Emily Lott, MD – Physician Profile

I’m Dr. Emily Lott. I’m a family practice physician at Barry Point Family Care. I see a wide variety of patients. Of course your typical – as a family practice doctor – you’ll see high blood pressure and diabetes and the cold, sore throat you know, urinary tract infection – that kind of stuff. My special interest is in sports medicine so I also see a lot of patients for knee pain or shoulder pain or elbow pain y’know, whether it be an actual sports injury or just an active adult who, you know, is a weekend runner and has had some problems. So I see a lot of that stuff too. See everybody from you know basically newborn age to the age of 80 – 90 Within sports medicine I guess I like the things that I can kind of pinpoint and fix. So, you know, you have somebody who wants to lose weight and so they’ve taken up running and they all of the sudden have knee pain and like “Where’s this knee pain coming from?” “Why do I all the sudden have knee pain?” and, you know you kinda can pinpoint their problem and actually give ’em some stuff that give ’em a long term fix. So often I hear from other patients of other practices or friends or family that in order to try to get into their doctor they can’t get in because it’s gonna be weeks out in order to get in. Or their doctor’s only open from you know 1 o’clock in the afternoon til 4 o’clock in the afternoon the day that works the best for them. I think being able to get our patients in and serve them in you know, every way that we possibly can is part of what draw them in.

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