Ep. 47 – Why Advocacy for Medical Rights Matters

you can't eat on this episode by the way okay are you did you not eat breakfast no I did eat breakfast that was like two hours ago oh my god I have this is like I've had four sips of bone broth that's literally what I've had and look at me I'm ready to go no sleep it's it's metabolizes something's wrong with me he's not wrong it's called a habit buddy yeah listen if I started eating every two hours every two hours all the time all the time all the time then when those two hours came up my body be like it's time to eat again I mean you've programmed your body to need that every – well you know maybe I'll try bone broth all day tomorrow this is bananas as grain free granola it's I don't care that it's healthy I care that you're chewing in the micro because what happens is you're gonna chew and then your stomach's gonna grumble about ten hours late – ten minutes later and then you're gonna have to put mute on your button because you're gonna be coughing to clear your throat from the things that are still stuck like so basically just she just wait I just eat the snack and then no you just do the first five minutes I'll do my mute button that's why you know I bought a mute button in case you let's test it make sure it's a now the mute button is off and except you just press it on no no it's like the opposite while you welcome us in I'll have my snack and we'll see how this goes Oh dr. Fogg having breakfast and I'm gonna tell you guys welcome to the vaccine conversation I just watched that one where we said we said at the same time is so funny I played it for my kids they were in laughing cuz I was like boo boo boo I played that back like five times for them and they thought it was the most hilarious thing ever and you know not everybody Hey I mentioned this two episodes ago I know I'm not everybody's cup of tea you guys you might not all find me that funny or find me that interesting or maybe don't like the fact that I weigh in with as many opinions as I do but guess what everyone this is me this is who I am love me or hate me if you love me I love you back and I'm happy that you're here and if you hate me just mute me until dr. Bob starts talking or don't listen I'm okay with either way listen we want people here who want to be here so yeah but if if anything you're always entertaining you know love you or hey your voice entertain did you welcome a sinner those kind of a half-hearted welcome to welcome April you're like welcome in you didn't like okay when you welcome in everybody to the vaccine conversation I'm dr. Bob and Melissa's here with me as always Melissa how's it going oh my god how patronizing is that I'm dr. Bob and Melissa here with me as always can't seem to shake me I keep showing up okay I'll do it again welcome everybody to the vaccine conversation with dr. Bob and here as always as my sidekick Melissa welcome I'm your sidekick really I have to be like down a notch as the person on the side of the motorcycle car like come on like let's really do this for me this is your last chance make this right welcome to the vaccine conversation with Melissa dr. Bob is here too there we go nobody no for reals I just want to say I mean think everyone has been listening us for a while completely a hundred percent know that you and I are completely equal partners in this it's not dr. Bob with Melissa it's not you know Melissa with dr. Bob it's Melissa and dr. Marla but I like because you I mean I value your intelligence your passion your conversational abilities and thank you don't have to have a snack every hour so yeah I'm gonna meet my buttoning to eat a little bit of my yogurt and let's just tell you about this episode meanwhile let's not feel sorry for the fact that I'm only drinking bone broth on a bone broth fast while he's eating like eight different meals during our podcast and that's not cruel and unusual punishment at all but you know I've gotten so many nice comments about they really like our they can tell we have such a good friendly relationship and that we have nice banter and that we have a good back and forth with each other because we really do we've worked together very closely for the last four years basically a lot of writing articles and researching things and going back and forth on facts and so we have a lot of time that's shared an experience that is shared and so we are there's a familiarity there that I think is comfortable for listeners it's there's not a lot of awkward time in our stuff which is good because sometimes you do hear that with people it's kind of like that uncomfortable awkward go ahead as I said what's gonna be awkward is if my mute Matt told me the mute button works 99% but it's not a hundred percent otherwise there's feedback so it'll be awkward if you're gonna actually can hear this chewing on the episode but we'll see we won't know until we play it back lucky for you guys you might not hear it but unluckily for me I am definitely hearing it so so that's awkward but but yeah so I appreciate that you guys like you know the dynamic that we have which is completely like we literally just press play on this button by the way there are no producers no other people here we don't have in fact even Matt our wonderful sound magician is not even here he hasn't been here since the first couple of episodes he sets things up or does things after the fact and maybe sets up remotely he actually logs onto his computer from home you can do that oh yeah and he controls it he sets it up and tells me how to look at it and and then I always have to glance over the board to make sure it's working and then Melissa freaks out she's like wait this isn't working so I mean you know where this is not some humongous professional organization that's running this it's literally two people in a podcast studio trying to have a conversation about a topic we're passionate about and a topic we know you want to hear about and there's no we don't have segments we don't have like it's not this is not organized in any way we literally are just having the conversation with you guys any and you know what I think that's what you love about it I think that's honestly what people like it's not overly produced it's not inauthentic we are literally just being ourselves and pressing the button and we just go right unless I stick to my voice like this right anyway but no you're totally right but as a result there could be a few longer rants or or some some chewing that you hear and coughing I mean because this is just like as legit as this could be as like being in the car next to you while you're listening to this is yeah I think you know right now we're I mean we've said this I don't know I don't know what order we're gonna air these episodes in but I mean we are both kind of very exhausted very tired we why are we exhausted yeah I mean it's yeah we try to laugh but yeah it's it's it's not a laughing matter we basically are in the middle of you know this this legislative situation in California where they're trying to basically change how parents get medical exemptions from vaccines or whether or not they qualify it's a it's a California bill yet other states are also dealing with similar bills and so I think this this message is applied a lot of states but basically or if they're not now they will be absolutely 100% and I you're totally right I think if it's not where you live yet it for sure will be in the next 5-10 years nothing that I think within the next three to five years right because we've seen this shift from everybody sort of accepting everyone else's viewpoint on vaccines to basically the you know the government and the media and pharma and medical associations all working together to basically make vaccines mandatory to you know to go to school and to go to daycare and and I you know I kind of was hoping they would stop there but I honestly feel like that will eventually become mandatory vaccines for everybody to be a human in our country I feel like they will literally eventually travel is just downright mandatory so that's why we I guess the today's topic is is advocacy you know coming out of your closet coming out of your box coming out of your your home to become an advocate for your the the Pro informed consent or the vaccine safety advocate movement and and we are gonna try to stir everyone up and tell you why that's important because what's going on in you know in California right now is is you know they're gonna change the law so that you're right now if your child had a severe vaccine reaction you medically can opt out of more doses of vaccines for that child and your next kids and if a mom or dad had a severe vaccine reaction you can medically opt out for vaccines for your kids if you have a lot of relatives that have very severe vaccine reactions or if you if there are tons and tons of you know serious medical disorders that could be directly related to vaccines and vachs risk in your family your doctor can give you a medical exemption to opt out of vaccines that's current law exist and they're basically trying to change that so that you can only medically opt out if you if if your child if the person you're trying to opt out of vaccines had a has a CDC contraindication to further vaccines right and that's and basically which is only encephalopathy coma you know severe brain damage permanent brain damage after vaccines or if you went into anaphylactic shock after a vaccine you would then be able to medically opt out of more doses of that one vaccine and that vaccine only not other vaccines and your doctor wouldn't decide whether or not you opt out it would be a public health official would decide whether or not you would opt out so can i clarify two things really fast one there have been school mandates since the late 70s okay that's when states started adopting mandates for public school entry so I don't want people thinking that that was never the case and now all the sudden they're pushing mandates mandates have always existed but there have always been exemptions for opt outs for a small percentage of people who disagreed on religious or philosophical belief grounds and then also for kids that are medically fragile genetically susceptible all those that small percentage of children always had the ability to opt out and still have the right to go to school and have their doctor make that judgment with them you know whether or not they could medically opt out but so that that's not new what's new is all of the legislation since 2014 that started in West Virginia and Mississippi that started taking away exemptions to that particular mandate so so now they are being forced in order to have any kind of education so it's not like that you always needed to have them but now but you had a way to opt out for that small percentage that had a very specific need for that and now they're taking away that need and they already did that in California but what they're doing this year is the one thing we have is a medical exemption for the children that are genetically susceptible previously vaccine injured they're at risk siblings are at risk family members those are the people that if this bill passes as it's written ninety-five percent of those people if not higher will lose their medical exemptions and be forced to either continue vaccinating to go to either public or private school or their parent will be forced to lose their job because we have mostly dual income families here in California because the cost of living is so high so they will be forced to lose their job and have to home-school a child even if that child is previously vaccine injured or vaccine damaged and even if that child's own physician with their medical documents family history and their file of information regarding privacy previous documented injury even if that doctor says it would be harmful for your child to continue vaccinating and there is a very severe risk of something else happening and you should be exempted even if that doctor says that it will not be accepted by the Health Officer of the state who will only be looking at the list of contraindications now I've had people say to me well I look at that list of contraindications and it looks longer than what you're saying but that's because it includes things like pregnancy which doesn't apply to children right children that have had a certain reaction to just one vaccine that exempt them from that one vaccine like intussusception that would be a contraindication but just for rotavirus so what we're mentioning are the two things that are a contraindication for all vaccines right but only the vaccine you got but it applies to it possibly applies to every possible vaccine because you can suffer encephalopathy which is by definition definition is you either went into a coma or you had a severely reduced level of consciousness and severe brain injury that that was permanent basically brain damage and anaphylactic shock where you had to get you know an epinephrine injection to revive you and save your life and you had to rush to the ER and and you know get your life saved those are the two contraindications that apply you know to to kind of all vaccines yes I mention them right so that's basically the kind of why we are now having in an advocacy episode is because they're actively trying to you know passed this law in California and other states but it but then again we feel like it's not gonna stop there either you know it it could I mean what more could they do they could basically again make vaccines mandatory to be a human in the United States and and the problem is everyone right now is saying oh that's impossible they could never do that there's no way our government would ever have such an extreme law well you probably already know where I'm gonna go with this but you go back you know 50 years a hundred years 200 years 500 years you look at an entire history of civilization and and all the atrocities that have happened you know worldwide you know government overreach and government making you know these terrible laws and and you know against certain people and and we look in hindsight and say oh how could the population have allowed that to happen how could the populace allow that and and that was so terrible if we go back to the beginning of each of those you know occurrences it always starts with one little thing they they they they take a class of people and they take away one little right because it sounds good to everybody no one does anything everyone stays quiet and then ten steps later the class of your society has lost all rights they're kicked out of society and and they they become you literally criminals and with no rights and society at that point almost still thinks it's okay until history looks back on them so that's what a worry of is happening now and not that you know that you can label this as an atrocity or anything on on par with what's happened in our history but basically you know they they you know are surpassing one law at a time that's narrowing and narrowing our rights more and more to the point where 10 15 20 years from now they simply make vaccines are mandatory with zero opt outs if you're going to be an American citizen if you're going to be human on this planet or Mars by that time – you will literally be forced to accept vaccinations and why wouldn't they go all the dozen and you as little as you think they're they're gonna do that I can guarantee they're gonna try to do that and this is just one of the final steps towards there's not much more they can do than what they're doing now but let's talk about why it's happening right now so this is like the busiest legislative season that I've seen in several years why is it happening now did California actually have anything happen that that prompted needing a bill like this when we're looking at 0.7 percent of children with medical exemptions less than 1% and to remind everyone nationally we have about a one percent rate of unvaccinated kids so even though you're hearing about this all over the news as if these kids are everywhere and overtaking our pop you know population we're still looking at about 1% of completely unvaccinated kids so think about that that means about 99 percent are selectively partially or fully vaccinated ok so just keep that in mind now why is it happening this year did California have anything go wrong no it did not our vaccination rates dropping well below you know eighty five percent no they're not in fact vaccination rates are higher now than they've ever been in our state they are higher now than they were in the year 2000 when measles was eradicated that they say but it was really eliminated but even then there still were in eighty six cases why is it happening now because there was an outbreak in New York at the end of last year and they realized they wanted to capitalize on the media onslaught that was coming and so the truth is these bills popping up in all these other states are just piggybacking on measles mania right that's what's happening is there a need for this are there outbreaks everywhere no so there's there outbreaks in 22 states according to the latest thing right some of these states might have six seven cases distributed all over the state in previously vaccinated or recently vaccinated people I've seen that with children in Michigan for example out of the almost 35 cases they have this as the geordie are adults but that's not a religious community see they're focusing on the religious communities where they know the children are unvaccinated by choice and that's true they are I mean this happens sometimes like the Amish community is we've seen these kind of outbreaks in self-limiting religious or cultural groups right but those are not they do not have devastating effects for the rest of the country because the way that those things they don't spread right but why is why are we having so many measles cases this year because there are measles cases in every other country right now at higher levels than usual specifically in Israel in Europe and now in the Asian countries like Vietnam Thailand Philippines so those cases exist all the time but we're having an elevated year this is what happens sometimes we have a lot of American citizens who travel internationally like they do every year and by the way there are measles cases every year you just don't hear about them making me a couple hundred cases you won't hear about them but we're having outbreaks in Israel so we have populations like ultra-orthodox Jewish populations or cultural groups that are having exposure while they're there and yes their children are unvaccinated so they're getting it and there might be a high number of cases because there might be a high number of those people in that particular place but this is not like spreading to all 50 states from just direct contact that's just not the reality and so they're using this as their ammunition to unveil I mean some bills were unveiled at the very last moment in other states because they're like oh this is good this is happening this is our chance to pass it no they have a better chance now yeah then we and then the unfortunate is bad timing we now have a Los Angeles outbreak you know that's that's starting off very small and but but now you know UCLA and then another Cal State them and they're all everyone's being quarantined and as it's all over the news not that that prompted the California law but it's it's you know it's right you know it's it's kind of good timing for those who want to pass this law and for the facts we fear here and there will be but so for the record I talked to the LA County of Department of Public Health myself and all five cases are adults okay and now and people might say why is that important it's important because we're not talking about unvaccinated schoolchildren so it really has absolutely no bearing on a laws are trying to pass or on legislation about further exclusion of medical exemptions or other exemptions they are five adults one was from international travel was the initial case to Vietnam coming back and exposing to family members also adults and then a fourth case that was a family member or friends excuse me and then the fifth case is somebody who traveled to Thailand and came back with it again it's happening other places so everybody that is used to traveling other places this time of year to visit family or whatever and used to come back without measles or is now you know some people coming back with measles so the point being measles outbreaks for the United States virtually never and I can actually honestly say virtually never are starting in a school and and are being caused by a unvaccinated school child that's virtually never the case and I think it was the case once maybe like eight or nine years ago but that's that's the minority it's for the most part it's it's it's vaccinated adults who have lost their immunity because we don't revaccinated ult's for measles because the the side effects are too severe from the vaccine if they tell you it's lifelong immunity so you don't need to wait they assume you have lifelong immunity but most adults are not immune to measles so they travel even if they're vaccinated those thought they might still catch measles and bring it back or they might be an unvaccinated adult and catch measles somewhere and bring it back that's where it's starting but that's why school mandate laws won't change that yeah well change we don't have herd immunity among adults because the vaccine wears off and and also Melissa you kind of made a good point but I think we do want to move on to advocacy but everyone who naturally caught measles you know prior you like back in the 50s and 60s and then we have this huge elderly a population that are completely immune to measles because they have natural immunity so that's why we don't see measles in the elderly because they all got natural immunity you know decades ago as they pass on as they pass on from old age that population is declining so we're not going to even have the naturally immune older adult population we're gonna have all the elderly are gonna not have any herd immunity because their vaccines wore off but we can't revaccinated effects if you're wondering it's rheumatoid arthritis is a very common side effect if you get a MMR vaccine as an adult but you know they are actually they are they're saying that tough luck you have to just take the risk that you might suffer lifelong rheumatoid arthritis anyway because we want to give you another MMR vaccine but but I mean the whole point being is you know that's partly why we're seeing more outbreaks worldwide is because countries have lost their lifelong natural immunity because we stopped allowing kids to catch measles when they are young and so that's partly why we're seeing it everywhere it's not just because fewer families are deciding to do in a measles vaccine nation well that number is not really rising that much again it's around one percent so and in fact more people are vaccinating with measles vaccine this year and last year and the year before than ever what's the what's the measles vaccination rate in California it's about ninety seven percent yeah ninety-seven percent of school kids are getting vaccinated with needles and we're still having outbreaks is because the vaccine wears off in adults and it doesn't protect every single child and if there are outbreaks elsewhere this year that happened but yeah we don't wanna make this a measles episode I think we really want to say you know what should people start doing but I think it the reason we're mentioning this or the reason is is because I want people to know this information so that they can combat this when they're gonna have the conversations they're gonna have with the citizen advocacy which is what we're here to talk about so we've been doing town halls to help educate people around Southern California and even in central California we're going to be doing more of those they've been extreme successful we've had an amazing amazing turnout thousands of parents and not just an amazing turnout but an amazing return on the investment right because we are realizing and hope and hopefully we are helping people realize that like dr. Bob said this is the end you know when a bill like what's trying to happen in California passes we're really at the end of where our rights are going to be anymore and then they've already threatened going after home schoolers which would be their only option for schooling which means you are no longer going to allow your children will not allow to have any education in the state of California even if your child is vaccine injured and we need people to understand that there is not a next time to get involved and so you know everybody was asking us to Facebook live our town halls or podcast about our town halls but are you getting on even though people I know that there are people that would have loved to have access to that information you know this information is for showing up in person coming together and mobilizing in person and I would say that is my number one thing that I would suggest when we're talking about how do we advocate for medical freedom and informed choice at this stage of the game there are a couple things but the first thing I would say is we need in-person mobilization you can no longer sit on Facebook and comment and like and share things and think that you're making a difference in the world because while you may be exposing somebody to some information they haven't seen you're most likely exposing it to the people who have already are already in this fight and we know that Facebook is censoring information anyway so if that is your source and your level of political advocacy I want you to close that chapter and say goodbye to that part of your life and I want you to step into a new role and a new level of advocacy which is almost like going back in time we are not going to be using just social media to communicate to each other we have to communicate to each other and educate each other in person so the first thing we need to do is this advocacy has to be about taking action the first most important thing actual action not again not Facebook posting not emailing somebody just emailing some of these something we have got to physically show up we have to show up together and we congregate and we have our education and we have to show up at our representatives offices and let them know the truth about what's going on it's not like you're just showing them up to be like hey I disagree with this this is my opinion and I'm disagree and you should listen to me cuz you're my elected representative like that's not the conversation we're having we're having the conversation of I'm a constituent and yes you do represent my voice because you are my elected official but there are some serious things wrong with this law and I would like to take some time to let you know how this law is going to negatively impact our family and why my child who's experienced suffering and terrible injury is now going to be left unprotected by the state with their educational and personal and medical rights stripped from them and how this is unethical and and we need to have a conversation about it that's the conversation you're gonna have with your legislator right it's not gonna be like coming in there and be like you work for me damn it and you better do what I say and you know that's not the conversation we're having right we're gonna have a respectful polite why are you laughing is why you went into a kind of a southern Midwest that gun that you work for me and you represent my voice and I got you licked in the first place and so you better listen to me but no but but I think it's a good point that you really have to be conscious at how you're presenting yourself in this movement and I think one thing we saw yeah I totally feel for people who are so angry about these issues and they really speak their mind about it and then we saw in the and the legislative hearing that we just were on you know a lot of people were very very angry about this law they have every single right to be excuse me but I think if you look at it from I think up a professional standpoint or a political standpoint or the people who who kind of understand this is why we cannot eat into the micro I think I'm done we'll see I think that could be the first time you've ever put your hands here for as a real life you've known me for four years and that's the first time that's pretty good just that you've seen I mean don't think I don't do it at home no you have texted me face palming of an emoticon all the time I roll emojis probably more than anything just be like oh please oh yeah anyway so where was I oh yeah how you're presenting yourself because well first let's congratulate let's take a second yeah to congratulate the citizens who show up in every state not just ours yeah and and put their voice on record and drive 5 6 7 10 hours to be there with their children take a day off of work pull their child out of school or have to get somebody to watch their child at school while they come what child at home while they come to the capital of whatever state that they are in in buses you know paying for airplane flights we're talking about a huge disruption in the life of American citizens that have done nothing wrong and I want to just congratulate every single person who took the time and the effort to show up listen I get it you guys not everybody is going to be a trained political savvy person and this is intimidating and this is overwhelming and it's emotional because of the suffering the years of suffering these parents have already endured we saw several parents burst into tears during just having to save their name and that they opposed because there's so much riding on this and this is life or death for many families so while those legislators this is just another bill and they've got lots of them to get through for you guys I know how much courage and bravery that it took to show up you've never done this before in your life and you're showing up and you want to make sure that you are contributing to the democratic process I applaud every single one of those people I could care less if somebody wants to criticize anything about them anything about the way that they they did things I understand where that's all coming from right now could we do it better yes right so yes thank you so thank you for saying that because that's so important that that's the most important message I just can't tell you my personal opinion and I will admit that I don't know you know what the exact best way to do this is but my impression is is when someone goes up to that microphone you know to say they're opposing it and they say something extremely disruptive something very very negative and then yeah just was i folder they're not following the rules and you know the rule is you state your name where you live what your occupation is your children and whether or not you oppose and then someone needs you know you know 10 or 15 more seconds to kind of give a message there even just breaking the rule on that my impression is that I worry that that negates the 20 people that just came up to the microphone before you and and gave kind of like a more thoughtful or professional or following the rules and and and I'm not even counting cry I mean yeah if tears come to your eyes that's great because that's important because that's how you feel yeah but I'm talking about the rude disruptive extreme personal attacks I almost feel like you know the five people that just came in front of you that they might have said something great like like some people would say even quick three seconds yeah my child had a seizure after vaccines and won't be able to go to school if this bill passes that's a great little you know three second message you know my child I had a severe reaction and won't be able to go to school anymore if this vaccine passes I'm I'm I'm a teacher and I CEI I know you know students in my class who who were only mildly injured from vaccines won't be able to come back if this passes you so a lot of those great statements will will the legislators will hear that and then someone comes up then just kind of just bashing you know a legislator being a very rude and disruptive I worry it negates their the 20 people that came in front of you and you're just you're making the legislators up there that might have started to listen and hear because wow these aren't a bunch of crazy people they're they're you know they're you know people are presenting themselves in a very respectful manner maybe I should listen to them oh no here comes one crazy person now I'm not gonna listen to them anymore because they're all crazy I worry about that and I don't know if I'm right and I will completely sofware Melissa just said that you have that right to be to be that way I mean if if you feel like you need to be extremely disruptive and rude and then personal attacks because that's what you just have to do every American has right to do that but I worry if that hurts you know our side of this process well I will say I wasn't I wasn't suggesting that everybody has a right to be rude and disruptive because that's not really effective but what I'm saying is I understand not everybody is politically savvy about this and listen okay two things I want to bring up one there is a black cloud surrounding our advocacy at all times right so it doesn't matter if you show up in business professional and you are an attorney and you are an educator and you are some other type of medical professional and you show up in business professional with your data and your facts if you're coming to oppose a bill a bill about vaccines it's already the Capitol swarming with the anti-vaxxers are gonna be here today right okay so we are working against a huge mountain of judgment as it relates to who we are as a movement and when people try to say like you should be more like this group that is is in the Senate today opposing something you should be more like are you paying attention no I am I'm getting a really important text about that thing later today oh my goodness he is so distracted okay so listen Liz this is important we have heard feedback from offices that say you guys should be more like this group that's opposing this because they did things whatever the every other group that opposes any other thing does not have to fight the stigma that we are fighting before we even walk into the Capitol so you know we have to have a little leeway there with understanding that it doesn't matter how you look and present yourself always because you're gonna still be the people fighting this bill that's something we always work against oh that's a reality about art this issue this month is because it's so polarizing and so hostile in the media that's why okay so that's the first thing the second thing is this is a citizen's bill and I said this the other day because this is a people's bill this affects people mom and pop random Joe schmo's of California those are the people getting into there in some cases small and old car driving 78 hours just to put their waiting in line for hours to just put their name on record this is not a bill with organizational people against it it this isn't it which is what typically happens right there are very few citizens bills where you get this number of people that are coming to voice their opinion you typically have bills where you've got I represent the CMA and I and I support this bill I represent the AAP and I support this bill there are people that were there in support that are representing organizations and this is what they do all day long literally like with different bills all the time so this is just another day's work for them but for us this is a people's bill when you have a people's bill like this you're gonna get all types right that come and these are all and we're so glad that everyone's coming again I think well not just as far as numbers I am so impressed that in an age of non-action that we are seeing people take action because these are so these are people who could be 40 and 50 years old that never come to the capital to give their opinion does that mean that they've never had a bill impact their life no they probably didn't know about it they weren't involved they weren't educated on it and now they're showing up so that's why I want to applaud all these people is because it takes a lot to show up especially when you have this stigma against you so already we've got so many hurdles that we're fighting that I think that that's incredible what I think we could do better is show the best sides of us I know that the emotion is there and I know that there is a lot of hatred towards legislators that have put our families in these devastating circumstances because again they don't know us they don't know our names they don't know our children's names and they don't know what they've done to us and what they're continuing to do they don't know how this is literally disrupting marriages if people are losing their jobs people have to leave a state that they've lived in for 30 and 40 years it's destroying families because now you're gonna have to move away from other older family members that can't move with you this is truly devastating lives and as a result you show up to that microphone and you feel it all in that moment you're feeling you know you and you're not them the most like emotional person all the time let's say but there are people that they wear those emotions on their sleeve and when they come up to that microphone it spills out maybe they didn't want that to come out but they're just they are just so frustrated and so that's why I get it I totally did it and so and that was a first hearing for many of these people so I think as the process moves along it'll be a little easier to regain some composure and regaining composure is not to take away from the emotions that you feel regaining composure is to be the most effective with your time because if your voice is going to be recorded you want it to say something that's going to register with a legislator that's going to keep sticking their minds and it shouldn't be a personal attack it should be something that says like you're saying exactly what happened to your child briefly what your educational background is and your professional background show them that these educated intelligent parents have been victims of an unfortunate circumstance that this kind of bill will be further punishing with no fault of their own that they are going to be left out in a lurch because of something like this so that's why we want that met that's the real message this is not pretending to do something else we're talking about tell the truth this is the truth but tell the truth in a way that will be the most effective use of your time and this is not just California this is anybody anywhere if you are advocating and you should be advocating for this if you're not and what are you doing but um if you're advocating for these causes and you have friends and family members bring them with you it doesn't matter what they do with their children or what they did when you know a generation ago what matters is that they love you and they support you and your children and bring them with you to the capital of the next hearing whatever state that you have or bring them with you to your legislators office and let them know let your legislator know how many people this is going to affect have those people calling on your behalf we're talking about potentially you know into the hundreds of thousands of families with all extended family and friends that would be affected by this kind of devastation so we need to be seeing that many people stepping up and stepping up by taking action and you know what you guys the truth is some of these decisions have already been made before even the hearings before even you showing up but that's not why you do it you do it for you you do it for your child like the reason you take action on this and the reason and my big thing that I tell everybody is do not stay silent right I even use it as a hashtag do not stay silent share your story because they have forced us in a corner and they've forced us to have to get loud about it they are trying to quiet us and hope we just comply and we'll eventually just go away and if we stay silent and keep this kind of like a little hidden thing in our family or our social circle but we don't really want to tell anybody because we're afraid of this oestrus austra cessation sure sighs ostracization if are afraid of that we are harming the movement and we're harming our families because what we're saying is it's okay that they're doing this to us I'm just gonna pretend it's not happening and what we're also doing is we're making it seem like this is very rare because there are only a handful of people speaking out about it the rest of the people think well I haven't really heard any of my friends or family talk about a vaccine injury yeah so as we stay silent the idea that this is rare that narrative continues on supported if we step out of our silence you said before I step out of the box we come out about this story people will start hearing and they could at least have two and three examples of people in their social circle that were honest about it and all we're saying is be honest be honest you're not trying to continue convince somebody else to agree with you and move forward in whatever way you're moving but be honest about it and let them know this is happening and who's gonna be affected by it right yes yes exactly are you gonna stop being silent about that I know and then that's I think that that silence has hurt our movement greatly like you said I've run things severe vaccine reactions are only one in a million and when instead the reality of you know if it's one in a thousand if it's one in five hundred if that many people start coming out and speaking out about it what a difference that's gonna make but you don't just come out and start shouting about it you come out by sharing your story with your friends heart and your family members people that already know and love you if you if you're listening to this or you and even more importantly if you know somebody who isn't listening to this but you know somebody who is staying silent out of fear yeah exactly but I think it's incredibly important that you tell people that you love make sure everyone you love knows your story because if if you if you've been silent out of fear but if you then tell them your story now and they want to turn their back on you than they were not worth having 100 permit it is not a loss that you will feel down the line I can guarantee you because I've been there right you will not feel that loss I promise you right and and the the number of people that will stick with you and have your back and will join this movement even if it's all on your behalf so you're one family what if your 10 closest friends and neighbors and community people that you know joined you they don't even have vaccine injured kids but they join you you've just multiplied your effectiveness by 10 and we're talking about heart-to-heart conversations that are impactful and effective and not on Facebook in personal email so I I have a friend who has been in this for a long time and she emailed all of her friends and family their personal story people who she's known for years that she's never told and even though she's been in advocacy on like Facebook and involved in this she had never had the personal communication with people and even an email which is a more intimate form of communication especially these days she got so many supportive and positive responses by people some people who she had no idea we're in the same boat and she had been like having contact with them for years not knowing because we're so afraid to talk about it and in in reality we need to know it's happening so we can make a change and we can find solutions for this yes that's why we need to know yeah and I think if we don't I think any government any of the media even society if they think there is a dangerous segment of their society as sort of the segment of the society that's dirty contagious is putting everyone else at risk because that's again that that's how they I'm intelligent but that segment of society is very small then society will feel like they have absolutely every right to completely discriminate against you ostracize you kick you kick you out of out of their society you know forget you know separate but equal education we're talking no education there you're not separate that's another good point I mean not separate drinking fountains no drinking fountains you're not even allowed in the park you know you're not allowed on the bus you're not allowed you know in our cities you know we're gonna we're gonna you know move you outside the city so you can live somewhere else I mean I mean the historical examples are very numerous that is what they are going to do to vaccine safety advocates you know Pro informed consent advocates people who are you know you know people who are simply trying to raise their kids naturally but are silent because they only think oh well there's only there's only you know a few thousand of these families in California we have every right to discriminate against you if they knew there were a million families like this in California that wouldn't be so easy for them to discriminate against us and and we can't make it easy to be discriminated against right exactly because that's what it comes down to is people think well you know I mean I'm just gonna sort of be quiet about this and hope it doesn't get worse it's like that is not going to be the solution right we have got to be louder and not louder in the way that they think we're gonna be louder like all these anti-vaxxers and misinformation and bla bla bla louder in the sense that we are going to share our stories these stories you guys are real they have happened to people we're not fabricating anything this has happened and you know what that led me to a question I wanted to ask you you know as I'm watching all these people come to the mic and talk about their their stories of vaccine injury with their family and that's just who could show up that day right I'm looking at I'm thinking senator pans watching this and I'm thinking does he even believe that vaccine injury happens and if he only thinks it happens one or two times per million or whatever does he think the rest of all of those parents are completely lying I want somebody to ask him that question yeah are you saying are you suggesting senator pan that all of these people who have taken this long ride or plane ride to get here today and brought their injured children are you suggesting and telling me that every single one of these people is lying about this injury is that what you're suggesting because think about that that is a very personal attack on us as parents if he literally is looking that's going are we making it up or where what would we gain from this what are we gaining from this we are not gaining anything we've talked about that before so are we lying right yeah what he thinks I want to know I know well I would say that the general doctor perspective is not about the lying but yeah doctors are trained to feel that vaccine injuries all of them are coincidental okay so are we lying right so he probably I would think doctors don't think you necessarily lying or you're making up that these things happen so what they're just assuming is not due to vaccines so are okay so are we lying about it if we have doctors supporting us by writing medical exemptions saying that are we lying because in order for us to be there and we know that we're this highly educated portion of society because data has shown that we know it's the higher educated parents are the ones that are questioning the aggressive 69 dose vaccine schedule if we're educated and we're showing up okay and we've got our child there and we're saying this is happening is he telling us that we're lying that's what I want to know because by him by him dismissing all of us as if it's okay to pass this law you guys are just gonna have to deal with it he's telling us that we are lying about it because no person with a heart could look at thousands of children who are injured and say it's still okay that you're gonna have further injury so I think somebody needs to call him and whoever out on all these other legislators that push this stuff are you telling us the thousands of people here today are lying about our stories you cannot tell me I'm lying you cannot tell me that because you were not there with me right don't know my story that's the point right you know what I'm saying like I realized I said does he not believe that these exists and if he doesn't believe they exist are we lying why are we taking a day off of work to show up to lie about something right and then that I think that goes to motivation I mean everyone has to have a motivation to be this active in this movement and I think I mean everyone either has a financial motivation or they I I guess it's mostly financial motivation if you are going to devote your life to doing something so every single it's not like a family that they suffer a vaccine injury and they're like oh my gosh I can make tons of money off of this if I start talking about it or or I'm just gonna make this up and join this movement you know that literally families who you've had a severe vaccine reaction happen to their child they gain nothing by speaking out about it they lose they risk losing a lot they gain nothing and and you know dr. Hodes has on the Joe Rogan show and other people have kind of asked you know what is their motivation you know it kind of as evidence that that their motivation is real and their stories are real I think Joe Joe asked Peter oh does yeah what do you think their motivation is and I don't know we're not lying if we're not lying and we're just misguided so are you saying that we're unintelligent and unable to decipher things like this ourselves oh but the data shows that we're actually higher educated so now what's your argument if we're not lying and we're not misguided then what's your argument about why we're here like somebody needs to call these legislators out in public like in a hearing on this fact because what are you talking okay Tedeschi no business people that are parents that have degrees and professional backgrounds okay have doctors who have agreed with them that their child would be at harm are showing up to oppose a bill and they are giving thousands of examples of why this is going to devastate and hurt families if you know we're not lying and you know that we're educated how could you be a human being with a beating heart and look at these people and say it's okay that your child has further damage somebody has to call them out right and and we know I mean we know all these legislators are human beings we know they have hearts again I I think for me a– goes back to it goes back to the doctor mindset that you know melissa we are literally trained that every single vaccine reaction is coincidental I get it holy gateway so so so I I don't know anything sorry it's coincidental probably with not that ok so then are we so unintelligent that we weren't able to put two and two together I I would maybe I'm guessing that they're expecting everyone to agree that it was coincidental and it wasn't due to the vaccine and you should just therefore keep vaccinating however that's not the truth anyway and if there was one person showing up in opposition maybe but we're talking about thousands of people they can't all be wrong doctor but they can't all be wrong maybe one or two people could be wrong they can't all be wrong I know this is why I don't do coffee no but seriously like I was thinking about this yesterday and I'm thinking does he think we're all lying then if he thinks that these vaccine reactions aren't happening because if he thinks they're real and they're happening you can't legislate this bill and if he doesn't think they're real does he think we're all like you know like mentally inept does he think that we don't have the intellectual ability to understand what's real and not real and if he if he knows that we're higher educated what does he think our motivation is does he think that some of these people just don't want their kids vaccinated maybe they're a couple of those but what about the rest of the people with factual injuries that said it yeah and and and you know the that committee is not the only committee that's seeing these stories because we know families have been faxing in or hand-carrying and they're their stories to the to all legislators doing that yes yeah if I could say one thing for you to do already said facebooking doesn't count and take action totally ineffective you write down your story of vaccine injury and your family and you know and how you got a medical exemption if you did it doesn't matter if you did or not if you have a vaccine injury story you need to personally make sure you've gone into your your california assembly person's office and your cow for Enya senators office or whatever state that you're in your representatives on your state and and even go into your federal representatives office too so on the federal level I'm make sure that you have personally shared your story with their office because if they get five stories that doesn't matter if they get five hundred stories it matters and I from the patients I talk to I can guarantee with 100% certainty every legislators district in in you know all over our state and everywhere has probably at least five hundred constituents living in our district who have suffered a severe vaccine injury because we know the data shows that that it is that common and they need to hear from you guys if you haven't personally done that and walked it walk to your story into the office and these bills pass then to me that's a problem that that is a problem because you didn't do the the most basic thing that everyone has the right to in a democratic society and I'll say that even if a bill has passed so maybe you're just hearing this podcast your bill already went through in your state devastatingly I want people to still show up go make an appointment with your senator and your Assemblymember and still go share your story you never know who you're going to impact with the truth of your experience you don't know the aid or the staffer in their offices you never know whose eyes you can open to the reality that these people exist these children exist and I'm sorry all the medical establishment who thinks I'm giving misinformation with what I just said but the truth is it's real it's real it's happening it's happened these children need to have a voice you have to be their voice you have to tell their story it is it is a shame to them to stay silent and not let somebody know that this is happening go be your best educated and professional self and show up at your representative no matter what state you're in listening to this or what country that you're in go to your local politicians office that represents you your representative and go even bigger if you if you want and you can get to even higher of office and go share your story if you're part of a group with 20 and 30 and 50 moms and dads that are in the same boat all right them down and on take that packet in if you're part of a larger group of a thousand 2,000 3,000 have everybody write them down on a one piece of paper and take them and have them print it out and take a packet of 500 stories and drop it down on the desk of your representative and say I am just one of these and this is what's happening and we need your help right we need to be and deserve to be protected right and and what's really important is and the huge problem is we all wait until the very end when there's a bill to take action yeah this this season the like legislators only meet for certainly a few months out of every year to do bills the whole rest of the year there they're out around you in their home districts and they're legislating there they're helping the guy things they're doing you know all the things they do and they have they have way more free time the whole rest of the year and what's what's killed us is we never do any of this until a bill is on the table when a bill is on the table that's the absolute busiest time of that legislators year because your legislator is actively trying to work on his or her own bills and get her own bills done so they don't mess it have time to listen to the bill that you care about and so they you it's harder to get a meeting this time of year do it anyway but what we need to start doing is all year long right don't wait for a bill to happen start sharing your vaccine injury stories you know when it's not the part of the year where everyone's too busy to meet with you and and I'll tell you what what what angers me and anger is mostly directed at myself is um you and I have this conversation back in December when when you and I both kind of decided that this California bill was going to happen this year we suspected and and so I went to to two people that are very active in this legislative movement the the leaders of two really big organizations that are that have tons of grassroots followers and they you know of all the meetings and they they're in Sacramento all the time they're two of the leaders of this movement I told both of those leaders send there's going to be a bill in California this year that's gonna try to take away vaccine medical exemptions I'm I don't know if I don't know I don't have evidence of that but I suspect they're gonna do it this year so now right this very moment we have to start getting every family to go to the legislature to share their vaccine injury story and both of those leaders told me no it's not gonna happen this year you know we have eyes and ears in Sacramento you would know we would know you know our our people would have told us you know we don't want to you know have everyone waste their time and use their time unnecessarily it's so exhausting to have people advocate that way so we would rather people continue the grassroots movements kind of in their communities and and try to you know you know we're gonna keep sort of to try and decide what to do but dr. Bob your idea of having parents waste their time doing that is an ineffective use of time right now we should because we we we don't hear any rumors of that and then we know but even if there wasn't them going to have those meetings would have never been ineffective no you know you're right you're right but I think the idea is what can we do now to make a difference and I said there's no reason to do that now so if we had started that back in December and January and February before all the bills started coming along and people had time to meet with their legislators and they could have had meetings and we could have plopped those 500 stories down in front of your personal legislator instead of just their aid we could have preempted this because we know once a bill is introduced to the committees it's then it's probably one you know we've probably already lost once again so it gets introduced if you can convince all your legislators before a bills ever introduced that the idea of such a bill is a bad idea so the bill would never even get introduced because the senator trying to introduce it can't get enough support you've already reached their legislators so we failed in this respect in California and I should been more adamant about about what I wanted people to do and I kind of I said okay I stepped back and then when we heard about this bill I then you know got a lot more active in doing this so the reality is everyone listening we all need to be more active in the political process period right and consistently right we are no longer gonna let these bills be introduced and passed and steamrolled over us we're gonna stay mobilized yeah but but we have to be smart about how we're doing it so I think the number one thing you can do if is if you're in a state that doesn't have a bill like this right now and there's no vaccine bills in your state it's too late probably to do it this year wait until this legislative cycle is over because everyone's you know running around their heads cut off right yeah they're too busy when things quiet down you start this movement in your state by actively taken to your legislators you're you know combine groups of vaccine engineers injury stories from every single person in your state again don't follow California's lead on this because we we didn't you know we didn't succeed in that earlier like we should have this year and we're hoping that you know that we succeed this year as as this moves forward but anyway take action in this way in your state so that when a senator in your state tries to introduce a bill like this next year to your state you'll have preempted that and that's that bill won't get enough footing hopefully to even be introduced and then you know we'll all be moving to your state because let me encourage you for people who have state informed choice groups do your best to be creating your networks that are gonna be off of Facebook do not make Facebook the only source of you guys connecting and strategizing and you know discussing your activism you are gonna have to get emails from people and start getting meetings on a regular basis once a month with the in your county of informed choice parents and there needs to be a leader in every county of your state that's running these so that we stay connected and we stay involved and we're just gonna have to go bigger and I Got News for you guys I'm not getting quieter on this and I don't want you to get quieter on this either we have done nothing wrong my child has done nothing wrong it is not fair that she is going to be discriminated against or lose her educational rights or medical rights when she suffered already so I'm not letting this happen and you should not be letting this happen and we should all be fighting this together and we have to take it to the next level and we have to take it off of just social media and we have to start getting together in person to make a difference start having the conversations with everybody that you know everybody around you tell them your story tell them how this would affect you and how your life would be changed we know so many families would be devastated by this do not stay silent I mean we literally consider and talk for two more hours but hey we're gonna this is this is so this is so so critical and Thank You Melissa for your passion as you've given these same speeches in these town hall meetings over these last are you suggesting you've heard this before and if this is not new I said new things today yeah no and I have not said yes in a town hall because every time it's something different whatever is you know we're going on yeah but listen if you are also if you are leaders of informed choice movements in other states and you want to connect because we realize this is a national effort and we need to stay connected on a national level as well email or message our excuse me message our immunity education group on Facebook email and then we'll be able to connect via traditional email so that we can all stay informed and connected for efforts that we're gonna need to start mobilizing our much bigger level right again rate and review us of course as always only if it's five stars yes and only if it's a nice review you hear me did you hear what I said that was the mom just came out of me all right thank you guys really when with Melissa and dr. Bob you see the information in this podcast is for entertainment purposes only it is not intended as medical advice always consult your health care professional for information on vaccines and infectious diseases

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  1. Being the most effective with your voice at public meetings: Dr Bob might or might not be correct with his views of how to best represent yourself at a gov hearing.

    I prefer the fire and brimstone way though. Give them hell. they know exactly what they are doing up there and they all know how much they have been payed to turn their back. And if you dig into the numbers they are hurting kids. Being rational and pleasant wont do anything.

    As far as the public goes.. they love a good train wreck. they love emotion. They wont even rubberneck for rational discussions. When it comes to corrupt politicians… come out and shout.

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