dont buy canned chickpeas coz bulked ones are way cheaper .. i buy these from winco foods , for me only . When i want another option I substitute one of the things that i usually buy with it cuz i have a minimum budget , u can buy healthy cheap stuff if u know how to shop , when u find something with a discount price and u us it for a long term buy it , like rice , olive oil , walnuts .. etc , make a meal plan for the week and shop according to it that will really help , i hope i helped some of u here 🌷


  6. "well under $20 " he says……that's because he didnt include all the prices for all the ingredients in the 4 meals !! Even if we had every single ingredient that these 4 meals call for, just buying the 4 ingredients he suggested still brings prices up to about $22.00. Lets hope ppl have powdered peanut butter in their cupboards bc that little thing costs anywhere from $5…..$9 a pop!!!

  7. Wowww.
    Cause people are really gonna share a tin of salmon between three people.
    Having one healthy(ish) thing as part of a meal isn’t health. With this I see virtually no greens this is pure propaganda. I live in the uk and food is much cheaper that the US. I went to the states YEARS ago and was shocked at how expensive fresh produce (not even organic) was.

  8. Muscles are the largest organ in the body making 40% of the mass. Best foods for muscles are prawns, salmon, tuna, chicken breast, turkey breast, ham, all

    high in creatine phosphate, carnosine, BAIBA, and other muscle nutrients.

    Second largest organ is skin- Food for that is pork crackling (pig skin). cook in water for a while or cook in oven or air fryer. Pig skin has 13-26g of collagen per 100g. also hyaluronic acid, ceramide, sphingolipids, and all the same stuff in our skin. collagen supplements are made from cow skin.

    Third largest organ is skeleton- food for that is chicken necks, and chicken feet. They have the same anatomy as our necks/feet so are full of bone, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, synovial fluid, bursa, and all other joint related tissues. And retail bone broth is made from marrow bones (cow femur) and cooked until it dissolves so contains bone, marrow, and the tissue stuck to the end of the bone at the joint- cartilage, tendons, ligaments, synovial fluid.

    For liver- lamb or beef or chicken or any animal liver. Animal liver is the highest food source of vitamins, and minerals on the planet. We store nutrients in our liver so that is why it is so high in nutrients. High in iron, copper, selenium, zinc, b2,b12,b6,b9, and all other vitamins/minerals. a lot of disease is caused by not eating animal liver (anemia, and other vitamins/mineral deficiencies) so can be cured by eating liver each day for a while.

    i eat it raw for maxiumum nutrients because heat destroys some nutrients but can be cooked

    canned smoked cod liver sold on the internet – a lot higher in vitamin D than land dwelling animal liver + has all the other good stuff as land animal liver

    also high in epa/dha

    fish like salmon tuna sardines mackeral herring are high in epa/dha. available fresh or canned.

    super markets or butchers sell organs

    For brains- lamb brain.

    For kidneys- lamb kidneys

    For lungs- lung. high in heperan sulfate (heparin)

    For stomach- tripe (stomach)

    For intestines- intestines sold as sausage casings. high in heperan sulfate (heparin)

    all animal foods are healthy.

    bone marrow stem cells. marrow makes our red, white cells and platelets. butchers sell marrow bones (cow femur) and they cut it up then scoop out the marrow.

    Other foods

    oysters – high in vitamins and minerals particulay high in copper and zinc.

    mussels- new zealand green lipped good for cartilage and joints and all mussels are good.

    hemp seeds- out of all the seeds these are highest in vitamins and minerals also high in ALA an essential fatty acid. high in manganese and magnesium.

    pine nuts and hazel nuts also high in manganese. pumpkin seeds high in magnesium. hazelnuts high in cobalt.

    chia seeds flax seeds vits minerals and ALA

    bakers or brewers yeast- high in all vitamins and minerals and contains almost every single nutrient every discovered. over 16,000 unique nutrients

    have been found in yeast. has been studied extensively.

    sea weed wakama or nori or any other ones- high in vitamins minerals and fucose.

    malt extract- high in vitamins and minerals and tastes good.

    shark cartilage or chicken sternum cartilage or bovine tarchea cartilage – cartilage is high in collagen type 2, calcium, phosphorous, and the highest food source of glycosaminoglycans. tendons connect bone to muscle with fibro cartilage as the intermediate tissue (enthesis) so cartilage is important for

    muscle function.

    pork (ham bacon etc) high in one of the essential fatty acids LA

    water and milk kefir for gut bacteria health. improves digestion and everything else.

    eat some meat raw for probiotics bacteria on it some cooked. when frying cook in butter or lard or tallows not vegetable oil.

    adding lots of sea salt pepper spices on steak adds flavour and nutrients

    ours and animals cell membrane is 30% of our mass and is made of fat protein lipids like cholesterol. plants have a cell wall made of carbohydrates only. they have no cell membrane. cell membrane keeps everything in the cell and controls influx of nutrients in and out. so it is important. only eating animal foods can supply cell membrane and repair our cells so a piece of steak is healthier than any plant food on the planet. eskimoes lived on only animal foods their entire life ( seal whale reindeer fish eating the whole animal every organ) because the environment could not grow plants but no culture in history has ever lived on plants only (vegan / vegetarian) therefore animal foods are healthier than plants. animal food is necessary for health but plant foods are not.

    if someone wants they can only eat animal foods (aka carnivore diet) but there is nothing wrong with some plants if they taste good.

    to make bone broth at home- bone from supermarket/butchers- soup bones ox tails brisket bones- any bones – cook in pressure cooker for 6 hours or slow cooker for 2-3 days until all the meat on the bone dissolves off. can be boiled for a while to reduce the volume then store in fridge get some out each day put in cup or bowl put boiling water on to heat up.

    home made fermented vegetables- buy cabbage some other veges/frutis cut into small bits put in 1-2l container fill with water and crush down food add some sea salt put some water in zip lock bag then sit it on the food in the container to make sure it is fully submerged. put lid on and leave for a few weeks until it goes sour and consume. probiotic food and tastes good.

  9. the soup was $1.50 per portion and to have it twice a day on top of meals? is this $20 a day, I thought it was for the week.

  10. I've eaten 7 cans of Chef Boyardee a day for 7 years and they had to put cinder blocks and jacks under my bed, which I haven't left in 5 years.

  11. Or…create 3 course frugal, healthy meals. Start with a vegetable dip with vegetable sticks or a vegetable soup, or a salad. Use herbs and spices to add nutrition and flavor. Follow with a "filling" main. This should include protein (fish, beans, lentils,nuts, meat, cheese, whatever suits…keep it lean, low in salt etc…made from scratch is always best.), something calcium rich (soy milk, goats cheese, yogurt, whatever suits your needs…keep it low fat, low salt) some examples might be cauliflower rice with spag bol sauce made from fresh ingredients…rich slow cooker meat and veg casserole, stir-fry etc Finish with fruit sorbet. make use naturally sweet fruit…frozen, then blended, then frozen again. (To save money use in season fruit seconds brought in bulk…ripe or slightly overripe works well.)

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