Emergency and Trauma Services at Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center

(upbeat piano music) – The trauma center here is a Level II verified trauma center. We were the first trauma
center to be designated in Ventura County and that was in 2010. – A Level II means that
you have a trauma surgeon on call and the panels that you need for immediate service within
15 minutes of a patient either telling us they’re coming in or they’ll be there on arrival. – And then the patient would go on and have an evaluation test. Maybe a scan or x-rays
or something of that sort and then if they need surgery, we have all of the different
surgical specialties. For example, we have
neurosurgeons for head injuries. We have orthopedic surgeons for all the broken bones that we get. We have different surgeons to address different parts of the body
and different injuries. – You’re able to get any
kind of specialty service when you have a trauma immediately and that’s a service that other places can’t offer to their patients. – We have some of the
highest survival rates in the country of people
surviving cardiac arrest. – The nature of our department is that we’re always
learning something new because we’re always
bringing in something new. So, whether it’s a new
way to monitor patients. Whether it’s a new way
to deliver care faster, those processes are ongoing
within the department and our staff adapts to that. A lot of it is hands on. Any time it’s equipment related, we bring in hands on training to train each nurse so we know that they know what to
do when the time comes. – People who live in this area like myself can feel good that if they’re injured, they have a trauma center
that’s ready and waiting for them 24 hours a day
and that they’re gonna get the highest level of care possible. Us being here as a trauma center, the patients come to us very rapidly and, in turn, we evaluate them
and treat them very rapidly. – We used to have long waits. We don’t have those any longer. You get seen by a physician right away and you get treated right away and that’s what we promise
the citizens of this area.


  1. in this video it should be noted their definition of "rapid" is 9 hours in the hallway of the ER with little to no contact with doctors. Also the nursing staff seems to enjoy eating at their desk right in front of patients

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