*ENGLISH英文版* Comparing American Health Care Versus Taiwanese Health Care 比較美國跟台灣的醫療

hi my name is Brian I live in Taiwan and I've lived here for 10 years and I wanted to share some experience that I have had with the Taiwanese healthcare system after seeing a post and an article about the healthcare system and an experience of a fellow foreigner here after having to go to the emergency room now I have a link below in the description and all of the the costs that I have down I will put in the description as well so you can check down there now Tong Tong tywanda cuento organ dementia was a boost to get what make what the pioneer oak had any wait Hammond saw the gene Maclaurin to it Hammond Jim bought habibu money that's a pool cannon to her right yeah you see it's a champion does it take Kaiser to go to the K like okay you're kinda rewards way jung-in whatever equation that suitable okay types for Tuhoe – oh okay that guy okay no sorry had to talk to all of my viewers in Taiwan real quick so when I when I saw that article Michelle my experiences with the healthcare system so that maybe someone in the US who can make it change will see this and do something finally so let me start with an experience that happened to me recently happened last year in September someone very very close to me that I have known for eight years had an experience where all of a sudden one day their hearing just was was completely off in one ear and they had some tinnitus ringing in the ear and it was just out of nowhere one morning woke up and couldn't hear a thing so they went to the hospital and the doctors couldn't figure out what it was they have no idea they ran loads of tests and and the hit whole hearing problem was it was completely a mystery to them so they didn't know what to do so um what happened was they ended up running a lot of tests like I said and and and that person had to stay in the hospital for about a week or so and the whole thing the whole stay in the hospital ended up only costing them 7,000 NT dollars which is about two hundred and thirty dollars or so us that's for staying in the hospital for a week now it gets a little bit more interesting so since it was a head problem they did an MRI and the MRI would have cost in the US according to money calm around two thousand six hundred and eleven dollars that's the average in the USA but ish here in Taiwan it costs eleven thousand seven hundred almost $12,000 NT new Taiwan dollars which means about four hundred dollars u.s. however because of national health care it was completely free health care paid for everything that would never happen in the States it's it's absolutely ridiculous how much more expensive it is and even though the results came back in and there was no specific finding it was still completely covered by health care now I'm gonna I have other other examples I don't know the cost of all of the things isn't like I said I've lived in Taiwan for ten years so I haven't really been able to see or experience the US health care system I don't regret that about so I'm gonna hear some other examples for example once I cut my hand while it was changing a light and I severed a ligament or a tendon I can't remember which it was but I couldn't move the ring finger on my left hand I'd show you but it's holding my phone so um in the US I don't know what that kind of a surgery would cost I get ended up getting surgery from a plastic surgeon in the best Hospital in Taiwan mmm the National National Taiwan University Hospital and it costs just under five hundred dollars u.s. because I didn't have insurer at the time because I was between jobs however as soon as I got my new job I applied for reimbursement with national health insurance and they gave me back four hundred of those five hundred dollars so it cost me a hundred bucks to have a plastic surgeon at the best Hospital in the country fixed my ligament and then resew up my finger and you can barely see the scar now it's amazing another thing that I've started doing since I've been here was going to see a psychiatrist and for my specific mix of meta medicine which is anti-anxiety two kinds I have effexor and xanax and then a sleeping medicine that I take it cost me about $20 for one month of meds and to see the doctor that that includes like the copay to see him I'm not sure what that would be in the states but I'm pretty sure it would be at least about 24 the copay and for vision in the US you have to see the doctor to get your prescription and after that you also have to go and get your glasses in Taiwan you actually do not need a prescription to get glasses or contacts you can just go to any demolish Astoria I store in there any glasses store or contact store and they have contacts for about a month supply of contacts like by weeklies you can get for about ten bucks and and if you do need something special like if you have a stigmatism and you need to go see an ophthalmologist for that then you can go see the doctor for the five dollar copay that's what pretty much everything is here and after that you can take the the specifics that they haven't take it to a glasses store that they'll fill your prescription that the doctor gives you or they'll they'll give you what you need for whatever that is but it would probably still again for contact me about ten bucks and maybe classes about well you can get glasses for under $50 here really easily as far as dental in the states I know that to get a cavity filled with out insurance is about a hundred dollars or so I don't know what a cleaning is but I also know that in the States a crown is around six hundred dollars I haven't to crown here before but in Taiwan for $5 u.s. you can get free teeth cleaning 2 times a year as well as fill as many cavities as you have some doctors put a limit on how much because they they have to have so many appointments in a day or not they have to but I guess they want to have the ability to see more patients in a day so maybe you can get a teeth cleaning in two cavities filled and then they'll tell you to come the next day but if you're going for your regular six-month checkups then you shouldn't have that many cavities hopefully so it's actually pretty understandable another thing is when I moved to Taiwan my foot was broken I broke my metatarsal on my left foot the the pinky toe and it's called the Jones fracture and it takes forever to heal but I don't know what it would be to see an orthopedic doctor in America but I would see the orthopedic doctor get my x-rays and get my pain meds which were not opioids because in Taiwan they don't really give opioids because they don't want an opioid crisis like we have in the United States but I would do all of that for $20 after I got my insurance but before when I didn't have insurance it was only $30 so it's really not that big of a deal like for 30 bucks you get x-rays medicine and then the doctor gives you their prognosis so it's quite quite good following that pretty much those are my personal experiences other than that though if you have a cold or if you have a stomachache if you have a flu really any other thing you would go to see the doctor for runny nose allergies whatever it's just five dollars for the copay that's it now $5.00 NT is about a one-hour salary for minimum wage I think that's the minimum wage here and while the that may seem like a lot it makes it so that anyone King can easily see a doctor whenever they need to so I just like to say that while the Taiwanese health insurance agency is losing money yearly mainly because some people abuse how easy it is to go see a doctor knowing that you can get affordable health care if something terrible happens or just if you're feeling sick and you have to be at work it gives you so much more peace of mind then having to avoid seeing doctors and trying a whole bunch of crazy home remedies like we do in the States and and why do we have to do that it's all because our government doesn't think that we're worth it to maintain as an investment and it's ridiculous health care should not be private it shouldn't be something that is solely a means for pharmaceutical companies and hospitals and insurance providers to get rich it should be a human right all of us deserve to be healthy and to be taking care of like this while those people I mentioned above those companies and individuals their their skills and abilities are invaluable to us as a society they shouldn't be able to leverage it to shake us down for for any kind of personal gain well not any kind of they should be able to make money I'm not I'm not going to downplay that but they shouldn't be able to you know make people go into bankruptcy just because they can't afford it so I just wanted to say finally please America take a lesson from Taiwan and and most if not all developed countries in the world step up and take care of your country and take care of your citizens if we don't do something about this more and more people like me are going to hear the call of those other developed countries and find it harder and harder to resist them and when that happens they're going to leave our country and follow their own American dream so I hope that someone sees this and I hope that this gets shared but let me know below if you have any opinions and like I said I'm in the description I'm going to add estimated prices of what I have mentioned in the video so you can check down there and I'm going to put a link to the the article that made me want to pose this in the description too hopefully this can do some good thanks

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  1. I totally agree with you! I just moved back to Taiwan last month after living in Michigan for 20 years. Health care is one of the reasons I decided to move back, of course the beautiful sceneries and great transportations do play important roles on my decision making. I did my eye surgery and kidney stones ESWL in Michigan. Even I had very good Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance, they still cost me a few thousands dollars total. In the states, they charge EVERYTHING! Even with copayment, I still paid a lot. Last year I checked one of the urologists in Taipei, he told me in Taiwan, the kidney stones ESWL just costs 20 USD copay including the shockwave surgery! I don’t get why we can not have the same health care system like Taiwan? I have seen both doctors in US and Taiwan. The quality are the same, in some cases, like ESWL machine, it’s much advanced in Taiwan.
    Like your video, Brian. I hope Americans who have never owned a passport before can watch your video! Healthcare for all!

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