EMT Instructor Becomes the Patient – UVM Medical Center

– For Pat’s entire career,
he’s been involved in training EMS providers
for the state of Vermont. There’s not a person
that rides on a rig anywhere in the
state of Vermont today that hasn’t had some
training from Pat Malone. Pat devoted his life
to training people and that training
is what saved his life. It was the last day of exams
here at UVM and that evening I had to teach a recertification class and… I remember complaining to my partner that I didn’t feel like doing it. I felt like coming home and she wanted me
to come home and I said, “Ah, I just have to get
this thing over with.” That’s all I remember, really. – He was teaching
Basic Life Support and while he was in the front
of the room, he collapsed. – Statistically, if you
have a cardiac arrest outside of the hospital,
your chances of surviving to hospital discharge
is around 12%. – He had a widow maker. He had the one that kills
you if you’re not getting good pre-hospital care and
get to a hospital quickly. – UVM Rescue came with
three crew members and I had a hand in the training
of all three of them and the Burlington Fire
Department sent Engine 3 as first responders, and
I had a role in their training and it just continued that way
right to some of the people at the cardiac rehabilitation center. – Because we’re a teaching hospital, because of the concentration
of resources that we have here, there are things that we
can do with high quality that if we didn’t have
a teaching institution, you would not be able
to get elsewhere. It’s a very integrated system. It’s a protocol, and
it can be done rapidly and that’s really the
key to high quality care at a place like UVM. – It’s made me more aware
of everything, certainly more appreciative of everything and in some respects it has
validated my life’s work. I’ve spent my professional
career working on improving the EMS system
and training the personnel that work in that system
and it was remarkable to see that it actually works. For 18 months to two
years after this event, I would be walking down a
hallway in the university or here in the hospital, and
I would run into somebody who would hug me
and just start crying and I didn’t even know.

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