Emergency Medical Services workers honored at Montana Capitol

emergency care personnel honored at the Montana Capitol today as a part of national emergency medical services week two the Department of Public Health and Human Services and first lady Lisa Bullock recognized first responders for their commitment and sacrifices made serving their fellow Montanans speakers emphasized in a big rural state like Montana EMS provides a critical service in providing care and saving lives parametric and firefighter Sarah Lewin of mile city was recognized as this year’s carreer EMS provider Lewin says the work can be hard but she’s surrounded by an amazing team and couldn’t imagine doing anything else feeling like you’re doing a service and let you’re possibly in the right place where you need to be to help somebody even if it’s just being kind to somebody and every day is incredibly humbling EMS personnel from Whitehall Lewistown and Billings were also recognized at the event the average Montanan resident will need ambulance service at least twice in his or her lifetime

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