Entrepreneurship and Innovation at ASU #1innovation #CONHI

The HEALab is the first ever entrepreneurship accelerator devoted specifically for health-related solutions. We are located at the base of the Taylor Place residence hall at the downtown campus. Here we have a great space that is underutilized and we have students who have great ideas who really do not have access or resources to go to the Tempe campus on a regular basis so we want to service them right here by bringing those resources to them. and then, ultimately connect them with the resources that ASU has to offer for supporting entrepreneurship and innovation. We are going to have guest speakers, we are going to have workshops as well where students can come in and learn about funding opportunities that ASU has to offer We are going to help students from any college who have an idea related to health. Our goal here is to create students who can leave ASU with the skills and knowledge to translate to any work environment, to navigate through those changes and create new solutions.

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