Emergency health care in Pakistan: A look at the Lady Reading Hospital

you you one good experience of significant change was the tree aging of the patients whereby initially every patient used to utilize emergency department whether they are urgent or non urgent mostly the patients were very critical could receive care in a delayed manner when we started implementing the trade system from a figure of approximately 8,000 patients a day we are down to about 1500 patients a day who really need the care most therefore the quality of all the outcomes of the patient who need emergency care has significantly improved


  1. Pakistani doctors are the real problem of healthcare in the country. Mbbs and the staff is looter, robber and real groups of dacoits and thieves in the hospitals and health market. They all are the opportunists and killing the patients and making the permanent and serious patients the healthies indoor/out-door. Medication in Pakistan by these mbbs licensies mean sending the healthy people towards graveyard. The are the real killer of the healthy and little healthy. Shahbaz sharief colluded with young killers doctors and maintained policies to snatch the oppotunites of health from public. The cheap cost and effective medicines were removed from the markets and replaced fake and self-tagged costly ineffective and deavastative and flourishers of diseases medicines/formulated chemicals. Millions of curses on mbbs practitioners and the pml(n) collusion as well as policy makers.

  2. That's not a smart move, promoting the news that you've reduced the number of people who are treated in ER.
    Lady reading is the go to major hospital for all 36 million of Pakhtoons and 8000 is not a far fethced number of ER visits.
    In August 2016 for example, there were around 400 000 OPD visits to LRH. and the average waiting time for a non-ER patient is ridiculous number of hours. What they should be doing is increasing their capacity to treat ER visitors.

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