1. I have a panic disorder and social anxiety. Does this helps? I also use medication. I sweat alot outside my house of my anxiety really want it to stop.

  2. Thanks for the video!

    Here, in Italy, an EMDR session with an expert costs 70 euros

    I use it every night, before going to sleep.
    At least for an hour.
    Or when I'm home, I'll have a quarter of an hour and then I'll lie down. It's great for reworking even big events.
    I also use it at work, if there are things that bother me.

    Sometimes I put meditations with positive phrases and I do a kind of self hypnosis

    Sorry for English, I used google translator : D

  3. EMDR is Truly Miraculous – I have been disassociated most of my life. It really does help me Ground which has been rare for me to feel unless I exercise for a zillion hours. TYSM for putting this online!

  4. thank you ! works very well looks nice.. i had therapy and chose a blue light.. is it possible to make a blue one or are you ok with me posting yours i altered for myself with a blue color? (adding the link to your origian ofcours!)

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