Emotional FIRST AID Kit: Ep 5 Soul Reflections: BK Shivani (English Subtitles)

Greetings and welcome to Awakening With Brahma Kumaris. Sister Shivani is with us. Welcome, sister. Om Shanti. Om Shanti and welcome to Soul Reflections. Thank you. Sister last time we were talking about information that we consume in the morning, just like the breakfast we eat. You mentioned that information leads to thoughts and thoughts lead to action. If we attend spiritual classes in the morning, is that enough? Each of us will have a certain morning schedule. If we look at peoples’ schedules, a few minutes in the morning are set aside as time for the self. Somebody does yoga, somebody meditation, somebody does Pranayam, somebody goes on a walk, somebody goes to the gym. So everyone has set aside a few minutes of the morning for themselves. It is for self-nurturing. Most of our focus is on nurturing the body which is also very important. But now we need to nurture both body and mind. Nurturing the soul and also taking care of the body. Because it is mind over matter. Energy and the body. If we take very good care of the body but do not pay attention to nurturing the soul Then every thought which the soul vibrates to the body manifests into an illness. If I exercise every day and do yoga every day, but throughout the day I live in stress If I am tensed, worried or angry – basically if my mind is not peaceful I am taking care of the body but the mind is radiating stress and disturbance to the body throughout the day. So there will be some impact on the body. Which means we need to take care of the soul apart from taking care of the body. Like you said, early morning is a very important time to do it. Because it is the beginning of the day. What do we fill in the soul in the morning? If we leave out the newspaper and for 30 minutes reading any information which is Satvik or pure Or if we fill it with Gyan or spiritual information Which is highly satvik or highly elevated When we take in God’s knowledge wisdom, after that we don’t have to make much efforts. That Gyan will start doing its work automatically. Once the Gyan goes in, it will empower the soul. The powerful soul will automatically think the right thoughts. The right thoughts will automatically create the right actions. So what we did is that for 30 minutes or 45 minutes in the morning, we filled the soul with Gyan or positive information. Now the only thing we need to take care is – we filled the self with Gyan in the morning. For the rest of the day, we should not fill a whole lot of other quality of information If we take in Gyan in the morning and the rest of the day we don’t take much of wrong information Then the 30 minutes or 45 minutes of Gyan in the morning is enough. It is like we water plants only once in the morning. We don’t water them after every hour. So if we water the plants once this morning, that takes care the whole day. Next we will need to water only tomorrow morning. But if you water them in the morning and later in the day you poured a lot of unhealthy things over the plants Or if you keep them away from sunlight. Sunlight also is needed. It is like taking Gyan in the morning but it awareness through the day is like the sunlight. We cannot keep the plant shut in a cupboard. Suppose we give it water, sunlight and even good air circulation, but if you spray something which is healthy for it Suppose you pour acid So we need to pay attention to this – we listen to Gyan and even did meditation in the morning. But we need to pay attention to the information we consume the whole day. If we took in Gyan in the morning and throughout the day we don’t consume much of unhealthy information It is fine for the Soul, that much is enough. We don’t need to do anything else. It is not that the whole day we need to meditate or study spirituality. What we study in the morning is sufficient. I used to be very attentive in my class during school days, that I could remember it even in the exams. If we concentrate and take in Gyan sincerely, we will remember the same things through our Karma, through what others say, through a newspaper message. Suppose you filled the soul with Gyan in the morning, but later on you filled it with lots of information from here and there, engaged in unhealthy conversations and gossips, and consumed impure news Then the effect of Gyan will reduce. You filled spiritual information first but later diluted it with other quality of information. For how long can we read Gyan in a day? For 30 minutes. We don’t have more time than that. Then the rest of the day we’re out into the world. So even if you fill yourself with half an hour of spiritual knowledge, it is enough. You don’t need to do anything more. But for the rest of the day don’t feed wrong information to the soul. Even when reading the newspaper and catching up on the boldfaced highlights to know what is happening But then we start thinking about it, complaining that the world is deteriorating because of Kalyug We start thinking about the news – something unfortunate happened with a 4-year-old child, or with somebody else, there is robbery and there is corruption. When will you start thinking about it? When you read too many details about it. Exactly. That is what I meant that if we take in Gyan attentively in the morning, then throughout the day points of Gyan keep occurring to the mind. Yes. But if you read 4 newspapers back to back after taking in Gyan. It will not help. Why are we focusing so much here on information? We often say – I meditated, I attended spiritual classes, I listen to Gyan regularly but I don’t know why there are no changes in me. For years we have been doing all this, going to different places, attending programs and even meditating. Whatever we do is going to benefit. But why are we not seeing the benefit? The raw material is information, followed by thinking and doing. So the raw material which I put into the process plant in the morning was of very high quality. But for the rest of the day what quality of raw material did I put in? We diluted it. Because the soul is not very powerful, negative information affects it much faster. A few days ago you had read a beautiful quotation for us. What you watch, what you read, what you listen and the conversation you engage in – everything is deciding who you are. So in the morning, I took care and filled the soul with Gyan. But for the rest of the day I read a lot of other things. We need to pay attention to information. When you are in a particular profession you need knowledge about it, so you are reading technical information pertaining to it – that is very good. Suppose you are in medical profession, it is very important that you read information pertaining to health. But if you are just reading negative information from here and there That depletes soul power. It is not at all related to our profession. It is not even related to our life. It is only about what we see here and there, or a post with someone has put up for us to read. Today we have to tell ourselves – That is depleting me. When we tell people to do a task, they say it is not their job. Why don’t we show the same intent here? Why don’t we refuse saying – It is not my job to listen to this unwanted information? It will start happening now. Now that we know the repercussions. I found a line suitable in this context, to share. You are in charge and you will decide when to encourage, when to delete and when to store each thought or emotional impulse that comes within your Orbit. Encourage, Delete or Store – three options. You have to make it clear to your mind, heart and body that you are in-charge. If you do not, then there is chaos. You are in-charge, and if you don’t take charge then there is chaos. Today we are saying – like how you share with us last time – That messages keep coming on the phone. So unwillingly I tend to read them. These words we use indicate that I am not in charge. I am not choosing. The answer it gives us – then there will be chaos. I am not responsible, I can’t do it, it’s not my fault – this is how we speak. Then there will be chaos. It said at a very powerful line – what you encourage what you delete and what you store It even said about the orbit. We had spoken about the environment. About a person who is born in a palace, are born in a poor family and so on. Orbit means your environment, your surroundings, your family, your workplace. Like a planet which rotates around its Orbit. Likewise is our Orbit which means our World. Our orbit also includes this huge world. This world has a lot of things. That line is saying – whatever comes in your Orbit, you have a choice of what to encourage, what to delete and what to store. Whether it is a thought or an emotional impulse, you have to take charge. If you do not take charge there will be chaos. So if we keep accepting – whatever is coming to us, whatever is available to us, whatever is audible to us and whatever is visible to us We are not choosing what to delete and what to store. We are not choosing what to encourage and what to remove. If we are not taking charge then there is chaos. Chaos at the levels of Mental Health, Physical health and Social health. But where do we get the wisdom needed for this? Wisdom of? Wisdom to know the difference between good and bad. To know which is the right information for me. Whatever you are telling us is what we are getting now, after all these years. We have not even studied about what to take how to take and what to leave. But don’t we know the quality of information? But we start liking such information once you start reading it. Whether it is a train or a bus, people are always seen reading a newspaper. It has become an addiction, is it not? An addiction for information. But the addiction is for what quality of information? It will have an influence and that line says – if you don’t take charge there will be chaos. Suppose today I get addicted to a certain type of food – once I get addicted there is chaos. Till I take charge again. So I will have to give up that addiction. When giving up, we will experience a little discomfort. Like you said – you tend to read even if you are unwilling. That is an addiction. If we are doing something unwillingly, and if we are uncomfortable without doing something like that If we feel uneasy, then it is an addiction. What is the effect of that addiction? That line mentions as chaos. We are seeing that chaos. Chaos in our personal life, professional life and family life. Now we need to finish this chaos. To set it right, we need to take charge. It says – which thought to encourage delete or store. We saw that it is important to start at the level of information – of what to read listen or watch. If we begin at that level, then we don’t have to make more effort at the level of thoughts. When you take a good emotional diet, you will automatically start creating the right thoughts. But when we read a lot of negative information, negative thoughts get created. Then we will have to put efforts at the level of thoughts. It is like if we are unwell, then eating something which is light helps digestion. Yes, otherwise we come to the 2nd stage. So we finally come back to the information. So at the first stage we will take care of information. 2nd stage is when thoughts start getting created. But even among those thoughts, we need to take charge of which ones to encourage, which ones to delete and which ones to store. There is a story that a child tells his father – there are two wolves that keep fighting in my mind. One is good and other is bad. So which of them will win, dad? The father replies – Whichever wolf you feed. Which means even if multiple thoughts get created in our mind, we need to use our power. We can keep thinking and introspecting on good thoughts. God teaches us to fill the soul with Gyan in the morning. And subsequently introspect and churn on the Gyan during the day. So whatever we think on will get registered on the soul. And whatever is registered on the soul will come into action through our words and behavior. So first we take Gyan, then think about it, then it gets registered, and next, it comes in action through our words and behaviour. But we have filled a lot of other information also in the soul. Because we are living in times where we say we are flooded with information. So however much we try to protect ourselves, information keeps coming from here and there. They will also influence the soul. And thoughts get created out of that information also. But even if thoughts get created out of that information, at least let us stop at that second stage now. What is the second stage? The level of thoughts – we need to work at this stage also. First is information. If we take care at that stage, a lot of work gets done there itself. But once we consume wrong information and we need to delete it, it is like cleaning a cloth that has stains. But information has already gone inside, so thoughts will get created out of it. So there are good thoughts and bad thoughts, which again need to be segregated and filtered. Yes thoughts are created. But the line says that – from among those thoughts, which thought to encourage further, which one to store and which one to delete We need to work on that at least. Because otherwise if I increase negative thoughts and keep on thinking about them continuously And suppose I even discuss the same topic with another person, and that person shares her opinion about the topic. So few more negative thoughts go on in my mind If this goes on and on, and gets stored today, they become thoughts of many days. They are not just thoughts of today. They will go on for a very long time. It means I have filled information and today I feel that negative thoughts are getting created in me. About a person or a situation or about my own self, I am getting negative thoughts today. Why are they coming? Because the soul is weak. Why is the soul weak? Because it is filled with negative information. But all that has already happened. But despite negative thoughts getting created, even at this level we can change the thoughts. This is the second level. Needs a little more effort. Doing it at the first level – protecting our cells at the level of information was a lot easier. I don’t want to read this or I don’t want to listen to this – doing this is very easy. It is not easy sister, to say that I don’t want to listen or read. Now I have the awareness. But earlier if a family member spoke to me about somebody, I would listen keenly and enquire more. But today I am able to say enough. I can tell them not to speak negative about anybody in front of me. Especially if somebody is talking negative about a husband-wife relationship, I strictly tell them that it is not good to discuss their issues. Earlier I used to very keenly listen and pass comments like – how could he do this despite being educated, he doesn’t seem like that, and so on. It was difficult. Not difficult but I had to work on it. Then why are we discussing today about filtering information? Because now we have this awareness about information. We are seeing the consequences of information. It is like – suppose I always eat junk food, then junk food was my way of living. But later when I started to eat healthy food, only then I started rejecting junk food. When I was not eating healthy food but eating only junk food – then junk food itself seemed a healthy option. That was our way of life. You feel nice also when you eat good food. Like – I feel nice when I reject negative information and tell them not to discuss such things with me. Because I felt nice that day, I started doing again and again. You get that encouragement. It means the soul started to get more healthy food and the quantity of junk food started decreasing. Next we were even able to reject junk food. If somebody is discussing negative information and at that moment you are able to firmly tell them not to do so Then you will easily be able to delete messages on WhatsApp and Facebook. I started deleting after our discussion. Can you believe it that I had 3 GB of such data? It took me so long to just delete 1 GB out of it. Earlier it was so deeply ingrained – that I should save a message as it may be helpful at some point in life. How much data would the soul have? Unlimited GB’s of data. When there is too much data in the phone, the phone starts slowing down. Yes, that is the reason I started clearing it up. Similarly when the soul has a lot of such kind of information stored But at least on the phone we see a message that memory is being consumed, delete unnecessary information. And in this case – the Gyan taken in the morning, other spiritual classes, or this program of Awakening gives us the message to delete unwanted information from the soul. So we need to do it. Even if I come to the 2nd stage Like you shared – when someone was talking to you about unwanted information and you rejected it, you protected yourself. This is very big safety that we protect ourselves. But a lot more information which we had previously heard is in the soul. It was based on our earlier sanskars, or from information gathered here and there. So quite a few negative thoughts do come during the day. But we need to stop them at that stage itself. Like how I told them – not to speak such things in front of me. If we are able to tell other people to not speak such things with us, we need to do the same thing with our own mind. One practice which often helps us is – if there is an issue about which the mind is thinking, and a lot of negative thoughts are going on continuously because of it. Exactly at that moment, feed the soul with information that is positive and good. Like how we read the Murli – which is Gyan received directly from God. Or we can read a good book. The moment when the mind is disturbed or negative thoughts are continuously coming We are going on creating negative thoughts, so we should stop it. They are created on the basis of the stored information from the past. We won’t even realize that we are creating them. We say that just coming by themselves. If we try to stop the thoughts saying – I should not think like this – it doesn’t help. The mind keeps creating thoughts. The easiest way to stop that way of thinking is to now consume a new diet for the soul. We need to do it exactly at that moment itself. One is that we listened to Gyan in the morning. But later in the day something else got triggered. Now the next class of Gyan is going to take place only the next morning. But if I start thinking right now for an entire hour How much of soul power gets depleted? And then like that line shared – it will all get stored because we are continuously creating them. So the moment we feel we have started to think negatively, at that moment read or listen to something good. Then nourishment which it gives us is – it stops the chain of continuous negative thoughts which was going on Its repetition and churning stops. Why it stops is because right now you have taken in new information. Keep reading your listening to something good. Very soon the thoughts will change. Even a child does that – if he hurt himself and is crying, if you show him a toy he gets very excited about the toy and stops crying. Even the mind starts crying like a kid. Right now the mind is hurt just like how you mentioned about a child being hurt. You mentioned the child got hurt and the child started to cry. But when you give him a toy he forgot about the hurt and also stopped crying. If you had not given him a toy then he would have cried for a very long time. And that crying reduces his strength. So you immediately healed him. You gave him a good, attractive toy. Similarly when the mind starts crying because somebody said something or because of an unpleasant past memory Or even if there was a failure at workplace, then the mind starts crying. At that moment if we think – tomorrow when I go to take Gyan or attend spiritual classes, then I will nurture myself Then the mind’s crying will go on for a very long time. We might even sleep at night carrying those thoughts. By the time we go to the class tomorrow and take in Gyan, 8 to 10 hours might have passed. It is like if somebody gets a heart attack and the doctor says he will come to see the patient after 2 days. Has to be done immediately. What we need to do is to always keep with us a good book or Godly messages. They should always be with us. It is our First Aid, very true. Like how people carry emergency medicines in their pocket It matters so much that they take the medicine at that moment. That is going to save them. So the Soul’s First Aid We should carry something like that with us at all times. We should always have with us – a good book, messages of Gyan, recording of some spiritual classes, a good cassette, a good song, or good music. We can experiment with this today. The moment the mind starts crying, don’t let it cry. At that moment start reading or listening to something good. We will experience how we will save ourselves from a lot of pain. This is what the line says to choose even at that time – what to store, what to delete and what to encourage. Even if there is a trigger, but at that moment I fill the soul with good information Then what gets stored will be different. I will be saving myself. We need to protect ourselves as we go through the day. Now I can confidently say that all these things are in my hand. Absolutely. Thank you so much. Thank you. Om Shanti. Om Shanti. Thank you.


  1. Wonderful Didi. Thank you so much for your positive conversation. All these things we need to contain in our daily lives for the betterment of our mind that controls everything around us. Many many thanks to you Didi. Om Shanti.

  2. Sister when mind is conscious I may control of the information in taking, but when mind is unconscious i have no control at that time, for eg while sleeping or when i have to wakeup in the early morning at that time i don't want to get up, so many wrong thoughts come at that time

  3. Om Shanti Didi I have learned that information plays a important role on thoughts and we should choose information wisely.

  4. Some time ago one of my friend had shared a video clip of your sayings. I liked it very much. I wished to listen more and more but somehow I didn't get time for it. Now I subscribed your YouTube channel and listen to it whenever i get time. It really helps a lot to achieve peace in life.

  5. Thanks mam before watching you I followed not to think and ordered my mind the same its been two years but you learnt me think right I used to chant I'm shanti by closing eyes but to think I am peaceful , I feel more calm and powerful. May God bless you more n more… We could be able to bring SATYUG

  6. Please create playlists of you series. Your series are very helpful for my growth.
    Thank you for such wonderful conversations. You are helping me to save my Soul.

  7. Thank you sister for sharing this knowledge… I'll surely start applying this knowledge from this moment itself. Thank you and lots of respect and love🙏.

  8. Om Shanti Didi

    Day by day
    My life is being filled with unlimited happiness….Thanks didi have a beautiful life….love u

  9. Peace is not something to achieve, it's a state of understanding… 🙏🙏🙏 ome shanti dee and sir

  10. Om santi
    Soul और बॉडी का ध्यान रखना है. शरीर के के साथ साथ हम को मन को अधा पोना घंटा अच्छा ग्यान भरना है. रोज सुबह ग्यान भजन करना है. लेकिन आत्मा की पॉवर को बड़ाने है.जो हमारे पोफफेससों से पडीए. लकिन इदार उदार की बात को नहीं सुना है. जो कुछ सुनाई देरा है. उसे हम ध्यान से पड़ना है. इन्फॉर्मेशन पर ध्यान रखा है।कौन सी बात को स्टोर करना है. कौन सी बात को रेपीट करना है. कौन सी बात डिलीट करनी है. इस बात का ध्यान रखना है. ओम शांति
    Soul मे कितना डेटा होगा. कोई बोल रहा है. मैंने कहा की मे बच सकते है. अगर कोई नेगेटिव थाउत को रोकना तो उस समय कोई नई इन्फॉर्मेशन देदो. अगर मन रोना सुरू करे तो पॉज़िटिव किताब. पड़े. कुछ अच्छी किताब पड़ना है, ओम शांति

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