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all right guys before we get started with today’s video I feel like it’s a very important for me to deal with the elephant in the room I know you’re all thinking it dr. bin why are you wearing white shorts after Lee first and foremost you’re comfortable shorts are breathable get really moving even flex second of all I don’t even know why we have that rule let’s just do it but here we are I promise I will do it again I feel like it matches nicely with my blue shirt but anyways I’ll play by your rules and next week I won’t have I’m dr. Ben for the past 12 years I’ve been blessed to own and operate one of the largest Chiropractic Wellness offices in the world along the way I’ve opened two more clinics and started a franchise company for a total of five well clinics I’m ridiculously passionate about my family my business and my Jesus and I’d like to live life to the fullest now it is time to switch gears from owning and operating clinics and start expanding this franchise empire from five locations to 500 please subscribe so you can come along this journey with me and watch the ups and downs as well as the practical side of natural healthcare welcome to building a health Empire with dr. bill [Music] welcome to episode 4 of building a health Empire I’m dr. Ben today’s gonna be a really fun episode we’re gonna talk about the five things that you have to have in your natural first-aid kit believe it or not we’re gonna use some raw cabbage today and it’s gonna be exciting so hang on tight here we go the number one thing that you have to have in your house for your natural home care kit is colloidal silver I’m actually gonna recommend two forms of colloidal silver but what this is this is a natural antibiotic antiviral antifungal is super effective it gets killing bacteria is how do you use colloidal silver dr. ben well simple there’s two forms that you want to make sure that you have first off you want to have the liquid form this is stuff what we do in our household anytime you get sick you have that sore throat that you know the next day you’re gonna get you’re gonna yell your strep throat or you just feel my crud your coats are the burn take little silver take a swig of it varlet and swallow it down a little silver you also use if you have like pinkeye it usually knocks out pinkeye like 18 hours so what you do is you can either put it in like a dropper a drop right in your eye you can put a little cap of it toward it your eyeball some people have even heard they take like a shot glass I mean you know do one of those in there and I don’t know why you’d have a shot glass in your house but that’s what you’d use colloidal silver now second thing you don’t want to make sure you use is you want to have it in the gel form we use this all the time to create what we call a poultice it’s funny you can ask my kids Liam even whenever he gets a scream he’s okay buddy so what we’ll do is we’ll make a poultice so we’re gonna make one of these together and what all this looks like is you want two things so you an activated charcoal and colloidal silver now for those of you really paying attention you can also use bentonite clay it works the same way as activated charcoal what is it’s a wicking agent so if you have ever have something like a poison sting like a brown recluse bite or like a really bad wasps abstain or something that just looks like it’s a little infected like an infected fingernail or a toenail you’re gonna want to create a poultice so what you do is you take your activated charcoal or to do this together power video we’re gonna speed this up a little bit but what you do is you take your activated charcoal now you can get activated charcoal in the capsule form which what we have here but you can also get it in like a powder form they sell it at a drugstore and sometimes I get Walgreens have to get it behind the counter is actually really potent to help people so you don’t like to overdose from drugs so they sell it behind the counter so people don’t take drugs and they take closer or take activated charcoal so what we’re gonna do is I’m gonna take this capsule and I’m gonna break it open so we have all that black charcoal now this stuff is like super black so hopefully you can see it they’re cameras gonna focus on that and then all you gonna do is you take your colloidal silver gel you take a couple squirts of gel in there and then take a toothpick and mix it up necessity in your home kit is both rubble be debates and PJ masks mandates listen you have kids and you’re not rocking the PJ masks man alright so we have our PJ masks band-aid so what we’re gonna do with our kiddos is we are going to open this up so take my PJ masks band-aid and there’s two ways to get this on your kid but you basically or you can say your kid could be you you’re basically take a big ol glob and arrow right there and then you’re just gonna stick it right on what do you think the gross thing is just like that and I’m rockin cap pointed it keeps anybody born with I mean what you know one dudes gonna change this two to three times per day my dad actually he got bit by a brown recluse and they’re like right here and he told me like on day three and he pulled his Sheriff he’s like is this normal and he’s like what is this and there’s like red streaks coming out my dad that is not good we made him a poultice and he actually wound up you know change it to 3 times today within one day the red sucked back in and then basically it became like this is it alright guys the second thing you need is ear oil particularly if you have young kids I would recommend having some oil particularly as we’re seeing ear infections and ear aches it is nice to have this on hand but if your kid deals with ear infections I’m gonna recommend that they get adjusted I mean chiropractic is amazing with ear infections when you get adjusted how about what happens is most of the time when you have a cold or flu or you know with your kiddos their ears get clogged up and that eustachian tube doesn’t drain you know the fluid out of their ear so it gets stuck in the station tube so that pressure builds in there and that’s the infection so as long as you can you know release that pressure then ears not going to get affected as normal and when you get adjusted it actually allows it to release the pressure from your eustachian tube out of your ear and you know a lot of times doctor you try to put tubes on the outside of the ear your through your eardrum to let it drain in your ear canal which it’s usually so unnecessary basically what it is it’s olive oil and with Garland you know you later kid under the Amish side and you put a drop in there and then here smear their ear around I’m not going to use to myself and then you take like a washcloth or something and you put on their ear and then you make them go in the other direction so that it helps to drain any excess of that oil out of there the third thing that you have to have in your natural medicine cabinet it’s going to be essential oils that are specifically for your skin the tools that I recommend generally are tea tree oil help in yoga and lavender oil these are really big skin oil so this is going to be like your natural you know anti itch and now a lot of people don’t realize how this how you do with oils they start taking a teacher oil and put it right on the skin and well most oils need to be cut with something else or else they will actually burn your skin so what you generally want to do is you want to cut that with a little bit of coconut oil so you’ll have you know some coconut oil in your hand put a couple of dots drops of tea tree oil and mix it up just in your hand and usually the best way and then smear it on there and that’s going to be your anti you know inch fourth thing that I’m going to recommend is always having on hand is your love oils and that’s gonna be eucalyptus and peppermint are my two favorites and that’s going to be you know we get the coffin the cold season you know you’re all stopped up in your nose and your launchers you’re constantly coughing I know that in our household item to get coughing so much at night that you’re waking up your spouse and you’re like man I need to go sleep on the couch or something I feel bad that’s when you’re gonna do your eucalyptus or your peppermint a little and how I personally do that is I’ll put them on like a paper towel or a rag and I’ll put not load about you two three four drops right on that so I can just smell it and I’ll even just fall asleep I feel like right here my pillow but there’s a problem with that and that is if you fall completely asleep with it on your pillow and then it touches your base bed for motor oil will burn like it kind of burns bad so make sure you don’t physically get this on you if you are pregnant I wouldn’t have a recommend peppermint oil because it oftentimes will spur on contractions I know Alexa of course we’ve been pregnant a lot recently and she I know I’d be having a hard time you know coughing or whatever and then I’d set up my little thing and she’s over there Wow so I believe it’s personal you’re in contractions so just be a little cautious of that so here we go the last thing is I want to show you is the cabbage trip this is the famous infamous cabbage trick so let’s clear out this table so I can do this for you this is one that you’re not going to believe it until you see it or try it all right so this next trick is a fan favorite this is the infamous cabbage trick when I tell people about this they never think it’s gonna work and then they come back the next day and say that was incredible this is something you’re gonna do on sore and swollen joints so if your wrist is hurting your shoulders hurt your knee your ankle may either it’s aching or you sprained it I personally do CrossFit so I’m always hurting something but my CrossFit coach Billy if you’re watching shout out Billy key I forget what it was he did he hurt his elbow or something I said man puts up and he’s like what do I do would be like a couple weeks said here’s what I recommend you do take cabbage and you’re gonna peel a couple of leaves off it here alright and again you got to see it till you believe it when you have that sewer join no matter what it is to be a finger or taking a rolling pin I’m going to try to do this on this Tim this is not exactly a real okay can you take a rolling pin you’re gonna mash this cabbage yep grab some saran wrap and I’m gonna grab some blue tape now trust me that this is gonna get weird for a second but we’re gonna come back from it also we’re going to see if I can tear that saran wrap on the first wrap it’s like the worst kind of tears around there so what we’re gonna do here’s one to load this up so let’s pretend I sprained my wrist man and that’s pretty common chiropractor by the way what the saran wrap is gonna do is gonna protect my bed when I sleep on it from getting disgusting cabbage juice all over my bed now this would be a great time for your spouse to jump in maybe some me personally I’d like to get goo all over my bed I know that I’m gonna toss and turn when I sleep so I’m gonna take some blue painters tape or some sort of masking tape and I’m just gonna give us up a little bit of assurance that I’m not gonna get cabbage all over my bed your wrists are swollen it’s gonna suck it right out it it is the coolest trick to get a swollen ankle if you have sprained her ankle sports injury wrap it in this crushed up saran wrap no wake up and I promise you’ll say sure does so that is the Cabot trip all right also if you’re watching this and you heard that about ear infections and you might need to go see a chiropractor bring your kids into a chiropractor we would love to have you in one of our well health clinics we specialize in corrective chiropractic and we do a lot with pediatric chiropractic we’re trained and skilled specifically with kiddos so if you want that normally exam console and x-rays $250 we do a YouTube Pro Mode every single week we need to examine some x-rays and a first adjustment for $40 go well epicenters comm follow the prompting choose the offers that’s closest to you and make sure you put in YouTube 40 ok business this week what did we get into well it was a busy week even though a short week first and foremost I’m looking for a lawyer so I had to interview some lawyers because we need to fire back up what’s called our FDD this is for franchise disclosure document it’s a documents you have to be prepared to have on file or access that the FTC the Federal Trade Commission can take a look at because there’s some very serious rules that a franchise has to follow so we’re working through find a new different lawyer there so that we can fire that thing up get moving the second thing you see behind me here of course some of that’s a shot the other week Hey look oh by the way this is so sad so this we used to hang at the front that’s me and Alexa and let’s see here that’s Liam upside down in James when he was a baby this is before his bail this was my I’m just kidding dr. chop is taking over so he needs pictures of him and his family up there anyways so we you can see behind me it was a lot of Facebook marketing so we were testing some Facebook marketing buttons and one thing that we it’s really important you know we have like our ad on Facebook and a lot of chiropractors are doing this we wind up doing this like low dollar ad and the problem is is that behind the scenes our special sauce is that we are a high integrity really high value office but we have to give this like low Groupon style Facebook ad so we’re we’re do that to build to build an ad they can let people understand what is that we do here is is no joke and we’re really really good chiropractors and everybody needs to get adjusted we’re also working through some other funnels so for people who we haven’t seen in a while we get a text and there’s an easy way for them to schedule themselves back online so that sort of stuff we’ve been working on this week office number six in Chicago we’re still working through that make sure you put a comment below there I did I do think I talked to another office at st. Louis last week and I think I might have blow in the doctor’s mind because he was telling me you know some of his press his practice statistics you know numbers and money and patients and kennel what he’s doing and I was telling him what we were doing and he I think he might have had a heart attack or stroke hey if there’s any other doctors out there some people are well make sure you talk to me and make sure that when you’re ready to hear how we do it in the numbers and the statistics be ready because we play at a big level so and I’ll leave it at that for today alright guys thanks for joining begin for another week of building a health Empire next week you got a big week on tap we’re going to be I’m gonna play a golf tournament next week and hopefully I’m gonna whip those turkeys I’m actually playing with a pastor financial advisor and really smart business guys so hopefully I’m gonna learn something and whip those turkeys in golf anyways guys if you liked the video make sure that you subscribe like and set the alerts all that fun stuff and we’ll catch you next week [Music]

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