Ego-State Therapy / Voice Dialogue

Hi everyone! This video is going
to be about ego-state therapy, or voice dialogue therapy.
Ego-state therapy is a specific form of therapy that focuses on
pieces of one’s personality, or ego states. Ego states are parts
of our personality that make up our whole personality. The
therapy allows one to discover their own inner voices and ego
states, many times referred to as subpersonalities, and work
on recognizing where the problem comes from within themselves. It
is especially useful for those that have experienced trauma and
abuse, have anger problems, and even cognitive or thought
problems. And it works on recognizing and releasing
those core thoughts as well as integrating these ego states,
or rather allowing them to work harmoniously. I did a video
in much greater detail about subpersonalities, switching, and
integration in my “We All Have Multiple Personalities” video.
So, I’ll have an annotation and a link in the description to
that video if you would like to check it out. In that video,
you can get an overview of what subpersonalities are and how
they can form, as well as how we switch, and just what
integration is. Anyway, we all naturally have different parts
to our personality. It can be something as simple as your work
and home personality. You behave differently at work than you do
at home. Or it can be much more dissociative and destructive
in nature where the home personality is abusive and
angry, and may not even be aware of the work personality, which
is happy, kind, and generous. Perhaps deep down this person
has a problem at home due to work stressing them out, and
their family annoying them, stressing them out when at home.
While at work it may seem like they are just fine, but they
repress it within themselves and all that buildup of tension is
released at home. They are on a very short fuse when at home
and just the slightest thing can disturb them. This can, many
times, even be associated with past experiences and trauma the
person has been through in the past. So let’s look at a better
example. Perhaps this person’s own father would come home from
work and verbally and physically abuse them, which in turn they
do the same to their own family to try and take control and
overcome that abuse in the past. This is where ego-state therapy
can really come in handy. But there is a bit of a problem with
this type of therapy. It’s not so much a problem as it is a
rough patch that must be crossed before any help and progress can
be made. Let’s say this person goes and sees a therapist. When
they are seeing the therapist, their work personality is out,
which is happy and kind. There is no sign of anger or
frustration. The work personality is patient, unlike
the one from home. If the work personality is seeing the
therapist, then no progress can be made since that is not
the one with the problems. Furthermore, due to
dissociation, this work personality is not even aware of
abuse that was done to them by their own father in the past, so
that cannot be addressed. Maybe the work personality
doesn’t even know about the home personality that is a reflection
of their own father that was physically and verbally abusive.
All this means that the wrong personality is in therapy. The
work personality doesn’t need help, it’s the one from home.
So, in order for this person to actually get to the root of
their problem, they have to recognize and bring out this
home personality in therapy and work on where the issue actually
lies. This is very common for many individuals that seek
therapy, especially those that have experienced trauma in the
past. They do not know their own ego states or subpersonalities
and may not even be aware of them, or the abuse that was done
to them. Yet, that very abuse from the past could be
interfering with their life in a destructive way, which is why
they are in therapy. Ego-state therapy is what will help in
this situation. It will allow one to work on, number one,
recognizing these ego states. So the personality going to the
therapist, the work personality, would begin to recognize the
home personality and see what they do. Once that barrier has
been lifted, the person can work on getting better. Maybe someone
hears, in their head, sometimes out loud, an abusive voice.
Ego-state therapy is about recognizing this voice, giving
it a name perhaps, and most importantly, understanding it
and discovering the origin of it. As with the previous
example, perhaps the person may hear this abusive voice in their
head telling them to hurt their family. They may identify this
as their home personality, maybe even give them a specific name
to distinguish them from the work personality. But perhaps
this home personality hears a voice that is telling them they
are worthless and they should die and don’t deserve to be
happy or have a family, which turns into anger and frustration
causing them, the home personality, to be abusive
towards their family and themselves. This voice inside
their head is of their father in the past. Their father is still
there in their head because they have not been able to address
and move on from what their father did to them in the past.
At this stage, progress has been made at identifying these ego
states. But how can this person work on this home personality
if the work personality is still the only one that goes to
therapy. As was mentioned earlier, this home personality
has to come out in therapy so they can get to the root of
the problem since the work personality doesn’t know about
or experience what the home one does. I did go into more
detail about switching in my subpersonalities video, but
bringing out another ego state, specifically if there is a lot
of dissociation, can be a near impossible feat for some,
primarily because they do not know how or try too hard. The
key is to relax and allow it to happen. To allow the personality
to come out on its own. Sometimes it may resist, and
when there is that resistance, things can be even more
challenging. To address this, hypnosis may be used by the
therapist to intentionally bring out the one that needs the work
and dissociate any other parts for the time being. It is
necessary to bring out the part that needs the work since you
cannot pretend to be them or force them out. As with the
previous example, let’s say the home personality comes out
and is with the therapist. The source of this person’s
issues is face to face with the therapist, which is then when
the real therapy can begin to take place. While this person
may not want to cooperate at first, progress may be made as
the person may then begin to realize that their father was
the source of their problems, and that they are trying to
overcome their father’s abuse done unto them, by projecting
that onto their own family. When that happens, a breakthrough is
made where the person would’ve successfully realized the
problem and can then work at better ways of coping with it
and ultimately overcoming it. This certainly takes time and
is not as quick as what was outlined in this example,
specifically if there is a high level of dissociation. But,
ego-state therapy can be highly beneficial for individuals
such as the one I used for the example throughout this video.
So in conclusion, ego-state therapy focuses on pieces
of one’s personality, or ego states. Ego states are parts of
our personality that make up our whole personality. It is
especially useful for those that have experienced trauma and
abuse, have anger problems, and even cognitive or thought
problems. And it works on recognizing and releasing
those core thoughts as well as integrating these ego
states. I hope this video was informative and helpful.
Thanks for watching!


  1. I love your videos.

    What if your switching is triggered by specific people? Perhaps the sub personality exists to to cope with that individual? How might one be able to bring out that sub personality with out the negative individual present?

    I would love to see even more in depth videos on this subject as you have such an depth and personal knowledge that really is helpful.

  2. I can't remember which of your previous videos I'm thinking of, but you mentioned that naming an alter could be damaging, since it further isolates it. Making the alter more concrete in the person's mind. Is naming a specific ego state preferable, since the objective isn't to combine the different personalities into one whole cohesive personality, but to isolate it to aid in shedding it?

  3. Thanks Autumn I have PSTD and I do know exactly what your saying. I is almost like a outer voice/thought of doubt and fear. I am so glad to know I am not loosing my mind completely. Your videos have helped me beyond words. Thank you. 🙂

  4. One of my friends is tansitioning.

    Now in my book he…for now…she later, needs support.
    Could you make a video of dos and don'ts?

    Just to be clear in my book "he" is mentaly ill…however experssing this opinion might damage "him"…..but I'm not against changing gender, but I view it as a mental illness.

    Now to be clear, if it makes "him" happy I am not opposed to it, if "he" would be happier as female it's fine, but the fact that "he" just came out to me (And only me) and "he" is allready talking about going to colombia to get sexual re-asigment surgery worries me, "he" is moving to fast, "he" is not sitting while peeing, "he" is not changing his looks ("he" has a mighty beard).

    I'm just not sure to handle this.

    However I have told "him" that if he gets kicked out and need a place to stay my door is open 24/7.


  5. Autumn, I don't wish to set off your alarm, but there is a tiny very dark hole on your Rt cheekbone. At first I thought it was just another case of  face-perforation caused by a superheavy, cauterizing cosmic ray, but then I came to feel that something was looking out at me from inside this hole.
    Something malevolent.

    I try not to believe in evil. Sometimes, like now, it's hard.
    How many more of those things infest your heavy head?
    Are they controlling you like a giant puppet?
    Or are they just hollowing you out from the inside with evil gusto?

    It spoke to me.

    It spoke to me down a perfect laser-straight hairline beam coming out of the hole
    it had made, (and planting the false memory in your nearby brain,  it told me, chuckling, that the hole was just drawn-on by you. "Nothing more").

    Coming out of that hole through my laptop screen like a delicately brittle fibre optic
    channel pouring out alien lust and hopeless loss.

    I'm sorry, I tried my best to trick it into telling me what drives them away: I don't believe it could be something as simple as the green absinthe claimed.

    I have to go now.  

    Will keep monitoring your transmissions for as long as you can hold out.

  6. Just came across your channel recently. Very interesting and informative content :))
    I was wondering if I could get your view or opinion on psychopaths and sociopaths and mainly how they differ. From what I know one is born and the latter is made. But what I'm asking about is the difference really in mainly behaviour and way of thinking (like how to spot one and tell whether it's a sociopath or a psychopath) because I've had books, therapists, psychiatrists and professional psychologists tell me different things so I was hoping to get your opinion or two cents on it since you seem quite reliable and knowledgable in that area 🙂 (and also that there's no concrete definition or separate of the two) thanks again

  7. Hi Autumn, you really need to start filming in a new room. Your background
    looks asthough your being detained in some 3rd world airport detention
    room! Lets see, Romania, no thats not it.I got it, Budapest, thats it, Budapest!!!!!!
    Maybe a fake palm tree or plastic plants to set the mood.Autumn, the
    talking drug mule!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!   Have a good day

  8. Hey Autumn, I really need your help! I was diagnosed with Conversion Disorder last year. I'm currently taking medication and getting better. But not fast enough. I am fainting, having episodes of memory loss and having occasional seizures. I need help to mentally calm down and get rid of all the stress and to mild down the symptoms. But I used to be blind, deaf, disabled, unarousable, and numb. That part of the disorder is gone, but I am still unwell. And in a few days I need to have an EEG test and I am really nervous. Please help ASAP.

  9. OK,OK Settle down lady Autumn!! Trust me,if you did track me down, which I'm
    quite sure you could,you'd be highly dissapointed and I'm sure uncle sam would
    want to have a little conversation with you!!!!!  He is after all, quite austere, if not
    pugnasious! I have to go now, you have made a beautiful transition

  10. I really admire how neat and organize your videos. I wish I can create a nice background like yours. Your so informative and you really help me allot mentally. Keep it up.

  11. Hey autumn my name is Fernando Jimenez and I saw one of your videos that I couldn't comment on , but I wanted to say! you are a very cool girl and it will be an anor to be your friend. Is very difficult to find awesome people in this days . I'm offering my friendship to you if you like . My Facebook name is fernando jimenez 🙂 just remember everybody is beautiful and with love , peace is what make this planet great.

  12. theory and practice
    the ethereal and the corporeal
    whose scheme can account for all things?
    while in your solitude the mind is less troubled
    still and calm
    but life is dynamic
    a tempest that can swept you away
    emotions can be creeping things that wait
    to prey and influence your action
    sticking without you realizing
    and robbing you of your better judgement
    do not be swept away
    keep your head
    be steadfast, resolute but never obstinate and unyielding
    live life don't image how it should be lived.

  13. I experienced the one creator and in my experience "he" was basically like someone with DID and we humans are his alters…do you think I could be right?

  14. I hate to be that person, and I normally wouldn't even bother mentioning it, but you are stunning in this video. I hate to say things like that, because I don't want to be that misogynist idiot that makes you feel like you are being reduced to your looks, but I hope that you take it as a compliment <3

  15. I greatly admire you for your commitment to helping others and confronting the issues that people are afraid to talk about, even in therapy.

  16. Thank you so much for sharing this. I recently learned about disassociated disorders. My girlfriend is dealing with this issue. And Your videos are educating me so much! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! I have so much appreciation for your videos, and your willingness to use your experience to educate others. Experiential knowledge is the only knowledge I trust. So thank you, I am following you, and will lead others your way. You are a Gift. Thank you!

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