English Language – Listen – Learn – Laugh – Late and Live – 1st August 2018 – social media

right but no it gets better right listen
to this this is from Duncan okay on a
sticky Friday night everything will be all right
with Peter Simon being fantastic and Caroline minus her support elastic
so many watches at a good price thats the value of constantin weisz oh duncs duncs i love you who was that guy who was it I don’t know
who that was what is he doing on my live stream I have no idea oh it looks as
if we are live again on YouTube oh my goodness I can’t believe it it’s
incredible we’re all here together again on the Internet hi everybody this is mr.
Duncan in England how are you today are you okay
I hope so are you happy well are you happy are you come on be
happy life is short be happy and enjoy every moment of this
thing we call life so here we go it’s a Wednesday it is the first of August
first of all pinch pinch punch it’s a new month do you ever do that do you
ever go up to someone and you pinch punch it’s a new month some people do it
some people don’t it is the first of August a very
important month for me I’m sorry yes I am being very self-indulgent I am going
to talk about myself for a moment I do apologise for that but August sees my
birthday yes on the 12th of August it will be my birthday and I can’t wait to
find out what you have bought for me what are you going to buy for me are you
going to buy something nice for me I hope so for those who don’t know what
this is this is a live English stream yes it is
now seven minutes can you see over there seven minutes past ten o’clock at night
here in the UK all of my neighbours are now asleep in bed but I am here live on
the internet just for you I hope you are well and I hope your week has been good
so far this
is the country that brought you the Spice Girls the x-factor and love island
you’re welcome it’s mr. Duncan on a Wednesday night I hope you are okay
first of all let’s have a look at some of the scenery because I know a lot of
people love to see the scenery so let’s have a little now around where I live
well let’s have a look at tonight first of all so here we can see the view from
my studio taken earlier tonight a beautiful evening the Sun has returned
everyone yes I’m feeling very pleased because we had some rain at the weekend
but now the Sun has returned and it looks as if this week we are going to
have some of the highest temperatures ever recorded on the planet have you
heard this apparently it’s going to get hotter this week than it ever has in the
history of recorded weather yes it’s true I’m not joking
that’s so apparently they have the the highest earth temperature last week I
think I can’t remember exactly what it was I think it was about 37 37 degrees I
think was the highest now I think what they do is they average the temperature
so I believe it is actually the mean temperature so yes it looks as if we’re
going to have even hotter temperatures high temperatures across Europe this
week so it looks as if it’s going to get very hot here just when you thought that
the worst of the heat had gone there’s even more coming so across Europe this
week it’s going to be in the 40s maybe 40 41 degrees in certain parts of Europe
such as Spain and Italy so around there it’s going to be really really hot
meanwhile here in England it’s going to be okay it’s not going to be very hot
but it’s going to be quite pleasant anyway and I’m hoping that next week the
weather will be okay because mr. Steve and myself we are having a little break
so there won’t be a live English stream next Wednesday so we won’t be on next
Wednesday but we will be with you on Sunday and a couple of our friends are
coming to look after the house whilst we’re away so maybe they will do a live
stream instead of mr. Steve and myself so you might see some strange faces on
my live stream next week so I will leave all with all of the equipment it will
all be ready just in case they want to do a live stream so we are off for a few
days so I will be here on Sunday so this Sunday I will be here and so will Steve
next Wednesday I won’t be here and then of course the following Sunday the 12th
of August I will be here with my normal Sunday live stream and it will also be
my birthday as well so Sunday the 12th of August write it down in your diary
mr. Duncan’s birthday live stream so I hope that has cleared that up for those
who won’t sure what is going on some questions to ask tonight I would like to
ask some questions here’s a good question do you ever use social media
sites and if you do which social media sites do you use and why do you use them
why do you like that all those particular websites for example you
might use Twitter a lot of people like to use Twitter there is one
certain person who who really does enjoy using Twitter I think you know who I’m
on about I think you know who I mean and also maybe you use Facebook I know I
do I use Facebook or maybe you use one of your own websites that are available
in your own country because I know for a fact there are lots of social media
sites in other countries as well so not just the big ones so not just the big
websites there are lots of others as well so when you go on the Internet
when you socialize with other people on the Internet which sites do you use and
I don’t know if you’ve heard today but Facebook and Instagram are going to
start discouraging people from using their websites for a long period of time
I know it sounds strange but it’s true so what they are going to do they are
going to stop you from looking at their websites for too long so maybe if you
spend an hour or two hours looking at Facebook I think a message will come up
on the screen to say you have been looking at this site for a very long
time please take a rest so it looks as if that’s what’s going to happen because
it would appear that quite a few people are now addicted to social media they
can’t stay away from their mobile phones or their internet connections on their
laptops and tablets so it would appear that lots of people are addicted to
social media what about you what social media or which social media sites do you
use we have a little contest coming up tonight there is no prize but we do have
a little contest a little thing to pick your brains with it is our mystery
object I did show you this on Sunday so this is the thing that
we showed you on Sunday and we had some guesses but the mystery object actually
has two things two parts so here is the part that I showed you on Sunday let’s
say there it is so that is tonight’s mystery object but
what is it what is it it looks like a blue banana but it isn’t its it has
nothing to do with bananas and there is another part as well but I will show you
that later when mr. Steve joins us yes of course it wouldn’t be a livestream
without mr. Steve did he get colder in here or is it just me I think it’s just
you mr. Steve I think it’s just you yes we are late in live on a Wednesday night
it’s a brand new month it’s August yes August is here and it feels as if the
year is going by so quickly where has the Year gone I can’t believe we are
already into the eighth month of the year and already the days are getting
shorter already I can’t believe it so already it is getting dark earlier
winter is not very far away and you know what happens in winter you know which
particular season arrives in winter no don’t say it please don’t say it don’t
say but you know what I’m thinking it starts with C it starts with the letter
C no not that word how dare you let’s have a look at the live chat here is the
live chat yes we are on and just to prove it the
there are some people on the live chat let’s see who is first because I don’t
know Francisco oh hello Francisco you are first on the
live chat well done and congratulations I think I think that deserves a round of
applause I really do so can I can we just send Francisco a round of applause
for being first on the live chat well done well done Francisco also in second
place Shirin hello Shirin nice to see you alice is
here as well hello and here you come yes I’m here
everyone it’s true Tomic hi there to you alice is here
epic sadness Oh epic sadness why are you sad don’t be sad now I’m feeling a
little bit sad this week for one reason I will tell you more about it later on
but you may have seen it at the start of today’s live streams something a little
sad to report Pedro oh hello Pedro guess what I have found your video do you
remember the video that you posted to me I have found it I’m going to ask you now
Pedro would you like me to play it a little bit later on so if you give me
permission to play the first video that you sent to me feel free please say yes
mr. Duncan you can play it I men or a men is here is there any tea cake no not
today I’m not going to eat anything because I’ve been I’ve been told off mr.
Steve got very angry with me he said Duncan you should not you should
not eat during the livestream it’s very rude so tonight I’m not going to eat
anything I promise Joe says go ahead speak about yourself
this is your class oh thank you very much but I don’t want to be too
self-indulgent that’s a great word if you are self-indulgent it means you talk
about yourself or you always focus on your own habits or your own life or your
own interests you never take interest in other people’s things
you are very self-indulgent Matias is here
hello Matias I haven’t seen you before this is my first time here well if it is
your first time please let me know so Matias well done and I think that
deserves a round of applause welcome Matty yes to the live chat Alessandro is
here nice to see you as well Jamelia Jamelia Jamelia loves my t-shirt thank
you very much nikolay says hello from russia a big privat to you in Moscow
Rosa hello there in Brazil after 70 days without rain and very dry weather
finally it is raining and it is cold well that’s good news I’m glad to hear
you’ve got some rain and I hope I hope it solves all of the dryness and the
drought that you are experiencing there at the moment
hello if your body says Anna Tomic yes Tomic you are right little chirpy my
little cricket he died on Monday Monday morning he
passed away he is no more little chirpy as gone it’s very sad happy birthday
from now thank you I’m N it is my birthday on the 12th of August
on the 12th X is here hello Alex thank you for
rejoining thank you for coming back again
hello mr. Duncan from Italy MS Fairy is here wow I must say there are a lot of
people on the live chat tonight a lot of people indeed Nikolaj Facebook and also
contract I think that’s how you or contact oh I think I see it looks like
the word or sounds like the word contact contact apparently that is a very
Russian a very popular Russian social media site ah
now I must be honest I must be honest I’ve never heard of that before
so thank you for letting me know about that Nicolai thank you very much
I am AG D says I am using YouTube well I should think so because that’s where I
am right now I’m on YouTube broadcasting live to the
world Luis hello Luis mr. Duncan and
classmates nice to be with you again it’s nice to have you here Luis nice to
have you Rosa says is the Russian social media more secure than Facebook I’m not
sure maybe Nicolai can answer that question
Arwa says hello mr. Duncan it’s been a long time that I haven’t seen your
videos and now I have returned I am back Thank You ara ara Hadi you are welcome
and it’s nice to see you back here you know what I think your return deserves a
round of applause thank you r’ragh for saying hello amen
or Amen says I only use YouTube and Facebook honestly because I don’t know
how to use the other types of social media there are other other types of
social media such as Twitter also there is another one called LinkedIn LinkedIn
is a very popular type of site social media site normally used by people who
are looking for work or professional people who wish to talk about or show
their CVs Pedro Belmont has guessed that the
mystery object is a sex toy Pedro how could you
hi mr. Duncan I’m do Oh Nia and I’m from Algeria and in Algeria we speak English
in French and I want to learn English very well just like the people in the
USA e well you’ve come to the right place because I’ve been teaching English
for over 11 years on YouTube yes Pedro you remember oh ok I will show
the video that you sent to me a little bit later on hi teacher I’m
late but I am watching in Brazil hello to Brazil LF Fernandes I have a feeling
that we have a lot of people on the live chat tonight so many people are here Wow
thank you very much for joining me all of you we will return to the live chat a
little bit later on because now we are going to do something else we are going
to have a look at one of my English lessons don’t forget there are lots of
English lessons on my youtube channel over 500 are available and all of the
video playlists are under this video so in the description the description
underneath this video you can find all of my playlists so we are now going to
have a look at one of my lessons this is an excerpt from one of my full English
lessons this is taken from full English number 12 and then after that we will be
joined by mr. Steve we often use the phrase easier said than done when
discussing a possible venture or goal it would appear that it is easier to say
something that actually do it but why is that I’m sure you have done it in the
past I know I have we come up with a big plan or idea that we intend to do at
some point but sadly it never comes to fruition the word fruition means be made
real or completed it would appear that it is much easier to say you’ll do
something than to actually do it the effort needed to start doing something
is immense the two things you really need are determination and motivation
you must be determined and motivated to be determined is the feeling of being
resolute and strong-willed motivation is the force that pushes you into doing
something to feel motivated is to be encouraged and spurred on the driving
force that gets you to your goal is motivation without determination and
motivation it would appear to be true that some things are easier said than
done as you know I love receiving your
comments and questions and today I would like to answer another one of your
questions this question comes from Xavier who lives in Spain and asks what
are the differences between the words across and through both of these words
relate to movement to move across means to move from one side to another as a
preposition across shows the position of movement she ran across the street as an
adverb a cross can be used as an expression of measurement in length
the bridge is 100 feet across the word cross can also show position he lived
across the road from me a cross word answer that reads horizontally is
defined as being across the word through means to move in and
out of something for example if you go into a forest and come out the other
side then you have gone through the forest
so through describes the action of moving among something to move forwards
among trees means you are moving through the trees as you move you pass things to
move through a forest or through bushes or through a crowd of people you can
move through something such as a doorway to step from one side to another is to
move through to go through or fall through to look from one side of
something out to another is look through he looked through the window to see if
anyone was at home to make a hole in something means that you go through or
you have gone through to inspect or study something in part or whole is to
go through I need to go through these essays and check them for mistakes to be
through means to finish or end something the thing in question is finished and
over I’m going to tell my girlfriend that we are through in a contest the
word through means to be chosen for the next round or heat mr. Duncan you have
made it through to the final so a cross relates to direction while through tends
to relate to movement and objects thank you for your question Xavier and if you
have a question for me to answer then please feel free to drop me a line at my
email address doop doop doop dude there it was one of
my full English lessons and there are plenty of other English
lessons available on my youtube channel yes it is a Wednesday night and we are
late and live across the whole planet and
apparently this week it’s going to get very very hot can you see who’s next to
me yes he’s getting very excited here he is again it’s mr. Steve hello hello
everybody I’m excited a mr. don’t be an OG oh okay well I just gotta catch my
breath catch my breath what excited you okay I thought I was going to have to
phone an ambulance then no I’m just oh I just need to a car myself down a bit
mister don’t I’ve been all getting all excited waiting to come on okay say
hello to everybody how are you mr. Duncan I’m not too bad
thank you very much although we had a very sad start to the week a moment of sadness I don’t want to bring everything
down but yes this week we we’ve had some sad news this week didn’t we Steve yes
we did little little chirpy there’s chirpy
can you see chirpy chirpy the cricket chirp II the cricket is no more sadly
mr. Steve you you found chirpy dead on Monday morning I came down on Monday
morning to eat my breakfast and I could hear no chirping and I went over to have
a look and he was sitting motionless in the bottom of the container that has
been his entire world a small little plastic container for chirpy that’s
where he’s lived for the last six weeks man and boy as we say he hasn’t known
anything outside a small 6 inch plastic box with holes in it like a you know now
we’re going to get complaints about keeping keeping the cricket in a small
box but it was sad we were sad but there is a bit of a story though because the
reason why we had chirpy in the first place is because
we are taking care of some big spiders and you have to feed the crickets to the
spiders but we didn’t want to feed chirpy so we kept chirpy now he kept him
right to the end and became attached we actually became emotionally attached
emotionally to a cricket emotionally attached to our little friend because he
was the only one that was making the the cricket sound yes it was the only male
he was the only male it’s only the males isn’t it that make thee that make the
other the chirping sound and he was used to do this little dance didn t dance on
top of the the egg box inside the container used to dance around and do
his little chirping noise and it was lovely mr. Duncan says dance around and
I say down stance dance stance just the same word but
pronounced slightly differently because I’m posh and mr. Duncan he’s common no
no you can pronounce it either way it’s all about the Americans who pronounce
it’s all about the accent dance yes but the important thing is poor chirpy has
died hmm and we were actually I was actually tea I actually had tears in my
eyes I don’t know why how can you get emotionally upset over a cricket but we
did and we we asked ourselves what would have been better for the cricket would
it mean better that he died as he did of old age in a plastic container and never
knew the real world or would it have been better had we fed him to the
spiders and thus he could have had some use in his life but anyway he died of
old age or disease we don’t know what he does I can think of more useful things
to do in your life though being than being food for a giant spider which is
interesting considering I’ve got some poetry down here which we were going to
read out on Sunday but we ran out of time so let us just
left before we carry on I just want to if I may you don’t mean a minute silence
for sure we are going to have a moment silence not a minute that’s too long
does a minute has five seconds okay a silence while we remember you’re kind
of ruining the moment by the way here is a brief moment of reflection as we
remember chirpy little chirpy will miss you it’s Wednesday night the first of August
and we are having a holiday soon we’ve been working so hard this year Steve’s
been working hard he’s been doing two jobs I’ve been doing half a job and we
are so tired aren’t we well I actually I feel better today oh okay
you’ve been tired every day for about the last two weeks okay we don’t need
the holiday then cancel the holiday we’re not going on holiday Mia mr.
Duncan needs I keep telling mr. Duncan he doesn’t do
any doesn’t do enough exercise here we go so I want you to tell mr. Duncan he
does he goes all day just sitting here preparing lessons and things just
sitting down all day and just get any exercise and that’s why you are feeling
tired all the time what’s wrong with you you’ve gone blue
just cold in here this is the mystery object the mystery object this is the
mystery object this is the strange thing that we showed Pedro Pedro has already
said they he thinks it’s something that the grown-up ladies and men use but it’s
not that but it looks like a blue but colorist art well but I can imagine
people thinking yes but it’s not it’s not what you think okay
out there it is something completely different from what you’re thinking
because I’m psychic you might not realize that but I am
actually I thank you waving this thing you’re owned I am psychic and I hope I
know what you’re thinking out there can I just have we had anybody ever we had
any guesses yet well someone said a banana cover a banana cover well that’s
very clever that was on Sunday any more today because you feel the weight of
that I just see you could use it like a cosh if you were going robbing you to
bang someone over the head couldn’t you please please please don’t bang me over
the head let’s put that down it’s it’s it’s a
disturbing to hand off it can I can I hit you with it go on then
Oh God that actually hurts yes actually you could use that as a weapon I know
when when you fuck a policeman with a Aswini gosh wait
yeah something you bashed somebody over the head with – no it’s cosh I don’t
think anyone says that anymore I think they do is it is it 1928
I think everyone says cosh I probably do gosh but there’s another part to this
isn’t the mr. Newman have you showed the other Islam there’s another part I don’t
think this is going to get any better by the way because the other part looks
even worse than that than the first part so there are two parts to the mystery
object here is we won’t show it yet because I’ve promised Pedro that I will
show his video and this is the first video that Pedro sent to us so I thought
it would be fun just just to have a quick look so here is Pedro saying hello
to everyone you know the word or the English is a fun and exciting place to
be I am so happy you could join me for
another lesson hi how are you how are you today are you happy are you good
I hope so and the white now I send a kiss for you and I wish a great day with
happiness and peace in your life Thank You Pedro that is the message that you
sent I think it was last year a long time ago and you asked me where it was
and and I looked for it and I found it so I hope I hope that’s helped you to
remember the message that you sent because I have a feeling that you lost
it so there it was I hope you enjoyed that and we like having videos from and
messages of course because I love the live chat so is mr. Duncan and we’ve had
a lot of videos haven’t wait it’s increasing we’ve had more and more
videos from at that lovely video from the the school that went on the
yes to Chevalier Ireland yes in turn in Turkey and we’ve had we had another one
for your birthday no but for the second anniversary of the
live stream in Philly we’ll get will you please send some video messages for mr.
Duncan’s birthday help mr. day no it’s all right we’re back we’re back carry on
that was a right until you shouted at me it must have been that bash on the head
if you realize in 10 years time I’m going to be completely deaf in this ear
for it from standing next to Steve shouting in my ear all the time I can’t
help it I get excited sometimes I will have to get compensation from YouTube I
think so hey the live chat i chat oh there it is quick where did that mrs.
Duncan I’m getting more excited about the live chat just just calm down a
second I think you’ve taken too many of your pills
Steve’s taken too many of his pills today Allie Allie aimer
hello dunk hello mr. steve long time no see oh I
recognize Allie aimer welcome back yes let’s just have a look hello Duncan
mr. Steve long time no see I just wanted to wave to you and say a huge thanks for
your exciting and stunning efforts teaching and giving away the English
language indeed big amen fat in thank you very much for saying hello I just
felt something was missing when you are together the lessons are fun yes because
we feed we sort of feed off each other don’t we so to speak
I’m trying to where does it say that oh you bet it did you vote you let it drop
it’s just there we go that’s how I say Oh amen amen fatten oh I see I just felt
something is missing when you are together Oh something is I mean when the
two of is it together yes something is missing yes so so this is not as good
basically amen is saying it’s better and I’m here which of course is
understandable thank you very much Matias from Germany there we go that
matter yes is there much Mulla Mulla do you
make you’re not part of the the family that make those famous yogurts are you
I’m still not sure if if Amen is making a compliment there I can’t I can’t
actually tell Mary but I think what do men is saying is that you are very good
of course you are excellent on your own okay but when I’m here it just gets
better yes but but I don’t think that’s what
they said they seem to say that when it’s not so much fun or it’s not not as
good when we are together I don’t know oh all right well I hope not
oh look um or mim-mim I said you remind me of the Muppets you
remind me of Bert and Ernie oh thank you very much for that III I should get my
rubber duck hello Tomic hello Jeff because blah because let me just I’m
trying to say something you okay I want a bit of a high tonight what’s happened
to you yes Bert and Ernie are actually characters from the Muppets and I think
it’s Ernie Ernie likes to play with his rubber duck Oh
which is funny because I also have a rubber duck that I enjoy playing with
hmm oh yes you have got a rubber duck I can’t find it I thought it was here but
I think I’ve I think I’ve put it away somewhere safe I can always rely on Jeff
to get a use of the word set in and he has said that he said that I’m upset oh
I see very clever mr. Steve get all upset when he’s on the camera I’m not
sure if you get upset I was getting upset over over over Sparky I wanted to
call him but what was his name forgot his name
horrid he is therapy he’s only been dead for two James me he’s been dead for two
days I’m over it now and you’ve forgotten his name already I’m over it
now Rosa says go to the beach where you can walk and do some exercises yes well
we’re hoping to to grab some time on the coast by the sea
Nicolay vulgar in asks a very interesting
in there mr. Duncan how did you decide to become a teacher how did you get that
it is your true passion well teaching is something that I did a few years ago in
my other job I’ve done lots of different jobs I don’t want to bore everyone with
my life story but I’ve done lots of different jobs in my life and one of
them were sales and I also did sales training as well training people how to
sell and I quite enjoyed that aspect and by that I mean the teaching part and
then teaching was something that I thought I would like to get into and to
cut a long story short I went to China I did some teaching there stayed there for
over four years came back to the UK I had already started my YouTube channel
and then I came back to the UK after staying in China for a long time I came
back here and carried on making my videos and then YouTube said Mr Duncan
we like your videos how would you like to be a YouTube partner and that was
many years ago so now I’ve been doing this for over eleven years so this year
is my twelfth year on YouTube so but you sort of discovered that you’ll enjoy
doing it I think I think teaching is is a bit like performing I think when you
stand in front of a class or if you stand in front of a camera teaching it
is a kind of performance so so the way I act here is exactly the same way as I
would act in the classroom and that’s one of the things that happened whilst I
was in China I really did enjoy teaching I enjoyed the interaction with with
between myself and the students so it was something that really was fun and a
lot of people got to know my my teaching method because people used to come to
the school where I worked and they would ask me to go to their school and help
them so in the end I was doing all sorts of things and even I even appeared on
television in the end so the local television station would use me
as well so yes it was quite a wild ride you just loved teaching English so stop
doing it so loves to do so you just go back sorry what little on the live chat
I saw an interesting comment and it’s sort of it
that’s a revolve is the wrong word yes rather says what accent should I learn
British or American well the answer is it doesn’t really matter it doesn’t
really matter no so it’s really your choice if you like the American accent
then you can go that way if you like the British accent you can go that way but
most people end their learning by having an accent
which is kind of in between so because of the influence nowadays of American
English and British English you might find that you will learn things from
both and then the accent that you you actually develop is kind of a mix
between the two so that is something that I noticed when I was teaching
English in China so they would kind of have a mixture of British English and
American English it wouldn’t be one or the other and of course depending on
which country you’re living in any way you will have a slight accent so it is
very difficult to remove your accent completely you can’t completely lose
your accent it will always be there even if it’s only slight and you will also
have an accent related to the country that you’ve grow up so if you’re Spanish
or French or German you will always tend to learn English with certain accent to
it anyway which unless you study it I’m going to live in a in America or England
for a long time you will always have certain a certain accent but that’s
absolutely fine long as we can understand you it doesn’t matter yeah so
so depending on where you are in the world there will be some sort of accent
in your English speaking so when you speak English when you
use English there will be some sort of accent because based on your native
language certain phrases or or letters or vowels that we use you may have them
in yours and we don’t have them or vice versa so there will be problems like if
we are trying to learn French or German we want a French person or German person
will always be able to tell that we’re British because we will never be able to
get it perfect it’s impossible unless you’ve lived in a country for many many
years or maybe grown up as a child but it doesn’t matter British or American
English it doesn’t matter obviously we would say British accent is best what
we’re not really saying that well well my accent even I have an accent yes
people say I don’t have an accent but two people in this country III do
have an accent you have an accent I’ve got okay the only thing is with I mean I
know we’re biased and I’ve said this before but American accents can be
polarizing for people what I mean by that is is the British accent nobody
hates the British accent or dislikes it it’s sort of it’s just an accent but
America if you’ve got an American accent people a lot of people don’t like the
American accent hmm whereas you won’t hear anybody saying I don’t like the
British accent so much and certainly the American accent can be very sad and
whack there any block and annoy a lot of people you know it can be a bit grating
on the ears that was annoying me exactly but of course in this particular
climate is well political climate the American accent has become unfavorable
in certain places or countries so there are people now actually travelling from
the United States and when they go to another country they actually pretend to
be Canadian so people don’t don’t know that they’re actually American from the
USA they actually pretend to be Canadian what’s wrong
inglis a vida more Clemson oh just that’s it there we go yes it says mr.
Duncan I saw a video of yours on Chinese television yes where how yes that must
be the one on YouTube alright okay I’ve been singing the
Chinese song there is there is actually a video on my youtube channel of me in
China on Chinese TV singing in front of 500 people on television and I’m singing
a Chinese song duniya says mr. Duncan learn my message please I need answers
let’s have a look let’s have a look at your if we can find it I think it must
be the other way at the other way mr. Duncan oh the other way yes there we go
the other way can be there we’re looking for that pink oh I see that’s what we’re
looking for dunya dunya let’s have a look at a seven finally do you anyway if
you’ve asked a question you might need to repeat it
it’s my tongue it might take too long for us to find your yes maybe you
haven’t out or there we go okay okay no duniya Talib will you asked
a question again please will you can’t find I can okay then yes I can’t find
the question unfortunately chirpy Oh little picture chirpy well that I don’t
think that’s chirpy I know there’s a centipede centipede definitely not
chirpy poor chirpy chirpy was a cricket thank you very all your lovely messages
it’s it’s there’s so many messages it’s almost very impossible to read them all
out today okay I don’t know what that was then you were sort of speaking in
other language that was yes buddy set out I’ve had too much sugar today you’ve
had too much something I haven’t you’ve had too much something what is the
sexiest accents as Sergio huh Britain from in Britain from your point of view
well people in this country we always Oh Mon right we
always said from British point of view everybody loves the French accent oh yes
well I think there is a certain Italian there is a certain romantic air a sort
of air that means a feeling there is a romantic feeling that it seems to come
from the French accent so I don’t know why and of course there is that
reputation of Paris being the the city of love French men yes and women being
very passionate that’s it bit like the Italians as well
passionate people’s particularly Italian necess another one well the Italian
accent as well is seen as very romantic very full of passion love loss and yes
so yes from our point of view might but that’s very interesting because you we
think the the French accent is is very sexy and nice to listen to but if you go
to France which we have and if you try to speak French as an English person
they they melt it the way you’re speaking they they love it if you try to
speak French and they’re so your accent is so lovely
so yes it’s I don’t it’ll be interesting actually in another accents that people
don’t tend to like the German accent so much do they we were talking earlier by
the way while we’re talking about accents I didn’t know we were going to
talk about this and it’s becoming a big topic we’re here for another half an
hour anyway but when when I when I applied for my job in China the
interview took place over the telephone and I always remember very well phoning
the school and asking to speak to the person who owned the school and I got
the job in around about 20 seconds I was offered a job and you know why do you
know why this sound coming out of my mouth I said oh
hello there my name is Duncan I’m from England and I’m interested in coming
over to China to work in your school and he says Oh your English is so clear it’s
so perfect when can you come when can you come here
that was it he heard my voice just a few seconds of my voice and that was it he
he was sold he said we will send you the money for your your plane we will send
you the money whatever you need please please ask us what you need
and that was this I got the job in and rid of you for four years it was
wonderful 20 seconds it took me to get that job because your accents neutral
you haven’t me you haven’t got like somebody mentioned about a Liverpool
accent if you’ve got a Liverpool accent they wouldn’t have wanted you if you’ve
got a strong regional accent they wouldn’t have wanted you to go over so
much Gretl Luciano who I’m guessing is probably Italian that says calm down mr.
Steve River when you talk about the Italian language yes well yes well we
all know about Italian opera singers and hat and how how we all love Italian
opera singers there’s nothing finer than an Italian opera singer yeah in terms of
you know Pavarotti and you can sing in a way in an Italian accent just Pavarotti
yes I’m trying to think of ever famous Italian female opera singer go on
Montserrat valia valia I think she was Italian Oh fabulous voice she did she
did a really good song as well for I think it was one of the World Cup events
Barcelona with Freddie Mercury from Queen and my mother’s favorite singer
who I can’t remember that she’s Italian from the sort of 1960s and she got
married to a famous a famous American industrialist I can’t
remember a name there that might come to me later on hopefully was an Edith Piaf
Lawson no I think she was French oh I said but yes what was her name oh and it
might come to me later on we weren’t going to talk about accents but there we
go someone asked a question and now we’re talking about access
well accents it is a subject that can be quite controversial some people get very
passionate because we see accents as a form of identity and even class as well
so you might see a person who speaks in a certain way or with a certain accent
as being either higher in society or lower it’s not something that I agree
with but I’m just saying that sometimes if you talk about accents it can get
into a very heated yeah they’d a heated debate but it would be it would be
unlikely that somebody learning English from another country would learn English
in a regional accent hmm in the UK so you’re not going to learn somebody well
unless your teacher was from Liverpool or Scotland you’re likely to be learning
English from it from a fairly neutral accent point of view and then the the
only accent that you will then have is related to your own language yes
somewhere you’re from as long as we can understand you it doesn’t matter that’s
what I say the bottom line the bottom line is if you can go into the shop and
if you can ask for a loaf of bread and the person gives you the bread and you
can live for another day that’s it and I’ll tell you something if you’ve got if
you’re from Spain France Germany South America anywhere and you’re trying to
learn English the natural accent that you will have as a result of which
country you’re from will be very attractive to a British person because
when you when anybody speaks your language from
the country it always sounds nicer and you’re always sort of feel very
attracted to and drawn towards that person one that they’ve made the effort
and to the the the lilt and the different sounds from the way different
people learn English it’s very attractive so don’t worry about the
accent well even English with a French accent sounds very nice that’s it yes so
if you hear if you hear a French person speak English they still have the French
accent you it still sounds Pleasant or a Spanish person yes learning English that
there is an accent there and it’s very attractive to listen to please please
don’t mention your play please I’m going to know it’s censored censored is he mr.
Duncan his accent as has got Pasha since he met me I don’t think so when I first
met him he sounded he sounded like a right oak common and I think your
mother’s slightly annoyed that you’ve gone a bit posh back to the mystery
object the mystery object we have another part Petra wants to see the
other part here’s the other part just for Pedro Pedro this is just for you
so here isn’t it I can’t believe what I’m about to show you what I’m about to
show you is worse than the first thing could we be cut off when you show them I
have a feeling that YouTube might actually disconnect us so so please you
have to be very quick because what I’m about to show you is very strange so
please don’t be too disturbed but this is the first thing that I showed you I
mean that that’s bad enough that on its own is bad enough second part of the
mystery object here we go what what Steve please tell me that this isn’t
something rude we will we should say at this point that it does belong to me
this is Steve’s this belongs to Steve both those things belong to me so this
is this is both up together this is one part and this is this is the
other what could that possibly be useful if anybody guesses we’re sending them a
t-shirt with your picture on it because we actually have got some t-shirts
haven’t we Oh have we got any left unless the moths have got two I think
the moths have eaten them all what is this Steve right so we have this
object here which is quite heavy quite heavy and we have this object here made
of plastic I’ve cleaned it don’t worry and what chewy when can we start
constructing this should we wait a bit longer
yes we’ll wait a little bit longer yes cuz I can maybe if I put it together I
might give you another clearance we won’t do that yet okay you have to you
have to make these things less it’s a bit like it’s a bit like reality TV they
have to they have to make it less for 10 weeks and nothing happens but everyone
thinks that something will happen and that’s the whole point so you always go
back to watch the TV show because you think something will happen but nothing
happens nothing happens and so 10 weeks later you get the final episode and then
you think what was that all about that was a complete waste of 10 weeks I’ve
just lost all of that time watching this terrible TV show so they’re Ally Amer
says what naughty guys both of you are you’re talking about I don’t know what
you mean it’s all in your own mind yes we’re just showing you the object I’m
showing you the object there it is and you’re creating the naughtiness in your
own mind I can’t be held responsible for what you what you think I can’t be held
responsible for what goes on how you interpret in there
this object actually we’ve had a guess I’m not gonna say no don’t say anything
please don’t please don’t say just because now the live chat gives it
away you see because the live chat is is is seen by everyone so don’t say
anything yet somebody asks a question just just back there it’s not radio
sometimes I wish it was Oh Joshua hasn’t seen us for a while welcome back hello
Joshua at least two people that haven’t watched us for a while that are back
it’s lovely to have you back Thank You Josh Joshua Sasson sassani bah I love
your name by the way lots of interesting guesses could be it could be a could it
be a kind of weight to work out hmm to work out with to build your muscles
it could be yes Jeff also has a guess also mica mica says it might be
something that you heat up in the microwave
interesting oh yes it looks like it looks like something that you might heat
up now if I’m not mistaken Steve I think you do have to put this in the oven
sometimes oh you were giving away a little clue that’s a very small clue as
I’m clear I’m not saying anything else now
Rajendra asks could it be for the toilet freshener yes you’re right yes very good
yeah maybe you can put something inside and then when you when you flush the
toilet you flush the toilet something will rinse over the the freshener yes
okay well I think Steve’s having a seizure open-minded open heart anyway it
would be better to avoid this article to stop interpreting well we are going to
give the answer soon so so it’s something very innocent and something
quite charming something quite useful can we we’re
getting we’re starting to get some very good guesses now yes
Nicholai Nicholai says is it a door handle oh yes it it looks like a door
handle but but what do you use this for so if
this is the door handle what what is this for maybe you could use this you
could use this to keep the door open yes English the from Brazil the most
important thing is vocabulary and clear pronunciation is it
Klaus correct long as we can understand you that’s all that matters that’s it
and you need words so you need to have some some words to actually say can you
just go back a little bit I’m just trying to making some notes of what
people have tried to guess ok a little bit further mr. Duncan a little bit
further back that’s an interesting phone and oh there says I haven’t the foggiest
idea well very very well done for using that phrase yes that’s a good phrase
that’s a very good phrase Thank You Fernanda we can say if we don’t know
something we don’t have a clue we can use the phrase I haven’t the foggiest
idea I don’t know I haven’t I haven’t the foggiest idea I think it means like
fog it’s all a bit it’s all very misty you know our city
see hazy hazy I don’t know just go back further mr. Duncan ok then are we going
are we going right back to the start are we going okay this is great
Steve’s writing things down this is this is good entertainment here good
entertainment I hope you enjoying this now you don’t need to know my process I
shouldn’t really talk it out loud no but there’s a couple of people I
didn’t know you had a process a couple of people who are getting very close
indeed but getting very close getting very
closing and I’m going to reward prizes to them when when what’s the prize is is
it is it a round of applause I don’t think we’ve got much time before people
but two and two together okay then in other words people look at the CLE the
clues shall we put it together so if you put if you’re in people if you I’m
trying to explain things Steve just calm down
what’s happening have you had have you had ten cups of coffee today or somehow
it’s not hot he’s not normally like this fever coming on I don’t know you’re
certainly giving me fever go on you were going to explain something I was but you
know being two and two together if you put two and two together it means you
come to a conclusion so you take separate parts and you work something
out for yourself you put two and two together and you come up with an answer
and of course the answer is four so that is what you work out so you work out
what something is so steve is now going to show you is going to take this this
is my favorite this might be the best thing I’ve ever shown on my live stream
I’m going to miss this to be honest that I might use this later right okay so
what happens is these two come apart like this and where do you put this
right guess you put the bat inside there like that okay where that goes you seem
very knowledgeable about this that the device is now ready for use you’d have
to shout there we go just using my acting skills oh I’ve done like I’ve
done that slightly wrong yes that I have to feed that through there like that
this is fast this is good amuse yourself while I just feed this through the hole
and there’s been to be interesting things on the news today mr. Duncan
there’s go so that goes in there like that apparently but we’re going to have
the hottest day ever on earth if we had one last week it was the hottest day
ever on earth and this week we’re going to have one of the or the hottest day
the hottest day ever across Europe Oh mr. Steeves ready so
here we go that’s it people are getting very is that a toy Alvar no it isn’t
people oh yes Alvaro it’s not what you said it is okay
are we selling whatever that word is yes no am I not joking open-hearted as three
people four people now getting very close to what it is and can I say what
who can I say who those people are and what they’ve said I love the fact that
Steve is doing actions and yet we’re not even on the screen okay so not now we’re
on the screen right you may act I think we should right so Tomic was the first
one and he said is it a humidity absorber hmm does it absorb moisture
humidity absorber that was very good well guest Jeff then said is it for
shoes hmm jameelah then said something similar and so did Fernando
so you’ve got humidity absorbing is it for shoes what is it hmm what is it
that’s it we will give it the answer and we have a live demonstration be very
exciting but been some interesting things on the news today mr. Jones do we
need to get undressed a plane crash in Mexico
anybody from Mexico watching we’d like to know anyone in Mexico there was a
very very it look very dramatic we went to bed last night we saw the news didn’t
we very late last night and they were reporting that a plane had crashed and
it looked really bad there was smoke and normally when you see smoke coming from
a plane crash it’s it’s normally not good however that’s a lot of people
speaking in what looks like South American they’re having a little
conversation amongst themselves is very interesting ok this is English only
I’m very sorry English only well we’ll throw you out nuki Steve
showing his short attention span there we’ve got nos vemos way to puppy rude
I’m not gonna I’m not gonna read you doubt it’s probably very rude no you
must be you must speak in English we can understand what you’re saying
hmm Oh English you’ve got it that’s it you’ve got it
English right right there so where is English oh I see
Oh Clemson I should say is it Clemson or English takes care of stinky foot haha
Jeff yes that is it but you you were very close when you said it was for
shoes and Tomic said it was feet humidity what it does is this inner part
here you put it in the oven for a couple of hours there are beads inside their
beads and they absorb the moisture so when you have been wearing issues all
day lots of moisture in the shoes you can get athlete’s foot so you put this
in the oven put it in this container and there’s one of mr. Duncan’s shoes which
I don’t want to get too close to so then you just insert thus into the shoe okay
leave it overnight and it sucks all the moisture out of the shoe so does it take
away the stink well not in this one it doesn’t and then
you use that and then you take it out and that’ll last for a week and then you
dry it out in the oven again and re and it get rid of all the moisture out of
the beach put it in the oven or the microwave and then you’ve got nice even
I can’t understand what you’re saying now I can’t understand what it’s saying
look if you go well done if you don’t stop insulting me I will find another
use for this and let’s just say I won’t be putting it in your shoe
I need a trip to the doctor or a surgeon after that mr. Duncan yes that’s what
it’s for I think so and that’s the box too
we’re not advertising the product but no I actually haven’t used it yet I can’t
imagine anyone actually buying these my shoes were getting a bit it’s been very
hot here so this seems like the most complicated way of drying your shoes
just leave them outside in the Sun open-minded wants you to take your
glasses off just because open-minded once feels disturbed and wants to see
your glistening eyes I think I look really cool in these like I could be the
next Armani model I was a mother when I was young did you know that yes but what
kind of model mr. Dongo is ours a model I was I used to model I I used to look
quite good-looking when I was younger someone the other day mentioned everyone
was good-looking as a younger someone oh dear
you are you said I was annoying on Sunday let me just say that in my own
back someone said that when I showed the motorbike photograph there it is that I
look very slim then so there there I am many years ago on my motorbike that was
way back in 2001 so 17 years ago you were very slim there mr. Dhingra but
since then you’ve been consuming large amounts of chocolate and sugar and
you’ve been taking no exercise or very little well actually that’s not true but
this is you know what they say a minute in the mouth a month round the waist is
what is a a minute in the mouth a month around the waist as the years go by you
sound more and more like someone’s granddad these are for my shoes by the
way yes and something else that was interesting on the news today mr. Duncan
a Sweden anybody from a sweet you haven’t you haven’t finished the Mexico sir
don’t know we haven’t know yeah you were telling us the Mexico story and then you
got completely distracted well it was good news because everybody survived so
this plane crash yesterday everyone survived it’s incredible so some of the
people were walking out from the wreckage but there were some serious
injuries but but everyone survived even the pilot
and quite often the pilot the pilot doesn’t survive for obvious reasons
because he’s at the front but yes so so pretty amazing a lot of people saying
how incredible it is they don’t normally get plane crashes and it was taking off
so I mean how the pilot managed to do that will only be I would be revealed I
would say I would say that it was the skill of the pilot controlling the plane
to be to give it a soft landing but that must have been well obviously it’s sad
that the plane crashed but the people survived and everybody survived good
news only two serious injuries I think the pilot had to have an operation on
his back and I think baby was quite badly burned but they should both
survive so that’s fantastic hmm Tomic says I’m getting revenge on you for you
taking you know annoying me on Sunday now I’m not deliberately doing it you
know I do I really didn’t think I was annoying on Sunday I didn’t I wasn’t
annoying I need my Pet Shop Boys what Pedro what’s that got to do with
anything I think Pedro was saying yes what are
you what did it was that question you were asking or answering then it’s the
fact that you’ve got the glasses on wasn’t it yeah the only person I know
that can ask a question and answer it in the same sentence mm-hmm I think you are
free class too close to Fae and in the life what does that mean I don’t know
sounds French it sounds a bit French to me mm-hmm
oh I apparently open-minded open-hearted says he didn’t listen to us he hasn’t
taken his glasses off well I’ve taken them off now so don’t worry about it
we are talking about social media now Steve steve is one of these people who
who is a social media phobe would that be fair to say yes phobe I do not like
I’m not a fan so Steve doesn’t use Facebook
even though you’ve got a you set up your own Facebook page but then you lost the
password yes I lost the password so then you set up another one you say password
I say password password password password password password or more time
if you could go on all night password that’s it just one more that’s all I
needed was that so difficult so social media now I am I am a bit of a social
media fanatic really because I like to try everything well it’s very useful for
what you do in your work particularly Facebook Facebook is used by by myself I
use it to allow people to get in touch with me also if things are coming up or
things are going to happen then I can notify them on Facebook in fact I do
have a Facebook address and also an email address as well and I think that’s
a good opportunity to put it on the screen can you see it going across so
there’s my email there and then afterwards you will see my Facebook
address and there it is and that’s how you can notify all your millions of
followers when you’ve got a new video or you’ve got a live stream or something
special is coming up I think I have about 15 15 thousand people following me
on Facebook so that’s quite a few so also I use Twitter but not as much as I
used to I used to use Twitter a lot so I don’t use Twitter so much the other one
that I use sometimes is Instagram do you I use yes you know I do oh yes Instagram
I have an Instagram as well let’s have a look
it should be right here on my screen we’ve got a lot of these at work mr.
Duncan and that within the work environment work like to communicate
with you you might have this in your work environment it’s not sufficient
anymore just to come in with your employers or your employees
saying all the bosses the management various departments want to communicate
with their employees they might have sent you an email in the past and told
you about something new in the company now they feel as though they’ve got to
have Facebook they’ve got to have Twitter they’ve got to have what’s that
are the one that annoys me at work there’s another one but there’s about
five or six different social media platforms that work use to try and
inform you about what they’re doing and you don’t know which one to look at no
just an email just tell us by email so this there’s my there’s my Instagram
there are lots of lovely little photographs on there can you see them no
there are some photographs of mr. Steve and also myself but there are lots of
photographs so I do have Instagram as well so well I see this Facebook account
you said I I lost the password and then couldn’t get back into it
I couldn’t I couldn’t anyway cut a long story short I eventually did get back
into it but what annoys me is you get these messages coming up I want to like
in red it says one two the three messages on it but you can never get rid
of them they are alerts the alerts I don’t know how to get rid of them
alerts well you have pressing on all these messages and the alert still stay
that’s really what you have to do is actually activate the alert click on the
alert and then all of those things they will disappear magically I can’t get
that to work it annoys me I also use another thing that I tried for a very
short time was periscope but I don’t know if it’s just me but I found
periscope quite sinister I think periscope is one of the most sinister
things on the Internet because there are some very strange
things on there people showing themselves on camera doing some very
strange things let’s just say so I find periscope a little odd a little a news
well if you want to be going on there now you said that well I think people
know I don’t think I’ve just invented periscope periscope has been around for
about four maybe five years so it’s been around for a while but originally
periscope was used by people who wanted to report things from certain parts of
the world but now it’s become something very different if you’ve ever used
periscope you will know exactly what I mean well if you haven’t please wait
till we’ve gone before you go and have a look yes don’t go now don’t go to
periscope yet oh yes oh oh what I think oh I’m just reacting to nothing oh okay
nothing new there can I mention the other news item you can mention the
other news item is it cheerful well I wouldn’t say cheerful oh because we’ve
had we’ve had you know little chirpy little chirpy died now it was I didn’t
see that on the main news tonight the news didn’t report it but we did have
some lovely Twitter responses even though Tom Cruise left a lovely message
he said poor chirpy he will be greatly missed he was one of a kind
also please go and see my new movie Mission Impossible yeah and also Donald
Trump also left a lovely message in tribute Diddy yes to chirpy he said
chirpy there will never be another cricket like him he was a tremendous
cricket he was tremendous outstanding and sensational yeah that’s what Donald
Trump said about chirpy isn’t that lovely well it is fantastic that we’ve
had such great tribulations to chew we were but we’re joking but we were
actually quite upset I’m not joking we were quite upset for
Orlov well I was upset all morning there’s Tom Cruise there’s his message
OSI is crying again we won’t see his like again
go and see my latest movie Mission Impossible yes another Mission
Impossible film because we really need another one Sweden has been in the news
tonight okay Sweden Sweden why because somebody
has stolen their crown jewels oh that sounds painful you don’t want to
lose your crown jewels they crown jewels there we go
which can be used singularly or plural II and I thought I’d write that down
because it can be used in many different ways so crown jewels are they are the
well the jewels aren’t they and the the scepters yes they’re the jewels owned by
the monarchy well let me finish mr. Duke oh I see that I was about to say because
they’re the jewels and that the best jewel was the most expensive for the
crowns the scepters which said that are like the poles sort of made a gold but
that the sovereign wears okay the king and the queen and they were being
displayed in a museum somewhere and they’ve been stolen
somebody ran off with him in a boat you know they ran with a boat well they ran
off with it and I got on a boat then they then they went I don’t know how you
run off with a boat so they had the crown jewels and a boat as well they
escaped on a boat I’m gonna lay claim made their getaway on a boat and made
their getaway on a boat have you ever tried to start a boat it’s
very hard so yes so if they cannot but it doesn’t have to be can also that the
word crown jewels can relate to not just actual actual valuable ornaments that
that that a sovereign would wear but it can also relate
to the most attractive or valuable thing in a collection hi soon so it doesn’t
have to be jewels or expensive things made of gold so you can say for example
if a museum has got a display of various objects and they’ve got something like
really expensive or really valuable or the best thing in there could be Picasso
painting of Picasso a Faberge egg a Faberge egg you could say that that
painting of Picasso is the crown jewel in the museum’s collection so it can
just refer to the most attractive or the the most valuable thing in a collection
so it doesn’t have to just relate to crown actual crowns so maybe maybe the
most outstanding part of a display yes that’s right crown jewel and the indica
in the collection of something yeah so if you’ve got a collection of things
objects so you say you’re a collector so you wanted to collect stamps and but
you’ve got to really you’ve got a perfect stamp that was the most perfect
stamp be like a penny black or something you could say that that was the crown
jewel of your collection so that’s the best thing the most attractive the most
the most outstanding part of your collection is the crown jewel crown
jewel of course crown jewels can be used as slang as well so the crown jewel can
also relate to to immense parts yes down there you know what I mean there’s a
crown jewel this might help you to understand what we mean well I think
it’s yes the crown jewels yes our man’s crown jewels so that’s a slang term so
you might say we were playing cricket last week and the ball hit me right in
the crown jewels instead yeah they did say that you’re right mr. Duncan I’m
just I’ve just been in the crown jewel again I’ve wanted to
do that for years that’ll set Twitter alight when the recover mr. Duncan
recover they did say I’m gonna carry on teaching while mr. Duncan recovers from
being hit in the crown jewels by my knee they did say another interesting phrase
about the the crown jewels that was stolen is that they were asking what
would the thieves be able to do with them and they would say they very
limited what they could do with him because they were priceless and when
something is prime we say something is priceless it means that they’re so
valuable we cannot possibly put a price on it
so those jewels were priceless and they couldn’t sell them anywhere because they
everyone knows what they are so they couldn’t sell them to him because that
everybody would recognize that there was a Swedish crown jewel so they think
they’re going to be they’re going to ask for a ransom they’re going to ask for a
ransom so they’re going to in order for the government to get these jewels back
they’re going to say right the thieves are going to say you’ve got to pay us a
certain amount of money it’s like if mr. Duncan was kidnapped it’s not only came
to kidnap you and they might say right if you want mr. Duncan back mr. Steve
you’ve got to pay as a thousand pounds that’s all that’s all I’m worth that
would be the ransom I would have to pay the amount of money I would have to pay
to get you back as ransom that’s all I’m worth a thousand pounds
well just that finger came into my head yes that’s what’s worrying but there we
go so I thought that was interesting that the Swedish crown jewels were
stolen tonight yes sovereign there’s another word the sovereign the leader
explains that a sovereign so the crown jewels are worn by the sovereign
the sovereign is there is that the person was with ultimate power the
headaches have had a head of state yes they’ve got the power or authority over
something of course kings and queens now like our queen
she’s the sovereign but she doesn’t have any real power hmm but traditionally
they would have the ultimate power I have met some very powerful queens I bet
you have mr. Duncan but we won’t go into that that’s for another evening and it’s
coming up well it’s gone 11:30 already and we haven’t been to the live chat for
a while let’s go to the live chat then shall we because mr. Steve wants to go
to the live chat I thought I’d teach something you see while you were messing
about I’m sure it will happen one day oh right so what have we got
Oh people are laughing at me trying to Oh mr. Steve not the crown jewels out of
out of mr. Duncan’s pants that’s what Jeff is okay oh yes by name queen by
name but not having any powers as psycho yeah that’s that is correct you can talk
about a sovereign state can’t you is not a sovereign state which is a country
that has control over everything that borders the people or the laws somebody
somewhere like Wales for example in the UK okay
Wales is is like a separate country well but it’s not it’s not a separate state
it’s more symbolic yes it’s not a sovereign sit so people talk about Wales
as being a country which it is but it doesn’t have it it’s not a sovereign
state so it doesn’t have complete control over all its laws it has some
control but because the UK is the sovereigns okay I’m gonna be honest a
Palmira is having the same feeling as me at the moment Palmyra says mr. steve-o
thank you very much oh but let me just get to the end of the sentence that’s
mr. Steeves speech is like a lullaby I am struggling to stay wide away Thank
You Palmyra as I have the same age thing I’m boring I have the same problem well
I’m running out of energy now you know what happens to me mr. Duncan after an
hour I start to run out of energy so I’m very lively at the beginning then my
energy levels start to drop tzedek tzedek is going now by Zedeck some I see
you later we are back on Sunday by the way don’t forget we are here on Sunday
live from 2 p.m. UK time for those who are wondering when we are on here come
the times right now I’m not sure if I’m coming back because I’m clearly boring
people and sending them to sleep well one person but yes it is late at night
that’s true maybe she was tired it’s 22 minutes away from midnight here in the
UK it’s very late a lullaby yes lullabies is a song that is designed to
calm you down and send you to sleep a lot of are soothing news soothing music
oh I guess it cut doesn’t have to have verse it can just be soothing music like
soft kitty hmm soft kitty warm kitty little ball of fur we can’t remember the
rest of it I can’t remember the rest from Big Bang Theory soft kitty warm
kitty little ball of fur something Oh soft kitty happy kitty purr purr purr is
that it it’s very close I think I think so yes I’m not gonna sing it just in
case it gets flagged we’ve got somebody called grey eyes just in case it gets
flagged for copyright hello gray eyes we’re there right in the middle gray
eyes hello grey eyes yes you do have well you have one grey eye I’m not sure
if it’s plural I can only see one grey eye you might only have one there you
might be exaggerating oh the number of eyes that you have an ego gala
Inigo yes hello has actually been very close to the Queen
okay well I’ve never been anywhere near the Queen nope so you beat me there you
go girl oh I’ve been very I’ve been close to the Queen Sergio is going to
hit the hay without delay ah does that mean he’s gonna hit the
sack yes if you hit the hay it means you’re going to bed
or hit the sack that’s what that’s what I’m doing in a minute now that we’re
sending everybody to bed yes well don’t forget that in some countries it’s very
late look in in Turkey it’s now 20 to 2:00 in the morning on Thursday psycho
says yes your mother sings your lullaby to make you go to sleep that’s it or you
can listen to this Hasson inada says good night mr. Duncan you didn’t
congratulate me what didn’t we congratulate you oh hello
oh I think I think I know what wait there yes I think so
Hasan odd could you please could you please congratulate me because I’ve
succeeded in my examination you can say mabrook it is an Arabic word mabrook
mabrook two’s na has na and I think that deserves a round of applause yes there
we go clicking fetch elections I hope congratulations that that’s
fantastic it was an English exam so was it was it for English we want to know
whether it was for English but yes well done in whatever it was well done we are
a nation we are going now because it’s 20 to midnight and it’s very late and
I’m getting a bit tired now to be honest I’m running out of energy
Tomic Tomic says goodbye see you on Sunday yes we are back on Sunday from
2:00 p.m. UK time on Sunday don’t forget no live English next Wednesday we’re
having a little break because we’ve been working so hard so thank you very much
for all of your messages tonight thank you Anna
Palmyra ship shibam designed it has met the
Queen as well you’ve met the Queen and what these people have met the Queen
that’s incredible and we haven’t met her and she’s our
queen yes we’ve never met her I’ve met a queen
but not the Queen yes there we’ve met a few Queens Oh Shubham sure hair is from
India it’s 4:10 a.m. that’s it that’s what I just said lots of know lots of
people are staying up all night to watch this
shabam thank you for staying up and watching us thank you and it’s wonderful
to have you all I can say is us I hope you don’t have work tomorrow in Peru
it says Joshua it’s 5:35 that were 5:40 now in the evening yes okay lovely to
have all these people on from all over the world in different time it’s great
it’s like it’s like world peace could begin right here on my livestream it
could wouldn’t that be amazing if if because of my livestream we actually
ended up with world peace everyo your ego mr. Duncan well I’m not
on about my ego yes you are you’re saying that because of your livestream I
created world peace I said our livestream
well yeah but you mean you know I mean you is well we can’t create world people
might be able to I don’t know mr. Duncan mr. Steve I appreciate your spontaneous
livestream Thank You Ally Amer Inigo and also psycho thank you
very much we are going now Eliza bye Jeff bye Allie by mica mica good night
mica I tell you who I haven’t seen tonight who I haven’t seen I haven’t
seen Belarusian yes all right well – yes dear I haven’t seen to us from Indonesia
skiving yes skiving off our English class maybe they have something better
to do I can’t remember Oh Petra licious sooo
cat food cat tsukete skiving off right you’re going to get red rat wrapped over
the knuckles we’re gonna cane you when we see you what Valerie SIA I do cat and
who else I didn’t say that Iike you’re gonna be punished if you’re there on
Sunday just for the record it’s Steve threatening violence they’re not me okay
I’m gonna take a register from now we’re gonna have a sort of guardians of the
galaxy thing going on here if we’re not carry so on Sunday I’m going to do a
register and when I call out your name you’ve got to put your hand up and I’m
gonna tick the box and if you’re not there I’m gonna tell your parents a
register on Sunday I’m introducing that mr. Duncan just like being in a class
this is a class you need to be here you need to register it needs to be recorded
that’s it I’m doing it I’m still a little concerned I’m still a little
concerned as to why Steve is so excited gonna make it oh wait there because of
course on Friday you finish work Steve steve has a long holiday coming up don’t
you so you’re off I’m going to have a little bit of time as well you are
you’re having some time off as well I’m just making a note so who wasn’t here to
be say sue cat wasn’t here sue cat was absent absent why we’ll ask her on
Sunday Meeker wasn’t there I don’t think embarrassing people in front of the
entire world it wasn’t there mr. Duncan I don’t think it’s a good idea
Belarus ear she’s partying again because she don’t got a hangover from that
birthday party look if we don’t go I’m gonna leave you
here and you’ve got to close this yourself so when they come on we have
got to ask them why and then everyone that we know I’m putting their names
down and we’re gonna tick them off on Sunday it’s certainly ticking me off
I’m joking what am i joking I’m not sure that I that’s the problem I don’t know
if you’re joking or not Sergio says it’s a brilliant idea there
we go you’re there Sergio or you’ve made the effort so why haven’t the others
yes it’s unacceptable mr. vodka is also missing right mr. vodka we we must we
must one day find out what mr. vodkas name is because we keep asking him to
tell us oh it seems very rude of still you recommend me a book to read in
English which you are both reading at the moment over to you Steve oh well
then I am reading the biography of someone called Larry Sanders a famous
chat show host so this book is very good it’s all about his time in TV and also
his time working as a chat show host alongside his friend Artie and also Hank
hey now I’ll be written a biography this is it this is the biography the CD set
is the what sorry that’s that’s not a book that’s a set of CDs again what is
it a set of six a set if Jessica Jeff is
still up a set look loading DVD that’s good DV election DVDs not decisive not
CDs DVDs a set it’s a collection of that’s alright Jeff is still there I
could miss I’m gonna get sweet revenge on Sunday I hope you realize that
Bellary see oh look at that those here there is no way there is no way that
Steve is going to keep this sort of energy up until Sunday
Belarus er was going to give you a ticking off on Sunday for not being here
it’s not going to happen have you heard I’m keeping a register from now on and
you weren’t here so but you are here you’re late we’re just going but you’ve
been to the doctor’s so we’ll excuse that have you got a note though from
your parents if you’ve been to the doctor brother who’s here I need to see
a doctor’s note that’s the only way I will accept it but I hope you’re feeling
better I’m better she’s she’s better well–that’s and she’s had
a cold as well so we’re very pleased that you’re better but in future if
you’re not gonna be here on time I need to know because I’m keeping a register
in future you’re very bossy well you know that’s that’s gonna be my role from
now on I’m going to be the register keeper Belarus series here I hope your
appointment with the doctor went okay because I believe that Belarus here was
feeling a little under the weather she’s better Goodley anemia she’s
getting better and she said a cold and she’s getting better as well good that’s
brilliant I bet you caught the cold after your
birthday celebrations too much alcohol and it lowered your immune system and
you caught a cold that’s I’m just guessing but I think that’s the reason
I’m gonna need a sedative tonight so there to be able to sleep yes I might be
I might actually be using this on you later
amen is asking what am I writing this is a register I’m keeping a register from
now on register so that’s a record of names and attendance when you go to a
class when you were younger the teacher would call out your name to make sure
you were there and you weren’t skiving off school and tonight we had people who
are normally he aren’t so I’m going to ask them on Sunday Belarus he’s got away
with it because she’s coming late but tsukete wasn’t here mica wasn’t here and
nor was mr. vodka so they’re gonna have to answer for themselves main Sunday
whoa whoa whoa Meeker was here oh you said me kit wasn’t here sorry
me c’mon I didn’t see mica who did you say then I said sue kept yes and also
mr. vodka vodka whose name apparently is Lena Lena Lena I think that’s a girl’s
name isn’t it can we go please okay I need to go I need to sleep I’m joke my
poor brain is starting to shrivel and shrink in my skull Valerie sia you’re
going to have to watch this after it’s after it’s recorded live it’s been very
interesting tonight think you’ll find it very interesting
amen did you write my name I’m going to write
everybody’s names down from anyone till is what was the interesting part
he was orange it was all interesting mr. Duncan one of it but maybe I didn’t
notice it because I because I mean it you see it’s very hard when you’re in it
jameelah many lost when you were in a live stream sometimes you miss things
Jamila didn’t have an internet connection on Sunday so she’s missed it
but you can watch it again yes you keep mentioning the live chat but it hasn’t
been on the screen for ages okay English yet we know Steve can we can we go now
okay I don’t know what’s going on got work tomorrow you’re keeping me up no
you’re keeping me up it’s the opposite way around Tarek says aren’t you tied go
to bed I am very tired Nikolay says can you write down my name into the list
because I will come on Sunday I mean Nikolay amen this is my second
attendance well done well done gold star for you don’t forget Nikolai
oh I’m gonna have to write these down afterwards well there’s no way you’re
going to remember this I know I’m gonna study the live chat oh very clever
between now and Sunday and I’m gonna put everyone’s names down on a register very
clever and then we’re gonna see who attends open-minded the awarding stars I
just need to do I just need to do one more thing if you can just stop gabbling
for just one moment just one moment open-minded is asking what is on your
t-shirt okay then so there you go on the t-shirt it is actually two things a
cartoon character called Danger Mouse Danger Mouse and his little
friend penfold this this is actually a famous cartoon show made here in the UK
and it’s called Danger Mouse so there you go and that’s
the reason why you can see the Union Flag behind because it’s made in this
country it’s it’s a bit like Jane respond so imagine James Bond but
instead of Daniel Craig you’ve got a big one eyed Mouse well if you’re into
cartoons there’s the answer yes look Inigo says I love uses expression which
word or expression do you use when you don’t go to the school without a reason
skiving yes skiving that’s it skiving off the other one of course is playing
truant playing truant which I have a feeling that’s the one actually
thereafter so I if you play truant it means you you stay away from school
but you have no good reason to stay away you just don’t want to go to school
sometimes I would play truant from school honestly and now and again I I
got caught doing it normally by my parents so sometimes I did yes no it
isn’t Mickey Mouse it’s not Mickey Mouse it’s definitely not
Sergio as we as we know is is I think he did work with telescopes isn’t he he’s
an astronomer it’s the word I’m looking for
he worked sure Sergio has told us before and he said Mars he’s a he’s an he’s a
telescope maximum approach with so it’s the closest to Earth it’s been in a long
time don’t forget to watch it with your telescope no we won’t we saw that on the
news the other night they were talking about the Blood Moon which we didn’t see
because it was cloudy and you said it’s not going to be back at that in that way
again for about another 200 years so we’ve missed the Blood Moon because it
was it was cloudy but we can at least have a chance to see Mars and I’d
forgotten that Sergio was an astronomer yes a telescope you know the telescope
user he’s a user of telescope astronomer where are we going
yes you okay if you go first then I can wrap this
that very quickly I can I can do this very quickly once you’ve gone playing
hooky yes that’s another use of the word if you play hooky
it means you play truant you stay away from school but but you should be at
school oh can you just go off now and let us sleep yes I want to it’s his
fault he won’t let me go I’m Gary I’m going
see you all on Sunday mr. Steve is going now then forget there’s gonna be a
register on Sunday so what I’m gonna be ticking you off my list and if you’re
not there woe betide you robotized you we’re going
to see what it looks like when Steve leaves oh wait we’ve never done this
before so there you can see the wide view now so we’re going to see what
happens when Steve goes so okay thank you Steve goodbye and see you all on
Sunday she’s gonna walk off now am i yes please please go well Oh bliss peace and
quiet oh that’s so nice I will see one Sunday I hope you’ve had a good show
I hope you’ve enjoyed this for nearly two hours we’ve been here I can’t
believe it to be honest I will see you on Sunday at 2 p.m. UK time this is mr.
Duncan in England saying thanks a lot for watching us one last look at the
live chat before we go by to Rosa by to English by to show Pam by 2 a glue Tet
egative a glute em I think that’s the name 2 p.m. UK time 2 p.m. UK time
recently I have seen the bloody moon not the bloody moon it’s the Blood Moon by
mr. Smith Steve thank you thank you Anna Thank You Sergio Thank You psycho thank
you very much for watching tonight and I am now definitely going because it is
coming up to midnight tomorrow is nearly he
this is mr. Duncan in the birthplace of English saying thank you very much for
watching I will see you on Sunday 2 p.m. UK time and of course until the next
time we meet right here on YouTube you know what’s coming next
yes you do… ta ta for now 😎


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