Emergency Medical Technology

The EMT program is a one semester program
where students are going to come in for more than a hundred hours of classroom
time and then they’re going to have to do 80 hours worth of ride along time,
either on an ambulance or at a hospital. We have two levels of treatment — an EMT
and a paramedic. So, the EMT can do everything except for medications and
change the amount of electricity. 70-80% of the patients that
we are going to treat on an ambulance are basic calls, and we need folks that
are going to be able to do that. The professors are fantastic. Like, they help
you out with whatever you need help with. It’s a great school. Our instructors are
all seasoned instructors that have been around for more than twenty years. As far as finding jobs, you actually have a big choice. The nice thing right now is, there’s a
very, very large need. As our population gets older, there’s more folks to be
treated in the hospitals, therefore there’s going to be more need. We have
day classes, night classes, we also offer our skill sessions separately, so
that they’re not sitting in the classroom for six & eight to ten hours at a
time. They’re gonna come in and do a set of skills whether it is CPR, AED, choking,
bleeding control, handling broken bones, how to backboard people; so, they get to
practice all of the skills so that they are ready when they go out into the
workforce. I like the hands-on part. My favorite
part about that is the fact that we get the practice and it gives us more experience. I’m being splinted right now, and we do a lot of that in class, even on some of
the lecture days. So, you do really get to work on other people and it kind of
exposes you to what you’ll be doing. Every semester, we get a new group of
students. You get to see how they grow, how they change. You’ll see the light
bulb moments when they really get what they need to be doing and figuring out
how to treat the patient. You really have to understand the theory as to what it
happens, why it happens, so really seeing the students move through that is a
really, really good experience.

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