Eczema : How to Treat Eczema #1 using Functional Medicine

Hi guys in this video I’ll be sharing with you my Treatment protocol of how to cure eczema as I personally had been dealing with eczema since the age of 16 For about 10 years before I finally found a way that was safe. It was effective and it was very Minimal side effects, you know and I feel that there’s a huge community out dead as experiencing eczema And I feel that now that I’ve gotten my eczema under control I want to bring value to the committee of people that are searching for like ways to deal with eczema and a safe and also effective way so To those who have never come across what is eczema and would like to know more So what is eczema now you may be asking what is the root cause of eczema? And you know, is there anything been done for this skin condition? well, the exact of cause of eczema is unknown now researchers say that it could be caused due to in a combination of genetic factors as well as Environmental triggers. Well my story with Experienced eczema started from the age of 16 and went on for ten years before I finally found it all the treatment protocol that worked for me and you know I would say that my experience with eczema has been very extensive and severe because at one point, you know eczema Basically was on my face my entire body Right up to my up to my feet and it was very difficult living with eczema because I would wake up You know sometimes with bloodstains on my clothing no skin flakes on the bed feeling very self-conscious about myself, you know feeling very hopeless about what the future would bring because I Tried virtually everything under the Sun when it came to dealing with eczema and now hoping to find a cure Everything from like Western medication – no creams to steroid injections Then after that I didn’t want to do that Western medication anymore because I felt that there was potential for side effects Then I moved on to you know, Chinese medicine and in Chinese medicine, I even tried everything including you know, there was this man, discernible apparently that was made from like snick snick and bear parts and You know it’s ground up into a medicine ball and I Bought it at a medicinal shop And then I had to get them to grind it up into powder form put them in the capsules and actually swallow them Then I moved on to her I have any medication for eczema where I’ve consumed things herbs in bottles Basically, and at the time I wasn’t sure like with any of this Treatment whether I was getting the results a lot of money was being spent I was frustrated. I wasn’t seeing any results It’s getting worse and worse at one point in time I I was feeling very suicidal because I felt that if I had been experienced eczema for about ten years, you know I do not think it’s possible to live to the age of thirty You know, I I felt there was no quality of life Basically where you know my thoughts were always about you know, how do I deal with eczema? No how do I not want to How do I not draw attention to myself because I was you know covered with patches of red inflamed skin away from my face right up to my feet and this video was produced because I and I came across this girl rocky true Instagram where she had started this project called Nika and The nikah project basically means that she over the course of 20 days. She Shed her personal story of how she dealt with psoriasis, which is also a skin an autoimmune skin condition Eczema is also a Ottoman skin condition So when she wrote a story and share the photos about skin condition Which I felt was very brief because I personally would not be able to do that you know from the time of 16 until 10 years you know under the age of 26 I there was basically no photos because I felt incredibly low about my self esteem and You know her shine was basically meant to tell you know, what is it like to deal with psoriasis? you know the effects on the person’s physical well-being the effects on a person’s psychological and mental well-being and you know, it is also a platform for people with skin issues to come and gather and support each other basically So I was very inspired by rocky and also, you know I decided to start this video Series because I feel that because I feel that I want to fulfill the promise I made years ago Which is if I ever stumble on treatment protocol that worked for me with eczema. I want to share it with other people Now the I will share with you how actually stumble across the solution how to do xima and that was by coming across this Guy’s blog. This guy is Harrison Lee. He’s a student in Hong Kong. I stumbled Locke I stumble onto his blog a few years back at that time I was searching for a cure how to do wake see mom He said that you know He had been experiencing Exuma for the last ten years and he finally found a treatment protocol that worked for him You know I basically read all his all his posts are trying to look for an answer and I stumble across a doctor’s name which is Dr. Mark, Amon and Harrison also wrote about dr. Mark. I’m in and talked about this key term called functional medicine Now you may be asking about who is doc. Dr. MA I meant and what makes this special from the rest of the other doctors that you know write books and put them out there in The market. Dr. MA iemon also had his own personal health issues that you struggle with and and if it basically come to a solution based on trying to fix his own health issues and Now, dr. Ayman wrote a book the blood sugar solution which are seven steps to Gaining wellness and they are nutrition hormones inflammation digestion detoxification and Energy metabolism and a calm mind Now what I liked about his book is that he gives advice regarding diet, you know supplementation and And gives a very brief overall into topics such as detoxification Inflammation which I found after reading his book I get a pretty good knowledge about this following topics And as well as he talked about things like mineral deficiencies Vitamin deficiencies and a checklist of certain symptoms that you have that may point to certain vitamin deficiencies So I was beginning to feel that after reading his book I gain a better sense of like in what direction should I go to in terms of a treatment protocol for dealing with eczema and Not only that. I felt that you know health is such a personal responsibility There’s some times we do not take into Consideration about our health and instead push a lot of that responsibly on to the doctor, you know I feel that by reading this book I was able to gain control able to not have a little bit of Have a little bit of knowledge when discussing with the doctor in terms of treatment protocol while reading, dr MA IMS book I was introduced to the concept of functional medicine. So what is functional medicine Functional medicine is a personalized and integrative approach to health care That addresses the root causes of the chronic disease rather than the prevailing conventional model of treating the symptom so basically in my words It means improved healthcare 2.0 where we are seeing that what are the root causes that causes the problem in the first place? how do we fix those root causes into instead of trying to just Deal with the symptoms. I started searching, you know online. Is there a functional medicine doctor in Malaysia? specifically in Kuala Lumpur and and if so whether I could make an appointment to see him or her and get You know my treatment protocol underway so I had actually went back to my general practitioner and wanted to discuss this What I learned from this book with my general practitioner So I went back to my general practitioner doctor and basically spoken to him about What I read and also, you know, he suggested doing a blood work and he suggested the following treatment protocol to me at that time So what is the treatment protocol that I had undergone? basically, it was a Diet change and what was very important about this diet change was that I would not be in consuming any genetically modified so Foodstuffs that contain wheat corn soy, I was I was to completely eliminate them On top of that I had taken on the dot. I made some tweaks to my diet where I did not consume any greens So that involved not consuming rice seitan was you know in incorporating? supplementation into my treatment protocol by not taking vitamin D supplementation b12 magnesium probiotics Also, I had to avoid food items that I’m allergic to for example eggs milk Seafood we oats and peanuts I’ll be addressing all this the reasons of this specific diet change in my next video So basically before my GP had actually made this treatment protocol for me we had I had did I did some blood work where he looked taking the blood look at the lab test results and you know at this time then suggested the following treatment protocol and then having a conversation my General practitioner doctor where he spent over one hour just explaining to me. Why is it that had to Implement the diet change very strictly. So I would see the maximum results with I feel that you know Because I read Harrison least blog I had read dr. Ma aemon’s book I was able to further understand and clarify any questions I had with my GP and therefore I was able to understand why is it that had to Embark on a strict diet change talks. Now you may be asking how effective was the diet change I would say within a week I was able to see results and when I Heard about this diet change protocol. I immediately implemented 100% because I’ve been dealing with Western medication Chinese medication Ayurvedic treatment that did not seem to give me the result I wanted So I had embraced a diet change completely. And yes I would admit that it is not easy to make a change overnight when it comes to diet and I implemented this diet change over The past one has to twist very very strictly, you know, which meant that I only ate home-cooked food I didn’t go out to restaurants or cafes and Outside I didn’t go out to open houses when my friend invited me to open houses because I want to give it a shot and I’m very happy to say that you know Implementing a very strict diet change has paid off for me and I do realize that you know for people it may be different for some people dealing with eczema, you know sometimes The case Exuma may not be as severe as my case. So, you know for them, maybe they may feel like Such a drastic diet change may not be suitable for them. I Understand that, you know, I even had a colleague where I know she had little bits of eczema unlike in the elbows Whenever she ate seafood and you know, since you really like seafood, you know, she was still okay that you know She could eat seafood and then take and the estimates and that was how she managed that you know But for my case, I felt personally that I had to go 100% strip to see results and I’ve seen the results tremendously Because I feel that food is your medicine. No, this treatment protocol is about how do you address the root cause of eczema? Through diet change and the food is your medicine because you eat food three times a day seven days a week 365 a day 365 days a year, I would admit and say that recovery wasn’t 100% smooth And you know, I flipped up a few times on the diet, but I felt that you know I always saw the side-effects of slipping up the next day So then that motivated me even more to you know Continue on this path of implementing sort of a strict diet to do with eczema I know I would encourage you to really look at your diet, you know to go to Harry’s early blog to go and read Dr. Ma ironmans book because Equipping your knowledge about your health and having a tweet discussion where doctor It’s probably going to be a best investment. You have a convenient ila in my next video I’ll be talking about the diet that help make your exam. I’ll be going to my strategies my tips and tricks, you know, but navigating treating eczema now click like subscribe and share it with somebody who you know is currently dealing with eczema and is also looking for a way to to treat eczema


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