(ENG SUB)100명이 단체로 구상싸움을 했더니ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Your first game Team first aid kit showdown! I’ll explain how. Obtain a “First Aid Kit” and gather in a circular arena to battle. Fight first aid kit against the stadium walls You can eat it while eating first aid kit. character! Come on in 100 people are full So let’s start the first game. character! I’ll start in 7 minutes! There’s a lot of time, so come get a first aid kit. Frame drop frame… You usually use a computer Did you just use it to watch videos? Don’t use your computer to watch videos, use them elsewhere! Your computer must play high-end games! You only use computers to watch videos too! Can you do that? character! Run fast ~ 20 seconds Come in soon! Prepare No time I’ll count! 9 8 7 6 5 4,3 2 One Let’s start! (Reducing blue zone) Go ~ Damage enters! Now start dying! The bodies roll down Who will be the final winner! I’m holding well! 72 people! It’s going to be 65 Who is the best first-aid kit match? 60 people I’m holding up ~ 44 people … 37 people! Who will go first? Frame 8 comes out! What is this! 29 people! Wow ~ Hold on! From now on it is a parent group! 20 people! I can’t give it to 20 people! OH !!! 16 people now! I’m holding well! 14 people! Will it be the final ten? TOP 10? !! 11 people! 10 people !! TOP 10 !! 9 persons little bit more! 8 people ~ It has survived so far! 7 people, 6 people !! We are holding well! Sticks. 4 people TOP 3 !! finals!! 33, 22 The two HPs are different. Aha ~~ 27th ~ First Aid Box Final Win! Subscribe and Like! Congratulations!


  1. 이 분 웃는소리하고, "어허" 하는게 유튜버 "박가네"님하고 똑같네…누가 따라한거지?

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