Emergency Medicine and Its Impact in Manipur On Impact Health Link 20 May 2019

impact housing tamuka Solomon Butera moksori nasi helling the Canada the derivative Agassi emergency medicine and its impact in many people hiya Hiro Mashima tankini here Mizuki Matanga a cup of our own cotton ba ba I could estudio de links internal a video expert as you know dr. along bomb sandeep kumar singh Jose Jose animal health services to Liberia banana MBBS began resist an MD emergency medicine Em's DME Tokyo Japan ATL else ACLs certified knee dr. Han Dhammapada around up sherry thank you thank you very much doctor 100 questions NOC acquaintance local charge of atopic eczema hyper d emergency medicine hyper say Corino total how many Padma hockey impacts in a character you know happy that was a tribe you emergency medicine jab I'm Tina emerging emotion a noble branch name I need some congee with that an expert on issue Christy emotion notice city Yamuna late up tamale oh the emergency medicine Jacqueline AHA chapter dc04 medicine much unity medically general medicine de una opieop amalga winner Heidi patient chiheb dom up done it World Cup tour Agra investigator Agha Dino sister I do not even remember similar Cindy its acute medicine acute medicinally patient in Malaya I am neural I say suppose I showed honhom Dre it about nari or exam neither arrived with the Hagen Iconium hunter a poem nari sheep were kalapas it up a champ reversal opponent a Adam game is the permanent channel 2000 that dr. Amana specialist I'm gonna combine ado managed only carry Tony Heiberg a department Xavier to be special TJ say Marissa melissamia we need a Mundell a queer brachii de anything anytime anywhere Heidi it can be a pediatric emergency a llama Chama mahalo pooja-ji cambogia Hanauma ha detector up or push way suppose a smoker uma chronic smoker Jahid in how Java modulated to Adam LaPierre on a heart attack McCoy terrorist you anemic the broad spectrum along with you hanno ratio geriatric patient hana pegi a yamaha eat our soup Adam luck we're poisoning kisses love PA there now quickly did I did anything anytime anyway see the yoga per year of me another main part I'm gonna forgive trauma management let me I show up an accident oppa even um that or about the schiappa subtitle of them similar they even toxicology Melissa toxicology they can destroy Donna Karen to Chiluba volumetrically Dillon hey dr. Chen bar victim agricultural area that the net ragab even it's on a quick intentional ingestion ID region IG hired over net regard for you say drug overdose CC wide variety of acute cases me I'm ready AMA kalakeyas me on J on the spot at the same time my unlocked our CEO cannon okay no canonical my minister Bonnie maneuver at the end my emergencies in lieu Eric on de mogi more give the car topped our Maggie Department admission Tokido patient lives here told okay yeah road traffic accident Iverson Lambie he couldn't even see the top I'm Adams they're gonna emergency I fasted when a curry curry TPP Abigail at the so happy I know Tom Geneva Medical you pre-hospital care at the hospital York tanida Heidi quickie seen going and the accident open apology at the scene of the accident or any other accident to talk on a pure pom-poms in hospital mother killed lives in a pre-hospital care hospital management or the apogee as a public develop winner live in a more indicator via hated extent talk at a scene safety ID immediate target area Lampeter Mamiya condom a second audible patient Oh either namtar the police Cobra ambulance Cobra I'm dead tired at least kinoma got a jet jet jet abama from the site abou portion below net drag up Miami incoming traffic sure cambio hide the area cannula she had told me a hamburger at Apogee desegregate cervical spine the codec accidental welcome to the mock walk she hacked by the top pilot you can whenever not guruji the cervical spine show me the pathological a lot of that sponge but now that that injury talk we are we go enjoy Turin be a when hanging the department by partially tarde oh no as such acquainted over number oh yes onlookers Italian at Riga connect Cinematheque maneuver hi Daddy hi Parvati foggy ambulance service in pocket an ambulance – Nicole Eva patient chi-lin Honda WA if out of danger hide an incoming traffic data today Adam named Eva Marge 403 hi Daddy number the NF hi boy daddy okay top podium job Roberto a chest compressions PP work or they give mouth-to-mouth ventilation PP bar lambda T and if we wanna curse me on the train dog with that only see the move aside the mullah and he had a quick public talk with training p.m. the guard I suppose license over the IDS a licensed driver is how much she likes inspiring me I mean II hate that she attorney people that got a vertebra she's not on the topic America don't antimatter people and as soon as possible yeah I get to not forget hospital no matter Bieber ambulance Cohiba Cena Shivaji community and the world of the alcohol addict over call it's not do the liver failure where a pogrom bottle gone to the city emergence you in a moment PBR emergency medicine came upon this idea segi problems requested legitimate owner of the captain a impactful in a later idea negative impact nickel hydrogen although here as a family member apena don't we have a convey our budget condition I did my first the problem like that the problems it kinda wanna be on that card I Oh No who has gold dependence I gotta go give you the dependent or buy a ticket of a patient kitty my first atom cognitive behavioral change laughs ah Heidi watch you have a puta we had a helper I need visual hallucination lady report that we have thyroid or portal of cesium atom apart medically a goal withdrawal syndrome when le you huge atoll of the come by by the by Madame de she's much industry mmm like she's you can't be number one I see my luck that the magic violent or Empire magic to where apparently therapy a minor move another trauma case a motive of navigation bar other year there's another aspect that I did forgive and Colette the patients may object brain bleed iam doubled a brain bleed them to investigate no got number one liver fat the Maggie clotting factor coldly furnish have a clotting factors may affect or a terribly in the debris no changes everything Shinto surely peculiar I don't believe the judges about a good part I see modulated another for you alcohol withdrawal syndrome gay previous symptoms ramjet young beaver to nostril the older part or the ghee I'm gonna forgive my unless you come here we e over for you very still bleed dopa yeah for you portal hypertension hi Daddy I'm certain Hydra of the esophagus key that they forgive circulation delay but not a mahaki create among hungry deliver circulation Judah for your blood vessels job to a got hired at work or the quake II orga everything a complicated cases lovely away nice minor hey koum Hamada become hama BA over the e we are as a family member I'm feeling like ignite store over I'm tuna for your hospital your unbearable Meacham Amana medical emergency cases at curry curry tea Doughboy yahoo key to survival a medical emergencies I did yeah I'm Dennis are you hi Jericho and in a wide variety later among him again Syria honey I talking about the geography but for you Meacham Amina when a cowboy w day I did transportation first of all quit it three into okay Mitchum Jeff what did you color what the exposures you want later ninja what they know let you crow body i poverty cream achieve of metal gonna buy today you are again a hospital no matter other logically the the reach of quick ambulance services pre-hospital care did a minimal labor if we follow the big tanks to create some private firms I am Telling I were private from Sam they say Medellin I'm pageant opening as a result of that or your ambulance case they listen the Impala via me I'm partly enlightening a button whenever you're gonna map on the Queen for the King hydrokinetic still I'm Tina negligible in daily I wanna create as a common man how did I get to not hospital I'm the Oliver Youm the attempt omitted forgive me him buggy out company buggy jungjie are I get to a hospital I supposed infection I'm the below septic shock shell ago bep it down to under humanism luckily today I think I'm gonna Conakry end organ damage the rocket dish olive branch or Miami our hearts all apart even in long solar power RDS chapter I hate tuna D for you any hotel husband you hello put in a Piper your intern to me doctor or hospital the emergency says like lava soy camper top a yarmulke do madam do the heck to my arms in any ho hold up then I hit the doctor that I never get few vermin like I see him I pounded it k happening it to five here Oh what's a lie booked even in harmony hi Janine because I did doctor – OH treating physician or nurse your amorous oh boy public a fate Amanda got a magnet on Jerry's a patient Panem Lahaina I do a public nature McCallum the cutter head of them too easy patients a phenomena quite independently ID as a doctor myself I do any patient lost over him Yoshi of me I look and I did like a special digital age a patina don't see this case at the organ I don't know I know that the morph way Alice in a tone and Obama do another thing of when I are getting buddy doctor room side the get got no authority at least 150 pushing like that Ian budget who you recess if they shouldn't go in this is the effort is for you say top number door head up with people it'll shock people my I'm Tory me I'm say Keaton one brother were you article me I'm I'm totally rejected West think or us taking any me I'm totally Heidi some analysts of effort one budget for you family member the henna who you say but about doctors who acceptance Emma Jean Alabama Shem acquittal mogudu Winnemucca no quickie breaking bad news enameling by the bathtub abominated aquinnah family member the command a approached only coming up paja Hondo pounding come on har but the bad news say she didn't act the Heike Draghi stepwise process ahead introduction akin a know a certain Toba at the end about page ahjumma meet the piraha at the acquaintance like I made a pillow came Ganapathi Homa poverty like I'm in the pewter one of the internet anoxia also among monogamy the water by heck blood relative the oil over and ascertained Obama then famine began Alabama they met Hank when it's my new fish manage my heart neither is watch my daughter other book so why not lab activity premium here a fine hi Burma arrived a empty now certain term them Heidi crazy be patient a the trio amid rare we are very sorry Eluga winner Matunga like a gay question lady I don't know Connie bikini honey my Kelly hang Natasha why don't lie honey reported among below for the LSAT of jerky high Valyrian Sam Peter de catanduva Caracalla Cena do canonical dr. room second order in a patient room sciatica Joe I'm Tina know whatever madam nigga I am shop Tina tremendous loss irreparable loss I did King Mohammed oh poor me m'lady YJ moment I do I do retire like the Taliban and a tomato touch with dr. Debbie he have a 'shmock tongue didn't champion a Titan II don't know I said doctor dr. Diggy comes an evil welcome care lady my thanks is that pink looks like he but that's why I said bring home looks like a break the gear I'm the tuna hand Cherokee impact helding meeting thousand a navy you ma'am bomb cannot around oxygen and see her linked economy per topic I see emergency medicine and it's impacting many people hired by her mistake in my company De La Hoya studio the links new lady ever dr. Sneh dr. Ellingham sandy Kumar singer named dr. McKay Donna concerning it was in a dr. Jimmy DeYoung the quick evolution of emergency medicine to say aqua gate lay back Sudha I'm at the money put car minor in theater minor labor you have it on Tybee oh I'm a passenger with a career evolution I did my company change love with zero for you dr. India devoid of money for do I think it would reflect the west side the West to talk about and the West with Chapman a query I'm Tina disorganized oh no I think oh yeah I'm certain height of the high casualty how do you World War II concept I'd choke up on Jatin gelada it's all on an atom we first appeared a taboo Cuba mm-hmm see what were your concept NATO us a joke remained the HMDA us till after him Oh Muhammad I obtained this organizer of me the Year quick multi-specialty approached him near me I did an album lasagna directed a prima listen dr. Mahaney might under HMDA internal honey honey I need that medicine doctor me a gurney and later gonna quit just medicine yummy when a multi-prong approach or the cementery need up madam John Mambo I did Conan Conan knew damn well it off the Julie way emergency the money money money nobody the patient improper then we're doctors cripple the communications I team up we found okay mystical ninja game and oraga the new society Larry's I deliver the gear you and Alicia the geek wait doctor smell not as a specialty recognize daughter like me I'm poem in literature paramam poem yeah would you do we – Emma listen to us today one of the top branches were in there did Hyder Khan I'm gonna quit India rejoice as well as good money put it on followed Oh Molly I'm doomed Sam the hi Jo I don't disorganized one lady oh yeah don't even say hi to them casualty Needham High believe me I'm allergic to them an approach emergency medicine chicken no they come to come up Guinea Tom Tom now Kona cool I quit emergency department a person oh cool a present I had a bit of a say point-of-care laboratory and him on the spot free lap Jeff upon the tada beta Department grandma struggle a bit illegitimate on luckily ultrasound about Mohammed homage enemy I forgive him snootily the talk with the minor Misaki the laboratory my cycle cross Amagi Misaki extra legit massage SCT lege massage in the department of dojo no other decree treatment of bogey diagnosis to worry I'm sure he meant okay madam jumbo I'm Tina huntable within 5 to 10 minutes diagnosis s human tissue obra I know buggy when number geese teach tomorrow of course you when they put you Sweden lucky new doctor doctor among the so happen behavior for here common Karthik emergency Lancome atoms the queen of curry curry the way Apogee Josiah could you come on cardiac emergency side that they could not Miami come with every heart attack got an infraction the freakin why ECG he turned have an ST elevation marker infraction high or no less the elevation myocardial infraction City Coney is easy diagnosis them some hard at o'clock and the equator Miami could be a debauch NEBOSH or Hanoi tava she Muslim come be my section money could you imagine see the connection do Shahar mother quina s common people come to the recognition this image amoeba hygienic album the cat I ever owned a determining eg quite the really centers ramped about my ashore no iversity for a typical male singer today every diabetic over pushing me that particular but I'm also female sex I didn't appear authority forget Jasper who a mitochondrial function how did they keep symptom say we don't 1% of it Modi Rhonda Baha junctions ever or thank you about cannabis forum but no 800 langdon Shibuya Tokyo endeavour diiemma habitually had any pain we're not taking up for you ambalika Spa is there any pain she's Adam mio be I remember infraction ibi its – frontera part of us were Bahama jespah of the taja Magaddino avi especially females not raga diaper dicta they were female plus the bit ago that I'm not gonna risk while you might have to present over get what I'm Jenny she told me you wish missing but you never symptoms like daddy juniper doctor except you night time Jimmy other the doctor quick a common neurological emergency that the curry curry oh boy yeah forget it was a big noise neurological emergencies that they could now I'm channeling every stroke the I Derek wicked brain minimum degree papaya movement rather I'm some of the higher of the brain no get singly Jalapa I'm I'm on the Polk I didn't forgive a pathogen a hemorrhagic stroke honey the pungent gives an ischemic stroke honey oh that's it aquanetta what would you quit in generally fast and them by a local miracle advertisement on FASD who official per year knocking AMA much knocking I'm a PI rock pop I'm gonna arm coming up could you hide them the hug-a-bug on the pusher man put your leg behind me but I'm gonna speech later bite that welcome the shinagawa do a time D for time oh no time she captain engine builders – president of the classical presentation it was in here why common I do one adobo quick a stroke keepers and Anthony hungry for your number there when I'm like there when I'm the Mokpo day Haga cook jeepers they power Tom later yeah me angry other were you faster than engine tardy FAS digital engine da day wid presentation maihama save the woman DNA today no there was emergency toxicology sadhana curry curry Toby ever again I was a man Finn and Hector Orion higher according to category first Edwina PBI the way I have this oh yeah toxicology duh what couldn't up timber Mike the hi Nicole oh the could chemicals curly wanna tell you about my the Polonia if I forget mechanical Duncan said young eager for you chemical pneumonitis como completion I'm full of my own doctoring needed a porch eating vegan oh it shouldn't be that big a new math about the Tom Caputo big a new creditor wanna measure is a common public man talk at the over corporate ID for example deny that told daddy – Haley Peter do not hope you you know then that he does my mom liquid about skimmed Egyptian given them back Hadid him who you doctor specialist may only Adam Toby I do know the common environmental emergency sadhana curry curry thing that I get a comment about the Gator sorry Andromeda limited squid money put the deep depend upon me have former per year hypothermia at over I didn't temperature I'm Lou him not a heat stroke upon the table October meter increase a my lack of especially she emerged summer hates dr. Agha the virtual body core temperature ionic Akiba or they wanted but even call you quickly centrally their the dead poem tonight amici before honest in a Kogi hypothermia the hypothermia temperature hot pot similarly or they give in the tub in BA Angelica promise has a top of frostbite look equally rich in the the purchase of new sheet English ship but the conoce a quick skim cake up among where she am assuming that order we're singly memo my mother said consider gonna come and remember machine Lebanon even Concord for him potato be honorable this is you go here environment limit is payable assume Adam see the aqua knock Erica for said when nobody advocated right away hypotonia heats doctor this money the context of the Oblivion avoid but he stood the first patient a Iong back arm the push and be brought to people he had the Tata Joe she humbly must have a friend Alan Diane telega capsule Agrafena de jambe memento Weaver yadda-yadda know who is in the bottom be rational not to people see hypo hypothermia temperature named are the damage in him that passive war mainly active or mainly or the window here mm that equai poverty which I am indeed a type of doctor no daddy Sheena's how economists haven't picked up you see absolutely Bernoulli core temperature I'm synergy is totally a top but the creator even a warm saline harbor select copy I will bladder lavage don't worry I will be putting hospital at over the rock and I don't know daddy but you won't be on me whatever you see I am quite property as have a little bit although the disaster management emergency medicine Gables everything Maggie told an se C give my tank that's too heavy talk that they could you – emergency department on the forefront delegate opening ideas really big component my life we government's high-techy like that we are me out of every other plainly speaking quim medical field the hi Daddy Mercy Mercy dinner for friend delegate w1 planning triage Academy he that play the beanie they gave us – a hygienic we environmentally money system locked with you I did suppose flat dog daddy in the dome down like that I Dream a Little Rock but they flatter chemically infectious a man in Spain fell apart calling a talk on my arm Simeon is your cookie in my see medicine key domain Imahara laughs to me on a summer items ending I did all of a man's medicine J not only for years minor no but what you cannot tell with that I'm Jonathan today doctor we get emergency critical care sexy they're not connected II don't wear oh Vanessa critical care J forgive natural progression I did hi job with a supposed patient Emma so home London life buzzer intubate over the guitar Heidi I'm jaded enough for you too papa Mahalo to Bob Zoellick al lungs the to Pablo ventilator the Samba I don't know she talked daddy come on Tony I did dr. Rick suppose over here Garon says and I were casually entangled or hidden Billa get her not raga expert too late daddy but loner intermission turaga who emergency department Monsieur motor went little Erica them on the spot KGB cadra have a question um never natural evolution emergency lottery I do most of the time patients Adam see this patient never come on a magic critical-care people the qatari other than the I see we care the Kitab other people you have to give care P buggy the initiation of Kyoto emergency them have given the admit talk about them to him see my secret little karaoke we heard the haddock detective Boyd or stroke the poacher wouldn't say Heydrich winner discussed our equipment though we do God said never feel a boy don't give me fingerboard of my arms Adam on the department itself Adam how give a treatment on every patient outcomes magihour your promises and I'm Paula painted I know I doctor Madam's racial agree although all over the Mesozoic at the VBA I know hygienic mother for you I say – the physician myself quick acts of violence opposite my own pull other doctors as well as patients Pampulha trust a man touchable madam see but the woman it was a better money for healthier money for a Moorhen ever was a time to me i'm no my doctor doctor gave my mother gamla madam clerk I took be requested your the Lak be dinner here mistake he might hang the murderer from Grantham he became a doctor Oh Hannah territory nasi lemak dadima thanks why the impact health equation today Matangi gerald our ANOVA topic Mahmood relax again a cicada master the canary attorney Jerry


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