Elsevier Clinical Pharmacology

elsevier now arms healthcare providers with the power of two of the industry's top-rated references in one enterprise-wide solution clinical pharmacology powered by clinical key clinical pharmacology the industry's most powerful resource for drug related answers comes together with clinical key a powerful clinical search engine that supports clinical decisions by making it easier to find and apply relevant knowledge empowering you to deliver better care with fast concise answers and deep access to evidence-based drug information whenever wherever you need it clinical pharmacology supports you in making safe medication decisions enabling searches based on a wide range of clinical criteria you'll always receive accurate answers because your queries will always be built on the most current content only Elsevier updates its drug information hourly every day including weekends and holidays powering clinical pharmacology with clinical key means an improved user experience for you and faster answers than ever before a simpler intelligent interface enhances discoverability of key content popular resources and reports are featured on your home page for quick easy access take advantage of significantly improved search AIDS results are dynamically generated as you type and are grouped into categories such as drug monographs interactions or adverse reactions and while clinical pharmacology search functionality is now better than ever we took it one step further by also displaying content more concisely so you can get to the information you need right away discover how clinical pharmacology powered by clinical key makes everything easier to do your job to help your fellow health care providers with clinically relevant answers to drug information questions and to ensure patient medication safety visit Elsevier CPC k com to experience the benefits today you

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