[ENG SUB]The cute doctor’s dance?! Why she can always be so cute?!🔥Dr. Cutie🔥(2020)Ep15!!萌醫甜妻15


  1. Oh my god.
    Cutie is so absolutely adorable and General… if he would know what Zheng already knows… 😎😎😎

  2. Understandable that the general is angry on one hand he is concerned for his younger brother 's reputation and the issue both are gays
    Tian qi , on her side wanted to prove to the general she is a normal male

  3. Esse general é insuportável!!! Ele a tem como uma escrava, nojo dele.Gosto dela com o marquês.

  4. I love how the younger brother accepts her the way she is and behaves and doesn’t put her down he just enjoys being with her
    The General has to consider more important matters like protocol and public opinion

  5. Omg!! This clip is so funny I’m sure I’ve watched it 10 times 😂😂😂😂 All of the actors are perfect in this drama
    I wish the younger brother had a love interest Hess too adorable, the 3 of them have great chemistry
    Also the older supporting cast is awesome Mr Shen Dr Ding all wonderful often they are overlooked but a very important part of the drama 👍👍

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