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hey guys welcome back if you like this
video don’t forget to hit that subscribe today we’re going to make an EOS whereas
snow globe managers are now made theirs and they had so much fun I thought I
would show you guys so let’s get started we’re gonna start with a clean empty aus
container first you need to remove the clear plastic inside the top half using
something pointed it should pop right out it should screw right onto the
bottom half of the West container that will be the globe I told you guys this
would be super AZ ok now with some polymer clay a field in the bottom part
making sure it seals the and around the sides this will create a CEO I use some
air dry clay so I didn’t have to put in the oven so I let that all air dry and
that made the CEO all the way around the bottom now instead of using clay to make
the inside sane I just cut off the tape over tree had and used a santa hat from
our scrapbooking stuff like I said this is quick and easy hehe so I wanted to
make it super simple as I could now I used the bottom part of the EOS to
hold the clear pays so I could fill it with water I used a medicine dropper I
had was a lot easier than a teaspoon I feel that this time I had to really feel
the medicine dropper and then I added a little bit the larger flaked later then
all I had to do was turn right piece of Assad down naked into the water twisted to screw it on give it a good
topped with us so that it seals it and there I’ve got it there’s your quick and
easy EOS snow globe if you like this video don’t forget to subscribe for more
DIY eyes and hair how to use this is Jay and I’ll see you next time


  1. Awesome, did ya know that I am the very first to post an eos snow globe video onto YouTube? Its on my channel if you would like to watch it, have a great day ^-^

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