Elon University Physician Assistant students learn anatomy by body painting

what I love is that we have this day and
an incredible amount of learning is happening but it might as well be recess
because you have paints and people are having fun and they’re all working with
a mission but it’s colorful its artistic today we did some illustrative Anatomy
so we painted on each other’s bodies different muscle groups in different
areas and then we were able to use ultrasound to look at it two different
people have different learning styles some people learn best from seeing
something and some learn best when they’re moving body painting has room
for every single different learning style musculoskeletal I think especially
some of the movements of the leg didn’t make a ton of sense to me until I got to
watch it so painting that today was really really helpful the one of my
favorite things about being an Elon PA is we have professors who do things like
we did today Dr. Bennett dedicated I’m sure infinite
amounts of time to putting together something that was really valuable for
us as students was a good use of our time and set us up for clinical
knowledge so I’m just really thankful for that

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