Emergency Medical Technician Technical Diploma

[ Talking over radios ] PATRICK >> Every single community in the state of
Wisconsin needs an EMT [ EMT, in background: I’m giving him
10.5 grams of Dextrose ] TAMARA >> The technical colleges use simulator and simulated mannequins to perform skills and tasks that you would never otherwise
been able to accomplish without actually doing it on a real human being and that
is immeasurable in and of itself. [ Medic, in background, “This is Medic 5, how do you copy?” ] TAMARA >> This just allows you the opportunity to repeat those skills over and over and over until it’s perfect and becomes part of your
natural state. [ Medic, in background, “10.5 grams” ] PATRICK >> The EMT Course in Wisconsin is about 180 hours and includes a lot of anatomy and physiology and learning disease
processes so we understand what’s truly going on with a patient… [ Distress calls in Backgound ] … and you can help them out. [ voice in background … “What are you giving him?” ] [ STUDENT responding >> “I’m giving him sugar water” ] PATRICK >> So there’s a pretty significant
investment in understanding and education in addition to you gotta be
able to do the skills. The job market in the midwest here, there are lots of
opportunities to be had. If you want to move across the nation, even more jobs. EMS is such a gateway to many other jobs. Should you
not want to stay here, you can move on too, and have a really good core knowledge to a lot of
other health careers as well. TAMARA >> It’s a service and it’s a calling, really. Not everybody is meant to do this, and that’s okay … and you go through these programs to find out if this is something for you [Music]

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