Effects of Medications for Schizophrenia

are you afraid of anything happening same what is your what what do you see happening where did you think in your future why was reading as I understand what you're trying well you also used to be afraid sometimes to go out in the day room and be with other people oh yeah I used to be terrified I used to be afraid to open my eyes in the morning nobody is afraid to go to bed then for might've been to get dressed wash then to tell you no going everywhere – yeah what were you afraid of what people gonna hurt you all right I just couldn't do it I just I um listen if you could think about ten years from now what would you like to be doing ten years from now oh you don't have any particular ideas or thoughts probably working in a nursing home cleaning yeah yeah major I'm proud that I got my driver's license on top of that I need a car to get to work because before I had my driver's license I was depending on my family to bring me back before for work which that is a little bit of inconvenience because I work at night and somebody has to bring me in you know any evening for work and have to go up early five o'clock to pick me up and that they have that a whole lot but you know I can't do that forever be depended on you know somebody being back and forth to work well the apartment gives you a sense of Independence that you could you know function on your own without being dependent on anybody like your food shop and your cook you keep the apartment clean cause when i feel good i i i don't you know i should say complaining this is not good to complain really i mean you just kind of y'all live with it it's all changes you know if there's if if you come plain thing about something you change it right if you can't change how you feel but i think the medicine has helped me feel good which is a good change from feeling in bed the one you think oh god there was a time when i'll say to myself was a piece of rock be strong in a little tiny pin and stretch it out i just went like that you know i mean ii don and i poked myself why did you poke yourself don't wanted to get that wire to me cuz i didn't want to be possessed I didn't want people to think I was possessed you know people get into the future I'm not really into the future see they gave me the future and I and I destroyed the future you know I hate the future because I'll never be successful in the future you know I mean my eyes were bored and I had the future in my head you know and I just said no you know I said no well I started problems really bad when I was about 16 but I was afraid to say anything the people because I was scared I didn't I thought it was normal to hear voices so I never asked anybody if it wasn't if it was so I suffered a lot before I get to the hospital I used to see thing with a lot I used to see Drake and different butterflies everything it was weird my mom even says I 100 percent like a lot better when I was first asked but I didn't say isn't why I was confused what the confusion goes away I guess I don't know yes she get the red medicine I want to get a full-time job and when I get driver's license in a cart stuff you know mom please you know different friends I guess I would call it just get my own place and get some different friends one thing I'd like you to tell me about your physical health how has your physical health been over the last six or seven days I don't when maybe it's emotional maybe something in me it's finally clicking maybe the gears are working again and maybe I'm feeling better I mean they just don't don't need to learn that it's my place do and I feel really good about that I'm glad because there's one time for reading or doing this so do it you know sometimes whatever you want to do it it's notes more fun it's better point whatever enjoy it and feel better about that little part of my life I'm all dreams aside it would be nice if I could be an executive secretary in the city someday and have a husband and have a child I would really like that would make me very happy if I can have that have you ever had any unusual other usual experiences why earring thing no no I'm sleeping see I see things very clearly when was the last time you saw that planet for my headaches you in a body of a pedestal a second you saw a body the better you're fighting a bit on there for a second they come in seven you're better the better then they were out of that looks like shit by the minute move to squad ahead what kind of a body a male body or a female a male body and how long did that go into half itself a minute and I haven't yet it disappeared it gets on your head you look back yeah like if you think birds outside gone by I feel though I want to tell me something only talking many questions somehow like these birds trying to tell me something you mean by the way their water wasn't flying and the way they sit on the wire and the only way they sit on the wall by telephone all right exactly two birds one here one there and they're trying to communicate right oh my god of like um please bothering me last question is something it also helped tell me I have not been in the hospital since I've been thinking I was looking at all I'm a different person I mean yapping some reality now I mean you know even on the holidays it's dozing days I was in another world now I'm just back in reality you know what I mean I'm I don't stare into space anymore I don't I I get paranoid once in a while but I realize the things that you're paranoid are ridiculous my eating's back to normal I think – I have a car now I have my own apartment now I'm living a normal life now I you know I'm not you know 100 percent there but I am normal man


  1. Due to privacy and optics we should just give anything they ask for till they feel better. We should calm the electro convulsive as I’ve said from the beginning. The meds are safe and so are the drugs.but too much data and info systems will cause the experiences to be falsified.

  2. I was just dianosed with a mild form of bipolar disorder. Tomorrow I go to a treatment center to get help with it for the first time. I have been through probably 30 jobs in the last couple years. I was fired from ALL of them. My mania and depression is PRETTY mild compared to others. But it can still get pretty bad.
    I hope to be able to keep a job and become a successful actress and theater professor someday.
    I'd also love to get married and have a child and my own house someday.

  3. As much as you see the guys mental illness in the second scene, he still talks deeply about things he would not be worrying about if he hadn’t been influenced by “sane” people. Like where did he get the concept of a devil that needed to be taken out of him with a needle? He says he wouldn’t ever amount to anything, where did he get this pressure? I’m saying the so called mentally stable ones around him if they were, were definitely influencing his thinking even through his mental disease. I wonder if he would feel so negatively about himself if not we influenced by religious dogma or without pressures to be better or do better.

  4. I can relate! I have heard voices in my ears. The Christian Holy Bible tells us that an angel in Heaven rebelled against God, and God through him out of heaven. Amazingly 1/3 of God's angels also rebelled, and God has given them over to their evil. They can speak into humans ears all manner of thoughts, and most importantly they want to keep us from a real relationship with our God through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!!!! The Lord helped me in this battle and can help anyone who will believe God. Please listen to my story on YouTube at: hearing voices: real help and understanding. Praying for you all, love, Carol

  5. Effects of medication take 6 months?! How do they know positive changes are due to the medication? I once had an episode, or break from reality, and extreme paranoia due tò severe stress and greif, (dog died and bullied at work), and without medication I was back to normal after a month or so. Ìm genuinely interested to know

  6. i wonder if schizophrenia i just another intense future based ego idenity. i mean most disturb people are always out of touch with the now

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