Emergency First Aid Hacks with Rach

so you’ve got some friends over you’ve made nachos someone starts choking what do you do hey guys it’s Rachel committed the first video of my brand new channel bit different from reaches Flavor Flav’s where I make food recipes every Tuesdays and Sundays please check out the link below and subscribe to join me on my food journey basically we got the idea minimal to occur while making my absolute favorite recipe for yummy scrummy on them nachos for our movie afternoon with Kirk who’s already started way to beaker you kept saying five more minutes anyway my brother Tom had a test taste and it looks like a corn chip is launched in this third and he’s not breathing so time to intervene time to act fast what am I saying time to act fast so in a crisis I go straight to my first aid kit seriously good investment I got mine on Etsy and it’s got easy to read labels serve we’ve got Winnie the Pooh band-aids if you like Winnie the Pooh and this my best a cheat sheet which tells me Tom needs the Heimlich maneuver first thing you do is come around Tom Mickey this place it near above his bellybutton use your other hand as Big Boss trust and keep doing that until the chips in his airway comes out the top so that didn’t work and now he’s on the floor and obviously I’m pretty nervous right now but it’s important to remain calm and in control so I’ve put on a brew of my favorite matcha green tea I’m currently obsessed with this brand also lit a candle just to help soothe yeah it’s working so now we’re gonna try CPR how do you pull pull Rumi how do your pulmonary resuscitation the best thing making jellyfish with your hands apply to the chest back there and make really good pups keep doing that and then my favorite pot alternating mountain map and I realize I’m doing this with my brother which is a little weird but everyone does it differently in this it you can put a cloth but I’m discuss now they say you should pump along to the Bee Gees stayin alive but last time I reached copyright YouTube muted the whole video so I’m just gonna put on this song by my friend Dylan wake up wait me sorry that worked and now he’s coming to just a fun fresh way to revive someone good idea to prop his head up with something soft like a cushion or a towel I’m just using my knees because it handy and I’ll leave a link to those best a tacks in the description below watch the whole movie while we were making the video yeah thanks very much for watching if this video helps provide someone you know someone you love please give it a thumbs up and leave a comment in the comment section [Music] you [Music] you you [Applause] [Applause] really serene like an astral spirit [Applause] [Music] hey guys maybe Kirk here you asked for it that’s sit down with the new blu-ray edition of Lawrence of Arabia over a few nachos with a couple of friends here really looking forward to it I hope you enjoy it first be sure to LIKE and subscribe for future Criterion edition reviews blu-rays ASMR unboxings [Music] you


  1. This is excellent guys, great work. Horrifyingly brilliant! Wasn't sure whether to laugh or….curl up in a ball and seek therapy. Reminds me a little of Tom Scott's video "Stealing Our Friend's Brain"

  2. Sweet, now that I've watched, i can put on my resume that i have first aid training. Thanks cheeky moon!

  3. Well this is certainly an emotional roller coaster of a ride. It really goes to show that we should all get off youtube and learn things in real life. Brilliant video!

  4. This video nearly helped me save my aunt! πŸ˜ƒ I think I did it wrong, but she was a bit of a drag anyway

  5. Really well done! The guy In The second half whk failed to save his wife looks like if property brothers had a third brother

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