[ ENGLISH SUB ] LIVE : 브이앱 05.05.19

Go! Go! Whoa. Hoot! MONSTA X! Hello. This is the view from my room at night. Can you see it? The night view from my room is… Can you see it? Like this…
You can see from here… There are some buildings. Not that special but… I have a pimple right here. Like this…
Can you see it if I hold it closer? This is the night view. Can you see that, MONBEBE? Can you? The pimple…
You probably got a good view of my pimple. I tried to cover it but you saw it anyway. I tried to cover it but it got caught on camera. What am I eating? Mint flavored candy. Mint candy. I eat mint candy when I talk to you.
It’s etiquette. And this jacket is a new jacket I bought in Japan. New NIKE. New NIKE. It’s a new jacket I bought. Jacket. There’s something really cool about this.
Inside… What was that? A tweet just now?
About what? Why did my tweet go up now? 30 seconds ago. Anyways, this is a new jacket and if you open
here, there’s a hat inside. For rainy days! And this is everyone… It is not the Starbucks coffee that you all know. This is… It’s a coffee made with this
capsule called “Blendy”. I looked for it at Don Quixote and our manager told me that they don’t sell it there
so he got it for me elsewhere. He got me some non sugar and some sugar
capsules and I’m drinking it in the Starbucks coffee
cup that I had earlier today. All you have to do is add water to this capsule and then it’s…
A cafe right inside my hand. What am I saying? “Is that PPL”?
No… I wish it was PPL. Someone wrote what is up with
my tension today. Today… My roommate is you. That’s right though. An encore concert? You’re staring it up again. Because of last year. MONBEBE, I’m so sorry to tell you this but we really do not have any plans for
any encore concerts. We might have one sometime later
if we have time in our schedule but.. It’s part of what our company has to plan and we don’t always
know what will happen so I can’t tell you for sure that we’re going to
or not going to have encore concerts but one this is for sure. And this is 100 percent true. We really do not have any plans for an
encore concert as of now. None. None. The end! It’s gone. None. What? They’re saying I shouldn’t lie. They’re going crazy because they’re so upset. Someone said they’re going to poop in
front of the Starship Entertainment building. That’s… If you do that, innocent citizens and
people cleaning might have to experience inconveniences, so please do not do that. Please walk through the front door
and use our restrooms. You might not be able to see my pimple
from far away. Or it might be because the screen is small. If MONBEBE fans are watching this with
a computer or and iPads… Like an iPad pro, they
might be able to see my pimple. Or some people might be watching it on TVs…
No never mind. They’re saying that I still look OK with a pimple. It’s gotten faster. The connection. “Don’t hide. You’re always beautiful”. MONBEBE… When am I going to go to bed? I should have worked out. Of course, I exercised during the day but I’m trying to watch my weight so I thought I should go on the bike once more. But I thought that I should meet MONBEBE fans so I turned on the V LIVE. What did I eat today? During the day…
We had eel with rice earlier. Hitzumabushi (eel with rice). Hitzumabushi. And now… What is it called? I’m going to eat that thing in my fridge. Salad. Desk muscles? What are desk muscles? Take my cap off? You’re going to break up with me if I do. I know you. I’ll show you what I’m going to eat…
I’m not going to eat it now but I’ll show you briefly. Hold on. This is what I’m going to eat. Right here. Salad Bowl. Not ball but bowl. I got a lot. This is what I got. I added some chicken. Avocado and this…
What is this things called again? The fried bread… Anyways, I shouldn’t have gotten this but
I just did. I ordered some chicken and what did I add
on this again? Chicken and… Huh? Is it in here? Oh here it is. Avocado, eggs, Compared to this, it doesn’t look
that filling, does it? It’s really heavy. Fried bread! Crouton! Crouton! Oh yeah, I forgot that they were called croutons. Anyways, I’m drinking some Blendy coffee right now. It’s been 10 minutes and 48 seconds since
I’ve turned on this V LIVE. I’m going to turn it off after 4 minutes. “Isn’t it hard to go to sleep after you
drink coffee”? “I want to see you soon”. Okonomiyaki. We went to this place… The okonomiyaki was… There was one names Osaka Okonomiyaki
and one called Hiroshima Okokomiyaki. So we ordered the Hiroshima… The Hiroshima Okonomiyaki is the one
with the noodles. And the Osaka Okonomiyaki is the one
with cabbage. I like cabbage so I wanted to get the one with cabbage and I ordered the Osaka Okonomiyaki. And of course we ordered one of the
Hiroshima Okonomiyaki too. We ordered like 4 menus. There was one with Kimchi too. And we got a bunch. And to be honest, the one with noodles
was the best. It tasted best. I uploaded pictures of two kinds. One was Hiroshima and
one was Osaka with cheese. At first we thought there was a lot of cheese
inside but later we were told that they also put in mochi (Japanese style rice cake). So it had some mochi in it. It was mochi. And this weird gray colored shirt is… I had time left over today so I got this shirt before
going exercising this morning. A new shirt. I didn’t get this because I thought it
looked cool but I got it because apparently, it’s really high tech. I’m not sure how high tech it is and it’s kind of hard to believe but it looked really nice. Apparently, when your body heats up,
it lets out the heat and changes it to energy and powers your body. So I tried it on today. So that’s that. And now I think I should eat this salad. I just wanted to say hi before taking a shower. MONBEBE, oh no. 1 minute left. Oh no. Am I sleepy? I’m drinking coffee right now. People who drink coffee don’t get sleepy. One last view. I feel full already. It’s too much. I can’t eat it all right now. But I’ll try, thinking about MONBEBE fans. It’s been 15 minutes now. It was great to see you today. And when I have some more free time,
although it’s not that special, I’ll come back to talk to you.
But for now, I’ll say bye and eat my salad. MONBEBE good night. Good night.

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