Energy Healing – Quantum Touch®

Ever wonder why you intuitively know to go
for a walk by the water or go to the park when you are feeling down? That’s because
we are all vibrational beings. Everything around us is actually energy so when you go
for that walk in the forest, and in mother natures arms, mother nature is actually vibrating
at a higher vibration than you who is feeling very sad and she literally lifts you up out
of your mood into where she is. That’s called entrainment and attunement of energy. so that’s
how energy healing works. Essentially the practitioner is able to channel or hold a
very high frequency and the client comes and they are in a field within the field of the
practitioner and that promotes healing to occur. The healing actually occurs by the
client. The practitioner does no healing. that is a misconception. the field of the
attunement is what helps the person who is sick get better. So when a person is sick,
their body is out of tune. It is really simple. it is like a guitar. You are playing a guitar
and they are out of tune and when you are in the presence of a practitioner who is holding
a very high vibration, he or her is helping you to get back in tune. That’s when the healing
occurs. This is science of the entrainment and attunement. It is not something I have
made up. There are lots of scientific proof done and I have some resources listed on my
website so feel free to go check them out at Specifically, the type of energy work I do
is tera-mei seichem, very much kind of like reiki. So with reiki is the name of the
earth’s energy channel. Seichem uses all 4 elements so it also uses reiki the earth’s
channel as well as the channel of fire, water and air. So the practitioner basically runs
those energy channels and the client is exposed to those energies and the healing begins.
I also do something called Quantum Touch and Quantum Touch is almost like the laser beam
of energy healing where the practitioner through training and using breathe work and intention
we literally can pin point energy into a person’s body so for example if they have a neck pain
or their shoulder is off, we literally can put a laser beam right into that point. that’s
how Quantum Touch works. There are some misconceptions about energy work that I would like to bring
up because I hear them often . One of them is that energy work is faith healing. Whooo
hooo… no it is not. Faith healing is where you call on some deity, some god, Jesus, Moses,
Vishnu and we pray to them and they do all the healing and you do nothing, you just wait
and hope to god that the healing happens. That is not how energy healing works. I already
explained that entrainment and attunement of the energy where the energy brings you
up to that level is how it works. Another misconception is it must be done on a massage
table and in a quiet room. No, this is not a massage and you do not need a quiet room.
You can do it at a StarBucks, you can do it in a restaurant, as a matter of fact I have
done it at a very busy StarBucks. As long as the practitioner is able to hold their
vibrational frequency and maintain it, the healing will occur. Another misconception
is it must be hands on. The person must be touching someone. No, no, no. That is not
true. As I said when you are holding energy, you are creating a field, you are creating
space for that person. The healing will occur whether you hands are on that person or not
on that person. Some people like some practitioners, some clients like to have someone’s hands
on their shoulder or what not, it feels good. ok. Sure. Some people don’t want to be touch
maybe they are going through some sexual abuse issues they are dealing with and they don’t
want to be touched so either way works perfectly fine. They both are potent. If What I just
explained to you about energy work resonates with you or you have tried many forms of traditional
methods of healing and they didn’t seem to work, or you are actually doing traditional
methods of healing and you want to complement it with alternative health, please please
do call me and I would love to support you and be blessed with being able to work with
you and how we can improve your life overall. So thank you and love and peace.

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