Elsevier Hacks: A hackathon for medical education 2017

[Applause] being here is just incredibly exciting the mix of people that hear the ideas the passion that's going around the creativity as well as just is just really energizing and very stimulating with the medical students they actually suffer from particular things in their their medical education and these events are so effective to change these things to the better enthusiasm of the students and the developers in everyone else and just the general energy just the buzz around the place it's been waiting it this is really kind of a crucible where ideas and creativity get compressed and distilled exhausting is that is that the word for it right there the most exciting thing our project doesn't when we got our demo up and running it was when yeah we saw a product tum tum come together where as users yeah get a snapshot of what it would really look like to use the app else of your hacks this was a unique unique experience extraordinary

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