English Tutor Nick P Lesson (358) The Difference Between Medication and Medicine

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is
Lesson 358. The lesson today is the difference between medication and
medicine. This is one that comes up a lot when I’m covering articles that I have
to do with medicine or medication. Sometimes a student will raise their
hand and say what’s the difference between medication and medicine ? And to be honest
there is some crossover, but in this in this video I’ll try to show you where
we’re more likely to use one than the other. And in some cases where you would
probably only use one and not the other. All right. So let’s look at the …. Let’s look at the
note here. Medication is most often used to refer to drugs that are prescribed by
a doctor. So when you go to the doctor’s office, he usually prescribes you some
medication and could you say medicine here maybe. But you know Medicate is this
word it’s used is like in the treating of your illness and the doctor he is … he
is getting these medicines to … to deal with your illness. So medication is
probably a little more suitable in a sense. So ones that are needed to be
taken on a regular basis often in set doses. Yes. So a lot of prescriptions
would probably more likely you would use medication, especially in a more formal
sense. Okay, good. Medication is usually dispensed in
limited amounts and for shorter periods often a new doctor’s visit is required
to get more. Yes. So we’re not as likely to use the word medication for you know
when you just buy over-the-counter drugs. You don’t usually say you know you’re
going to get some over-the-counter medication, we usually say over counter
medicine. All right. Let’s continue here. Medicine is the most common word that is
used for substances taken to treat an illness. So here’s
where this crossover, especially with the average person. If they’re taking pills
or tablets, they very often will just call it in medicine. Of course it can
also refer to prescribed drugs and pharmaceuticals.
So this is where there is crossover where you an average person might be
able to use either one but a regular person uses the word medicine more. The
doctor uses the word medication more. But if you’re … but if you’re taking
the medicine regularly, like I said more in… in set doses and you’re taking
it kind of often you might really start to refer to it as your medication. Okay.
Let’s continue here. Okay. Drugs and pharmaceuticals too. But it’s not limited to that.
Many dictionaries often emphasize medicine and also refer to liquids as
well , especially cough medicine. Yeah we don’t usually hear people say cough
medication. Cough medicine is the more common one.
So when it comes to liquids you might be a little more likely to use word
medicine and the pills and the tablets you might be able to you know, you’d
probably be a little more likely with medication. But again you could use
medicine in that sense as well. But probably not medication for the liquids.
It can also be used to refer to some natural or herbal types of medicine. Yeah
we this is another one, we never say herbal medication or natural medication.
We will always use the word medicine. Okay. We also use the term medicine with
holistic medicine , allopathic and homeopathic medicine. So very often these
are not the prescribed drugs. So in this case we’re still able to use the word
medicine, but we’re probably not using medication. Yeah and remember medication
is probably more often from directly from the doctor and pharmaceuticals. Now
let’s continue. it is also important to note we use the word medicate as a verb
meaning to treat medically with or without drugs. So this is a little
unusual. We don’t usually have the verb medicine is usually not a verb. I did
find some dictionaries that had it but if they had it it must be a really old
obsolete use. I never here anybody say to medicine somebody or I’m
going to medicine myself. That would be really weird. We don’t … we don’t hear that.
So medicate kind of covers both. Whether you’re going to be using the word medicine
or medication. Because we don’t you know, in our modern times, we don’t really use
medicine as a verb hardly ever. I don’t think I’ve ever
heard it used. Let’s continue. So as a verb meaning. Yeah. So … so we can also say
self-medicate. Yeah self-medicate meaning to give oneself medicine without a
doctor’s supervision. Yeah. You know , if you learn about it and you … you do it
yourself , you figure you don’t need the doctor and if it’s hopefully it’s working.
You might be able to self medicate yourself. Even though, you may not be
taking the pharmaceuticals that you would need a prescription for. So the
verb medicate covers that. You cannot say self medicine. Yeah
nobody says self medicines themselves. But you could self medicate yourself. Okay. Let’s
continue. Medicine can also refer to the study and practice of preventing illness.
You do not say that you study medication. Yeah. So somebody goes to study medicine,
they don’t study medication. Maybe you could study pharmaceuticals but you
don’t usually study medication. Medication is you know, what is
prescribed by the doctor.. So that’s another clear difference . Right
and let’s just cover a few examples here. Example number one. I take three doses of
medication every day. Yeah. So especially when you’re talking about doses. You
might be a little more likely to use the word medication. I take three doses of
medicine every day. You might get away with it but medication feels more
suitable here. I bought some over-the-counter medicine
for my cold . Again we don’t usually say over-the-counter medication. We say
over-the-counter medicine. Okay number three here. That cough medicine really
helps to suppress my coughing. Yeah. Again we don’t usually say cough medication.
We usually say cough medicine. Okay. And the last one here. My medication is
running out. I need to make a doctor’s appointment. Yeah. So again when you’re
referring to the drugs that you’re taking that’s prescribed by a doctor
you’re taking on a regular basis these are the situations where you’re a little
more likely to use the word medication instead of medicine. Okay. Again I hope
you got it. You do have to realize there is some crossover , but I hope with this
video you got a little bit of a better feel when you would use medicine. When
you would use medication and a few of those instances where you … you would only
use one and not the other. Anyway I hope you got it . I hope it is clear. Thank you for
your time. Bye-bye.

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