Ed Rush & Optical – Medicine (Matrix Remix)


  1. I found this on Napster looking for matrix soundtrack songs, this pretty much got me into DnB. Love this tune

  2. Ed Rush and Optical are monsters in their own right but Matrix topped the tune off with his own baaadest attitude. Aggression oozing out of this killer is just immense. I regularly listen to this bad bad bad tune for over 20 years now and never get tired. On my all time top 10.

  3. This is the proper pitch to play this track, not +6 or +8 like some morons used to do. At this speed you really can appreciate the dark bass, the stabs, the snares, the lot, sped up is crap, i rarely exceed +2.

  4. 4:32 I love drops like this
    They make you think there's gonna be more of a buildup but instead they catch you by surprise and make the drop hit harder by doing so. Sort of what bse did in voltage

  5. Im not even sure if its matrix from matrix and futurebound but if it is wtf happened to him lol. This is so sick now its just handbag dnb from him and futurebound who was also sick as fuck at one point lol. Suppose its all about the money tho tbf anyways sick tune love it

  6. It's beyond belief how huge of a classic this one is. Dieselboy, Director's Cut. Does it ring a bell for anyone?

  7. This came out when I was 4, christ… I honestly much prefer all the old dnb/jungle to nowadays, why they don't use the old equipment they used to make tunes on I don't know…

  8. Played this all the time when I worked at "Einstein's Arcade", Austin, Texas 1999-00.  The rave scene was rolling steady through the southern U.S. before Bush Jr. and Company cracked down on what they called "rave parties".  I was happy nonetheless to jam good DnB in a venue where young people could have fun playing arcade games and have a fun time doing so.  Nothing like an arcade with old-school & new-school games, and an extensive speaker system. 🙂

  9. Oh my days, here it is. THE track that got me into D&B. That should say it all, but no, just gotta say what a crazy tune this is. Short, sharp drums stab the way to a ridiculous, growly, low-frequency bassline that epitomises the early Neuro D&B scene. Wickedly slow and ponderous compared to more recent tracks, but nonetheless has a superbly evil feel to it. The boys Ed Rush and Optical threw it down large in the old days…

  10. Great tune. I've just put a mix up that includes this track and loads others from the same era for anyone thats interested.

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