Episode 25: Food and Behavior

come on come on the right side I know
you’re out those are I’m pretty sure those are
going right camera please who’s the right home is so funny yeah
alright well guys we’re back this week again well known it’s now it’s been
spend months and but anyway the podcast is a little bit has shorter hair than it
did last week it is a less pretty exactly we lost coffee girls not here
today she’s right this here is not on camera but not cheating up kimmm up to
the podcast levels so that’s what I was told this morning never listen this line
of work isn’t for everybody exactly it is how one can sign honey
Vulcans nine there you go no it’s not working on it yeah I know
but I was the other one exactly yeah it ends up it ends up more like a yeah the
lefty she likes your act on the face follows so we wrapped up last night the
last run over the last kind of call group call of our first nutrition yep
group the autoregulation nutrition group before we get into the substance of that
I want you guys to know this stool you’ve seen me sitting on for now it’s
almost like six months yeah with this podcast we did was structurally not
constructed in a way that was meant to support anyone let alone me so that
means that you could have you could you could have seen Tyler just yeah if you
do that if you do follow me on Instagram you’ve seen it by now but but maybe I’ll
pre posted when this one comes out this yeah but like doing they’re cool but
this he was like 10 inches I’m on the call there’s 10 people on the call thank
God I wasn’t talking or anything so there’s no noise and they weren’t
looking at me especially cuz normally people watch the view or like yeah it
just pops up on who’s talking so most people probably missed it until
the replay which is everyone yeah but I go and I like lean back and all of a
sudden whatever holds the rod of this barstool up just quit
like I’m fucking done it’s been six months man and I went like all 140 kilos
of me in like an 18-inch fries freefall with a dead stop right on my tailbone
nigga all on camera knows about you become an old shoulder yes yeah actually
then he paid cool and oh I’m good I just disappeared off the camera and grabbed
that stool it but anyway that was our last call for that group and there was
kind of been a lot of one really good progress yeah it’s been a lot of really
good learning that’s been done that trip or that during this last well we’ve all
you stops flowing yeah you’re gonna make it come on girl we’ll just falling by
one more time it’s gonna happen I’m gonna bump the table let’s get out to
you he’s coming down but the I don’t know there’s so many takeaways from from
the first group I think yeah yeah we get what we wanted so the goal for the first
group within three months because okay let’s be honest this was about clearing
the signals right so and that’s going to take a lot longer than three months to
do that you don’t get to have to be in a confused state for years and clear it up
in a three months but we had set certain goals for the for the group that I think
we met which was fixed the slip again may not fix but get your sleep better
like a lot better right and that we succeeded at overall 95 percent mm-hmm
well people slept through the night so they came sometimes from bad situation
like you know sleeping three four hours a night or like waking up all the time
or getting very little REM sleep or little deep deep sleep and stuff like
that and we have the numbers actually really good yeah we helped with the
sleep a lot the second part was cravings where I think we don’t remember one
person sing they still have cravings no like that that’s been gone IV was gone
it was the sleeping cravings well basically early early successes I was
losing the first month we get most of it then after that it was behavior wise
like for people to understand the connection between
food and behavior so they don’t use food as a source of behavior I’ll explain
what happened by that right on the sleep subject though what’s interesting is
like also most most people that we talk to you like they don’t need a 10%
improvement and there’s no it’s it’s amazing it way it surprised me how bad
this tuition was I thought me I had an issue is sleep but that was just me I
mean you realize no it’s most people yeah now it seemed you know ask people
how many of you wake up rested in the morning and I get less than 10% two out
of 23 out of 30 literally we get 10% of people saying they feel rested when they
wake up in the morning that’s insane it is insane and by the way feeling
rested in the morning is becoming the odd man out in the sense of like oh my
god I slept so well I feel rested no you’re supposed to yeah you supposed to
that’s that’s what killed me the most out of this conversation was that guy’s
normal yeah that’s what it should be not exactly the fact that you don’t have it
every day that’s what’s abnormal not the other way around yeah you don’t get to
once the ones going like oh man I feel rested thank goodness when we had talked
with the other episode with Kayla about the you know the things that you
exchanged for performance Eila yeah listen we’re not gonna argue how do you
pronounce your fiance’s name I have to leave it up to her and I’m just going on
what she told me oh she’s winning now is that what you
saw you can sell it all yeah that’s the French way to say it it’s much like I’m
gonna refer to it as my credit card yeah South Dakota but anyway we talked about
things you exchanged for performance and how common it is in not just in training
but in life like what’s the one of the most common trends is you know you get
up stupid early and you’re busy busy busy busy all day at 5:00 in the morning
yep and then I mean don’t get to bed till midnight
and you’re such a martyr and it’s like when you’re fucking yourself completely
yeah I mean you’re not recovering from any of it by the way the idea that we
can talk about performance and not sleep that’s crazy
it’s an insane concept that people say I wake up I will sacrifice two hours of
sleep to go train so in sleep up sleeping seven hours of sleep five to go
train to make progress you can make progress on five hours of sleep so
that’s what kills me the most out of all this and what we saw the questions we
get and in a group and everything is that insane conversation we’re having
mm-hmm like I get from because we had a lot of people that there were macro
holics like you know counting macros are coming from other programs and
everything and they all came to us we shear asleep and I’m like but if your
nutrition results in issues with sleep art which is not fixing it if your
training is not fixing your sleeping well I stopped what do you think you’re
doing plus you know I would say it’s pretty
well known amongst the fitness and training and nutrition space that the
old saying you can’t out train a bad diet
well you can’t fucking out train bad sleep Christ and you can’t out died
about sleep either yeah like that’s what surprised me the
most in all this conversation was first of all that aspect like we all know yes
which is important but none of us is taking a Pharma very very few of ‘sister
taking it seriously now guys if you’re not getting like you know if you don’t
feel rested in the morning do you think your training software like sometimes I
this is a Cassandra symptom I guess but okay so Cassandra sorry I forget yes
Greek mythology the only thing I could I don’t want I don’t know when it goes
well let’s let don’t even watch this girl just die
if you can watch this podcast long enough you know that there are some
moments in which I don’t catch what Julian saying that was one of them yes
or where I pretended right so Cassandra was the spouse of Hector
Troy I killed by Achilles she was so beautiful she was cursed by Hera I mean
by by the gods goddesses in that case that
her gift would be that she could see the future but the cross would be that no
one would ever believe her so when she saw Helen walking into Troy
she said this woman will bring destruction upon the city which was true
but of course no one believed her sometimes that’s a little bit I feel I’m
not gay if you do this this this and this this is what’s going to happen and
yet no one wants to listen I actually I think him Stanley fielding is one of
these podcast about the subjection guys if you thinking about your macros are
not about your sleepy old fool and I could not agree more with a guy on that
one there it’s insane that you are you’re you paying someone to program for
you right you buying your programmer they are you probably paying someone to
decide whether you’re hungry or not and by that I mean hire a nutritionist and
yet don’t spend any forget money any of your
efforts on sleep on gaining a restful night of sleep we have our priorities
wrong that’s where this way yeah and and the other thing is that’s back to kind
of stay on efforting this thing is that for those who want who are trying to use
any of this nutrition stuff to get stronger or gain sighs specifically
mm-hmm you want to gain muscle fucking judgment you got to spend some time
asleep in good sleep and and and and even and when my sleep was bad I was
still sleeping for almost seven to eight hours at one chunk and I was still
taking two-hour naps every afternoon and that was and that and that was when and
it was shitty sleep but that’s until 10 hours to probably get a few hours of
quality right but but I still had to get it’s the only way out so but that’s
that’s another one as well by the way because people are like well it’s
sucking in chicken you can go eat it at KFC which is whatever the fuck they put
it’s not chicken probably and think you’re gaining your macros versus a
farm-raised chicken eating worms and dirt stuff is not the same either so
it’s not about getting eight hours of sleep it’s getting quality sleep in
every night waking up rested in the morning while we’re not having this talk
mm-hm in the fitness industry that’s for like
imagine the good we could do for this world if people could get one week of
good sleep in a row seven days yeah can we talk about that can we
basically issue that challenge well you’re gonna feel rested in the morning
for seven days what if you put that in front of everything else for just one
week likely say the least and forever exactly we like they all read the bottle
of fucking 83% and fatty acids and carbs and all our shit
how about you read on REM sleep and deep sleep and what you should do before bed
which is putting the phone down and why don’t you try that for a week like can
we talk about the stuff that truly matters instead of like the small off
and then where to put your wrist on the snatch and like I feel like the fitness
industry is evolving into a sales thing where they we look at shinier and shiny
and tiny thing like this whereas the answer is somewhere else and in a very
in a way simple part of human being which is probably heavier pop your sleep
but you know what’s interesting is that I also think that that is a you ran into
this I’ve noticed we actually haven’t talked about this perfect time to do it
right on the podcast you know in the very beginning when people first started
being aware of the things you were talking about while you’re everything
you do is evolved so much since then but in the very beginning if people got
drawn to this idea and I think maybe falsely when you talked about like the
key log in their training there’s a piece that’s missing you fix this all
these other things move into line and while that there’s always the first need
to fix obviously you prioritize those the one thing what I found and still
find very often as people bring that up so often now still is what they want
though is they they want that yeah it’s it’s like alright so all I need to do is
one thing lats yeah get make my last work and I’m good which is reducing
which turns into the checklist thing again yeah get lats get great you know
and it’s the N and there is a deflection of personal responsibility sometimes
with that that I don’t think was what you intended but it is very created it
is amongst it is a symptom that that I still see sometimes as seminars or
workshops in created his own monster yeah on that one and it’s it’s that so
that’s why I think the most important thing we
talking about on the podcast and to me On the human side, the most important
thing is the idea that it’s not about going from a 400 pound to a 500 pound
squat. It’s not that. It’s about you becoming the person that you need to be to squat 500. Because it’s not you today. You will find muscle you never found before in certain weird places of your body.. But you also will learn to
have more discipline. To have more drive, to apply yourself to the bar, to apply
yourself to your craft. Now you’ve corrected the things that are causing you pain and holding you back.. Developed further discipline because it
does take more effort to progress from 4 to 500 than it does from 2 to 3.. And a greater quality of a effort you’re gonna have to learn your craft. It’s the
quality that needs to be put in from 4 to 5 is not the same as 3 to 4. Don’t
think it’s just more work… Thats why I think people are lying to themselves on this;
or we are lying to them as coaches. The fitness industry is like, “what you
did from for 3 to 4 we basically want to keep that from 4 to 5” and it’s not true. It’s a much different route every time because you have to learn new things…. thing right we all we always want to get
into this like a mechanical structured yeah not even an out but it is just easy
just but doing it is different than seeing it just just keep going 80% for
this and an end and then put 12 more weeks and then every time you’re gonna
add 30 pounds on this and I’m like nah man
every time you put more weight on the structure things have to be established
but again like you’re gonna have to grow as a person to become stronger and I
think and I think that comes with everything now like anytime we introduce
change it was scenario so nutritional change all of it like human behaviors
fucking weird and and and people get really really really Maria yeah that’s
the name of my new exactly yeah but but like people get super weird with
nutrition too and we’ve talked about this in her past but we noticed kind of
every time people start to go down the road with the nutrition stuff you’ve
been talking about and they try to game it it’s a game land and it’s more about
hanging on to what they still have yeah they did they stop don’t think that I
won’t then doing they don’t know yeah exactly you know
and and they’re not trying and they’re getting basically getting stuck with who
they are right now there’s that thing where people seem to hang on to who they
are right now and refusing to break that mold in order to get to who they need to
be to achieve their goal like everything we’ll just described
nothing to do with food no it’s just people it’s well it’s you that’s the
issue but that’s again that’s the human aspect I think you can’t sell that one
mm-hmm oh it’s harder sell if you tell people look you want to make progress
you want a six-pack you want to be stronger you’re gonna have to become
that person yeah not so it’s not tell you then you don’t sell but there’s
thinning wheels on a car like no it’s not it’s still a piece of shit of a car
right and you just put spinning wheels on it well that’s not what a 6-pack is
because six-pack will require you to become a human being capable of
understanding themselves on intuition training sleep all that stuff and it’s
fucking work yeah and you can get part of the way there without changing who
you want but to get all the way it’s you got to do you have to become that but
this is what this is why when you have this expect you’re not oh you see you’re
your abs you’re not content yet because you’re not you you understand who you
need to be and any one of you and you know you’re not there and so you get
frustrated because then it’s good because filtration will allow you to
kill you old self because the reason people want abs or whatever it is their
fitness be that person it’s because I want to be more half and I want to feel
but they want to be that person but they got the ABS they want to be themselves
with it is not because they know who they should be and they are not that and
they want to be the person they think they should be good but then frustration
anger all that stuff that’s – that’s the way to kill your own self and create a
new one but no one has ever done that by going this is what I want this I want
this I want this some of this I just get to move that slightly and to game it
this way and I’m basically gonna do what I did before mm-hmm it’s just with a new
shiny painting on it I put spinning wheels on my car – new
car larger magnitude is – more of it – yeah
no it’s still a piece-of-shit car I’m just put spinning so I think
fundamentally that’s a conversation we should have with people is like why have
in which way do you need to change to get what you want and usually means
action yeah actually doing stuff and that’s where food becomes a problem yeah
and so in regards to what we talked about the you know Karl frist and stuff
food does kind of plug into the place of action oh yeah so that’s that’s the
issue so we saw so we finished a call yesterday right of the of the nutrition
and then we had Murray the basically saying like yeah the nutrition is is
great because again gave me clear clear signals but basically now the signals
are clear which means she is having an emotional response to certain situations
whereas before she had other ways to deal with it and she was like what do I
do and that is something we saw a lot in a group saying like I’m far more
emotional on this and this and this and I was that good because I that’s a
reality it was a reality with reality unless you have strong emotions about
something you’re not gonna do anything about it yeah ii said if you think
you’re gonna fix problems in your life without being strongly without some kind
of a strong emotional response to the problem you’re lying to yourself no one
has ever fix the problem when they go yeah yeah sure yeah no it’s like I’m
free sure I’m not even Fisher I’m angry angry at the person angry at myself like
it’s boiling and then you do something mm-hmm right that that’s what is
required and so but that’s the key is how do we get to that stage where they
all felt such a emotional response to problem that before they could just bury
right and so how did that happen and why did it happen and that’s not something I
saw when I started the protocol but after putting so many people in the last
six months under under wait between my mentoring program and in the euro-asia
100 already yeah plus another 60 some and the tank going on number president
doesn’t come to people I did it on their own just the people I have access yeah
that’s only people we’ve been processing the debt yeah
like that we have access to on a regular basis but all you guys out there that
send us messages that’s another who knows right ponds yeah who knows and so
we saw the behavioral change in what they do and especially that relationship
food behavior started to come up more and more and more clearly and that has
been a moment of as ex alcoholics talk about a moment of clarity mm-hmm
right where I started to see the connection between the two and that’s
where then we go back to Kristin yeah when I actually think it’s changed like
that approach that maybe surprised you a little bit there that response surprised
you a little bit I was expecting people to be emotional because they’re always
about food but I did you realize how far they had suppressed all of it yes food
yes yeah I didn’t understand the mechanism I could see it as you did not
understand what was behind it and now now that I understand the mechanism
which we’re gonna talk about this isn’t understand the power of it yeah and this
isn’t these are cases many of these are cases of extreme dysfunction in bulimia
this is not this isn’t 500 pound people this is very functional people with
normal life businesses Jim going well no no I mean like some of them with ABS
strong and everything just wanting better yeah and what better requires you
exactly better requires behavior changes yeah and that’s where we saw food coming
in the way of that yeah and so that that has been the most fascinating thing I’ve
seen in a long time because then you truly showed to me
the Kalfas turn model all the stuff that I’ve been working on I feel I can almost
close the loop with behavior by seeing the effect on the protocol on people
it’s interesting too I’ve seen it over the course of the last few months it’s
almost I don’t want to say caught you off guard but it’s almost it’s changed
the way that you approach and think candidly and and on myself to merit
because my level of activity now is absurd
yeah like virtually like today wake up had fun went to Train breakfast want to
Train want to Poole come back do the podcast boots
rain have the call at 6:00 and I go I have a pool tournament tonight
yeah and that’s basically my days lately especially the days when I’m here where
it’s like yeah there’s like a very specific to the three-hour block like
like every day where it’s like everything else has to get fit in we got
either put everything before I’ll do the podcast I go train I go play pool and
India and it’s like this and we stop at 7:00 we go get drinks we have dinner
yeah and 10:13 I go to bed and it’s been like this for like months now and I’ve
never had that level of activity in my life yeah and now understand why and so
that’s where has been mind-blowing to me is the real realizing why I can sustain
the level of behavior that I’m sustaining now the level of activity
that I’m sitting out because before we do that two three days then I will crash
mentally badly yeah like almost depressed like oh my god I’m so tired I
don’t own this and then I do nothing at home once a day once a week I do nothing
at home all day because if I don’t have that day to do nothing but you know like
you feel like I’m gonna I’m gonna crash I’m gonna die abyss is coming and I
don’t like not doing anything but I would have to and and that’s why I snap
becomes a little exactly and then you start to wonder why you need that day
how come that’s a normal no it’s not that’s a loop that I’m extremely
familiar yes you know what I mean a guy falls into that very easily you can
offer you could almost do it under the guise of self-care if you will it’s like
it’s like knowledge you take but what it really is avoiding things and some of it
very often for me it’s just things that I have to do and none of it’s hard let
me push your crush let’s be on it you’re crashing like because of many people
have done listen we have circadian rhythms yeah
right second in rhythms means your body evolves on a 24-hour clock
welcome to evolution so do bacterias by the way and based on lights and light
outside versus dark and also your gut flora a number of things you have a
circadian rhythm of 24 hours and then you have week month and seasonal so
anyway so 24 hour a second Yin rhythm which means when it’s light out there
and you have a feeding window from like 8:00 in the morning to 9:00 at night or
whatever the body is it’s daytime I mean sympathetic reaction
misery soon do stuff should be daytime stuff happening you should be doing
stuff being at home doing nothing inning protein is
a nine-time activity not a daytime activity and your system does not care
that you don’t feel like doing stuff because you know why because predators
don’t care either there was a time where whether you feel like going outside or
not or whether you feel like fighting or not they’re waiting for you the way
they’re gonna come in yeah right and so evolutionary speaking we are designed to
do shit during the day and basically heal at night so going back to sleep if
you wake up nan rested in the morning and you do nothing all day because
you’re tired from the night before then you’ll go to circadian rhythms and now
you basically your entire system is starting to get pummeled because it does
not understand where it belongs yeah and when you talk about like one of
the things that I see most common as and actually I do like this is it’s works
well for me when I choose to use it but for if people have issues with quote
Γ‘one whether it’s depression or anxiety or things like that one of the most
common things to get them out of that just like funk yeah I just didn’t want
to do all those things is is it either the night before or first thing in the
morning you make a list of literally the things you need to do you need by the
way and then you do that I know the house yes did the fuck out yeah you’re
not allowed to be at home yeah until like usually you leave that morning I
don’t care if you’re outside I don’t care if you stay at Starbucks you’re not
allowed inside yeah don’t go home until you’re ready for dinner until your days
over and then you’re gonna be outside you’re gonna have a list of shit to do
and I don’t know pound calf pound calf you don’t care but don’t go home until
you go inside the cave when you’re ready to when you’re done with your day when
it’s a past empathic time not before that
yeah and that that that literally though is the exact opposite of what that
feeling you described goes and the problem is what’s what’s the difference
between the two one person is choosing to go do the things in spite of how they
feel at the moment and the other one is just gonna wallow in it or even worse
when the body calls for action because it screams dude what the fuck are you
doing exactly and then we then you stuff it with carbs okay but then they expend
why you do it and then you explain why that happens yeah why when you
do you reach for the cashews right so first of all like to understand no list
you’re gonna have to be honest with yourself right so do you do that when
you’re bored you know you should be moving and instead of doing that you
reach for the cashews right does that happen often do you have a favorite food
that you deal with in certain situations in life you don’t like to deal with
right do you have that food that you go to if you’re sad you go to a specific
type of ice-cream like a flavor of ice cream that you like when you’re sad
because girlfriend what about the one because you fought with your parents so
it’s stuff like that you’ll notice that you have a food for everything mm-hmm so
there is a deep deep relationship between food and behavior and now I want
to explain how bad it is right and why you should not have that because it’s
screwing up in everything that you do in life right so weak to do that we’re
going to go back to the Galveston stuff we talked about a podcast which you make
a prediction error which means the shit didn’t happen the way you want it I mean
that it’s all that works yeah plus it it’s every second of every day because
it’s never quite correct when we mention that again it’s important emphasize this
is neither good nor bad this is that it won’t be awesome it was shitty it’s just
that’s what your ever system the nervous system thought this it was either here
or here yeah nervous system is basically a prediction machine your body is a
prediction machine you make the prediction with the brain but the whole
body is a prediction machine right that makes a prediction and checks it versus
the input you get from outside that’s basically what you do so you always
establish a probability of what something is going to feel like that’s
what you do and then you work out the probability versus what you feel right
so whenever there’s an error this three way to deal with it you have to change
your prediction machine will say well I was wrong or you need to move your way
to feel that whatever you thought was going to happen happen so that means
that you you want something don’t but the world is not turning in exactly the
way you want then you’re gonna have to make it turn the way you want which
means you have to get up your ass and make the world do the stuff right so
physically you have to be active to change the stuff and then the third way
of doing it is sensory to change your sensory input to change how you feel
about the situation to make the situation to make yourself feel
the situation should feel like and that is the source of most dysfunction is
that of the third one that’s where anxieties as well as severe anxiety like
debilitating anxiety that’s where mental illness is that’s where a lot of fun not
all of them but a lot of that stuff happens into that third category
sometime or continuously giving the wrong prediction can be schizophrenia
stuff like that right but most of the dysfunction happens in the third one
where you are switching things so they feel the way you think they should so
you believe the shit that that fits your prediction basically oh and and you make
yourself believe it in that sin made sure you make yourself feel the way you
think you should feel and you see that in dysfunctional relationship and that’s
that and that that trap right there that fits into the self-fulfilling prophecy
fully because it’s like I’m just gonna make this into this yeah and then like
you know now you have this new tool dude is an asshole and you know it and you
set up something doing something about it you’re gonna change the way you feel
about it you soon as somebody has good points and
then you’re gonna start to look for the input that confirms how you want to feel
instead of again changing the prediction yeah that’s not the right guy for me
instead of let me try to change him or the situation or leaving him in that
case so party’s lame excuses behavior because by I’m not excusing the behavior
I’m looking into everything that is doing to find the stuff that fits what I
want and it’s it’s bound to have some good qualities that’s what you should
choose him in the first place and so you keep hanging on to those qualities
refusing to learn that the overall behavior is incorrect till you see it
all the time it’s but the problem is that’s not just that I sort of a
boyfriend of yours it’s all behaviors like that and the problem is you using
food for the same so what do I mean by that the other situation where let’s say
you’re bored right so you’re doing you’re at home reading write or not
doing much right you know that’s wrong so you get bored you know that’s wrong
you supposed to change your prediction which means this lifestyle is incorrect
I’m supposed to do far more let’s say you don’t want to do that okay I should
get off my ass and do something like in that case usually your board is
doing today mm-hmm it means you need to go sympathetic circadian rhythm means
you need to do shit don’t they they time stuff and by sympathetic it doesn’t mean
you need to go into applying razors you need to do need to be active you do
something maybe more than sitting on the faucet oh yeah Oh even like if you out
work like dealing on the stove not really doing anything and you’re like
I’m not doing anything exactly you’re not doing anything you
need to do something even if it’s and by the way I’m not saying about going in
flat going like I don’t want to do the email yeah well do something you want to
do but be active about it and then you don’t do that so now basically you left
with the third option which means I need to make this situation feel sympathetic
all right so we have a way to trigger a sympathetic reaction out of you
afferent system out of your out of your sorry peripheral nervous system it’s
easy we can have counts if I have carbs we know that carbs trigger the
sympathetic nervous them so trigger the peripheral nervous system into that what
we call the sympathetic state right and carbs trigger of that has been tested
many many times and so that would become the third option which means I’m not
going to change the way I look at my life I’m not going to do anything about
it all I need to do is to have carbs that drive me to what sympathetic
therefore I change my sensory input I fixed the situation and to your
nervous system you did because you felt the way you were supposed to feel and so
now that you had the Cubs you’re not bored anymore so you fix the situation
except you do now your shit and now you know what works and so now you have told
your system that that third option is a valid option that all I need to do so be
and the problem with that is it’s not a trick that’s what your nervous system is
designed for you have used one of the three options to change a prediction
error so the same is like winning so dopamine all the stuff because you
basically won your state naturally you go up the wheel into a state where
you’re like I feel so much better we shall call doesn’t last right because
that trigger from the from the carbs is only short live obviously now and so
what you do you reach for mock-ups and mock-ups and now you’ve eaten a pound of
cashews and then you do it on a daily basis and before you know it it’s not
enough so you need to hand honey and so you do that honey
you’re still picking pretty moderate options I’m thinking like a couple pints
of ice cream they’re much closer to like she’s bald oh yeah I was going to miss
boredom but if you need ice cream from us okay or evil old yeah well we’re in
Holland to like french fries this is it or is that just sell french fries yeah
there’s a first multiple friend Jesus no runs these are still I believe from
Belgium this way yeah I mean like yeah I get the thing yeah that’s not Madison um
I think yeah you Ouisa mayonnaise yeah yeah with the
mayonnaise I guess that doesn’t work for me but but that and so but UK you might
you can see have dangerous cities yeah right that means that any situation
you’re not dealing with has a solution in a specific food
that’s why be honest be honest to yourself like ask yourself if you have a
food for each situation what it means also is since you have a
food for that situation any acts basically just the same concept as a
drug it allows you to win your state that means you never have to deal with
it yeah so my question is this so is this a matter of a I mean obviously it
comes much easier and easier in that poll is stronger and stronger because
the connection gets tighter right eat a pint ice cream every time I fucking you
know whatever lie every time I get bored and like whatever whatever exactly what
is this a matter of say in the beginning is this just a matter of a decision then
well that’s the thing how does this then we go back to the computer where you
know you asked him to do a task but you give him the appropriate data to the
computer there is no improper data there’s only the data you in you input
in right two plus two equals five fine then you’ll do every calculation based
on two plus two equals five so the fact that at the end is a fucked up is all
doesn’t matter to the computer he did his job
you never system is going to basically try to fight to to fix prediction errors
yeah so that doesn’t have its job is to try to
and reality the causality is that is a reality in itself perception is reality
we say it many times the problem is perception
so you tricking your reality with food to the nearest M is like program salt
mm-hmm so how do how’s that cycle get broken is it what I mean is like what is
alright let’s just say that’s where I’m at right okay so what the problem is
people have done somehow it started to is we do not have 5,000 years ago you do
not have the choices of food you have now the problem is now you have access
to quantities of food that we had never had you know history of the world right
you can buy as much food as you want continuously and with the show a number
of choice of food that is insane like you have access to fruits in the winter
or mangoes whatever the railroads food you have access to it in the winter you
have access to any form of sugar you want any form of carbs any form of
protein anything you want so that means that we get to a point where we have
trained people to solve issues through food because there is that one food that
fits that one situation is different for everybody but imagine you have the swish
stuff change changing your prediction means you have to see that you are wrong
and everything imagine the violence to yourself you
have you have to do in order to change the prediction you have to see that you
were wrong all the stop that so that’s hard you have to do something about it
that’s working how to who’s not you have let’s see if it’s a boyfriend you have
to kick him out you have to do this this violence this balance of emotion in it
there’s everything that all the work that you’ve put those two are hard and
then you go and all you got to do is change your sensory input oh here comes
all you gotta do is hide yeah hide and eat right don’t deal with the shit just
hide change the way you look at the problem like it doesn’t matter that much
you read and then that I’m not sure let me get some food on normal and good and
then I’ll find some food and problem solved and you do that for everything
but that’s a that’s a cycle the question is what would you tell somebody
who’s in that point right now yes so that means that our first step
yeah so the first step is you’re gonna have to well okay so you have to listen
under motion food yeah it’s not it’s not it’s about behavior you so you have to
understand that basically do and I’m sorry to say like that cuz you guys
gonna hit me but the more choices of food you have the less choices of
behavior you have like the more you are choosing food based on what needs to be
done the less you will act on it so literally there’s a basically it’s a
scale where if you want to do stuff fixed off you cannot reach for food to
fill that need it’s interesting to how how many people out there have a go-to
for food for a go-to situation exactly what’s your happy food what’s your
celebration cure sad food to eat basically ask yourself that question you
see and you’ll see what I mean you have a food for every feeling you
have and especially the one you know you should deal with mmm-hmm and you’re not
and instead you go to food that is as fucked up this is becoming we don’t
understand the level of so basically that means like as you say of this
question could you have one food for breakfast
that’s one food for lunch one type of carbs one type of protein at night or
let’s say two kinds of each right could you eat that basically for two months
three months if you think oh my god that would be Boeing I Got News for you
you’re not doing enough with your life that is the bottom line you want to know
if you have an issue with food just ask yourself can I eat the same thing every
day if you can if you the first thing is oh
my god that’s Boeing you are not doing enough with your life not based on what
I think based on what you think that means that you know that your behavior
is not fitting to the person you want to be and your biggest roadblock in in
becoming who you want to become is food because you are using it to deal with
situations you supposed to act on and that’s what we saw with a protocol man
is that the protocol allows you to have clear signals so that
you go shit I need to deal with that situation does that feel good
fuck no it doesn’t because for the last 10 15 20 years you’ve been using food as
a way out what’s interesting is to is now as some of the people that we’ve
worked with have gotten to the point where they have clear signals but maybe
narrowed up some of their options and they do have those situations where it’s
like yeah man like I’m really seeing like you know I’m frustrated by this and
these situations in here and it’s like it’s affecting me more than it used to
it’s exactly well good because it’s supposed to make you do something and
obvious or what do I do I’m like you’re not affected enough yeah because you
don’t so exactly once you’re truly pissed and that’s what we’ve seen even
with muscle and stuff like that like it’s always something is frustration and
anger at others anger at yourself find it whether it’s muscle behavior or
whatever it’s always that right now so when sugar
oh my god I’m affected yes you’re flustered good that’s the frustration
part now I want you to get pissed at it and then pissed at yourself for not
fixing it and then you’ll start moving forward but so am I talking about an
easy way forward fuck no and I expect a number of people to quit at this stage
to go like fuck it I’ll do this instead yeah yeah because because it’s easier
because we up but look at society today we are pushing food on people as a
solution constantly like the almost saying it now you don’t feel good have
this mm-hmm coke with Boo is friend-friend sugar or
coca-cola who can smile a coke can you smile they basically saying it you want
happiness this sugar yeah they’re saying it now be that and that’s account first
and that’s a third option this is the worst drug out there you don’t have to
do coke cocaine so you don’t have to do cocaine or heroin every day but you do
it to it mm-hmm and so that’s what we see most of the
time is how much people are linking our thinking food when they should think
behavior so we said that on the protocol with a guy we say like you had to have
like 150 grams of carbs before do it a famine at workout otherwise he couldn’t
find the energy during the workout that’s not true that’s not food that’s
not true that’s not the food it’s you it’s not the food are you capable of
training fasted certainly yeah I do every single day now
but other what if you couldn’t do that you’d be dead
imagine it will show you what that means if you need to have honey every time you
join yeah I Got News for you there’s not bees everywhere and they don’t work well
in the winter that means that basically one anymore would I figure out that
humans are right before the picking in winter because they can’t fight for shit
we all be dead you know it’s it’s actually as as the as and as we’ve
evolved the nutrition stuff as you start to find out because this is the whole
point of all this it has to be now your version of this yours mine there’s a but
that has to work for everyone’s specific situations you eat different foods and I
do I’ve done the training fasted thing and now I’m going to not but I also did
the training thing where I went straight up just honey during training and I
found that that could help me get very sympathetic but then I also found that I
wasn’t doing it unless I couldn’t do it couldn’t do it unless I did it with
honey exactly so I need to remove the honey which it did and then to start
training without well that doesn’t fucking work very well right away you
know as you go like I don’t feel like it yeah exactly and you know why you don’t
feel like training so we have that stuff we so go yeah but if I don’t have carbs
all day I don’t feel like training I’m like exactly so you are right that’s not
the problem the problem is you are using the Cubs to be in a sympathetic state to
trainer that’s the issue is that you should be in a sympathetic state to
train but you can’t get yourself there mentally because you’re not that person
you need to be that person to be able to train out you need to to be the person
who goes into the gym and go I’m gonna kill my workout day in day out everybody
talks about that but you have been using carbs to become that person yeah that’s
the problem is you never had to be the person because you use carbs to put a
fucking spinning wheels on the piece-of-shit car it’s no different it
truthfully is no different maybe a little less self-destructive than if you
had to drink eight to ten beers before you can socialize with people yeah for
your comfortable speaking exactly all do drugs or and it’s the same principle
like you are using food to put yourself in a state you should be capable of
entering if you go into the gym you need 200 grams of carbs or
pre-workout to train maybe you don’t want to train or maybe you’re not the
person capable of getting into the right mindset you are using food to hide that
problem so that’s what we saw the more stuff is the relationship between
behavior that is necessary for you to progress and the fact that you’ll come
get there because food is allowing you to bypass all the necessary step it’s a
skill you need to learn you need to learn the skill to become a better
person to push yourself to to get sympathetic when you want to Train yeah
ok guys we’re back after our first major mid yes mid podcast 20 I think that’s ok
not bad yeah still working with new software new
equipment and apparently I think we figured out yeah
the only meltdown we had before was on a QA and that was when we need didn’t even
need the audio so so far so good here’s this here’s the issue I don’t
remember where we were at No so we’re gonna go on something else so
we said behavior and food so well let’s continue on that because for example
what is one of the number of things we see people let’s say I have to have
protein all day to be on more so that’s not true first of all that would mean
that to have protein only means you’ve been past sympathetic all day which
means that goes against your circadian rhythms your secondary rhythms cannot
accept protein during the day because you’re not supposed to rest you in the
day supposed to do shit yeah most of the time that’s not a whole person but you
get the idea right you have to have food right after you train no that’s not true
either because in most situations you don’t get food right after you fight by
the way many times I’ve told you fight you still stressed out depending on the
workout and you’re not capable of eating but you shove the food in anyway because
that’s what you do right so we have that’s a fucked up relationship we have
with food and a lot of time we that’s what you see you see people being pushed
about behaviors that are I think self-destructive like you have to eat no
matter what after all you after you train yeah but the problem with that is
that again like if you use food that means you’re not gonna alter your
behavior so let’s say you’re training socks alright so you’re gonna have food
right after so you’re gonna have basically you’re gonna check
choose a cup usually sweet that makes you feel better as a reward system okay
but how long before that means that you don’t have to change your workout that
you don’t have to get better at it that you don’t have to improve your skill or
anything since at the end you get to feel better about it so to use food as
we want system to know like that sounds supposed to feel a more forward but is
that what people are doing now or are they using a reward system so that they
don’t have to change their behavior doing their training they don’t have to
get better at it so if you get better at the workout or stuff like that you would
feel better you will not need a reward system in the first place that’s the
problem so because we see people game it like I talked about the reward system
and before you know it everybody is gaming it as a way to not change their
behavior so that’s the main problem that I see with food is that it allows us not
to change behavior if you want to do shit in life guess what it’s gonna hurt
is going to be painful it’s going to be in comfortable and then it’s going to be
awesome at some point but not all the time but when behavior needs to be
changed you can’t feel good by necess by necessity he has to go like you have to
go oh I don’t like this and then make a change about it so if you go to a food
that makes you feel better about the situation you’ll never fix it also
because changing your behavior from something you’ve done habitually for a
long time is this new exploration is supposed to be a little bit you’re
supposed to feel unsafe it’s the way Ares gonna be exactly but that the those
symptoms that I just described that’s like the level of women we mentioned as
soon as we got into new do you mention nutrition at all the people from maybe
outside who weren’t doing it became very defensive and of whatever it is very
emotional about it exactly but now even when people are
doing it it’s like alright what if I told you like the the things that people
are attached to are fucking crazy to get to some of them and it’s only it’s so
random to here’s here’s one yeah this is this is one I went over quinoa so don’t
get me started it came off but like another was MCT oil no I don’t
think it’s bad I don’t think it’s the idea yeah but you
have the question and I see sometimes all we should have some fat since you’re
like oh I’ll just put MC till Mike do you fucking like MCT oil coconut oil
like I said about joint system anyway makes me no sure sighs shit yeah but but
my question is yeah it’s like that’s your go-to and like it’s such a weird
thing for me that like does it taste good you get any joy out of it
no it’s dude who’s in it by the way makes me nauseous I’m like then stop
doing it yeah we had that actually the guy was like well I do coffee and name
shit you all but like you know all that fat is making me nauseous
maybe CMC to all you put in your coffee how about that like three girls are so
we are it is it’s very strange or the you know there’s there’s just all these
crazy things that it’s like it said oh it’s well when am I supposed to eat this
because it’s quote-unquote healthy I was like I’ll fucking know do you like it
well I don’t know it’s just healthy I’m like oh yeah
yeah but that’s it why in the world oh we’re going back to the choices of food
you’re supposed to have like you know like so how many types of food can I eat
yeah I’m like I don’t know one like what type of fat one type of carbs on type of
protein outside like if we’re talking outside outside of your vegetables and
your other it’ll be like if you’re talking food to feed you yeah all right
right so sweet potatoes or potatoes one form of car that you like some kind of
fat morning from it’s more about car or stuff like that and then protein Salman
chicken red meat pick one right and that’s enough yeah some veggies salad in
there yeah technically if we’re going at food that’s enough that’s not what we’re
talking about here what we’re talking about is you going like that that’s
boring I don’t like that one I want more than that
why because you have that food that fits the behavior that you should be getting
and you’re not let’s be honest that’s the real things if your food is really
boring what are you supposed to do with all the energy you spend making all
these wonderful choices and decisions you’ve been making so far in life that
is basically so you want to know how I can to pull my activity levels by
basically doing that so now I have a Vacarro toast in the morning and then
because I’m super I can have fat some carbs with the toast but mostly fat why
because I’m so active then I have rice for lunch two cups of rice with butter
and salt that’s it and at night I have protein that’s it I
have zero cravings I keep getting leaner I’m getting I’m still at home kilos so
that means that starting to gain muscle I’m getting stronger and my level of
activity during the day as Queen Chapel I go non-stop now I don’t crash during
the day I don’t need what they will do nothing actually l am i when it’s light
daytime I do daytime stuff which is I move I do stuff I work I do this I do
this I’m at a level of activity I have never reached in my life you know then
I’ve found that at 45 and you mentioned this about its when it’s daytime is you
know there’s there’s always somebody who’s PR people whose work or lifestyle
or whatever requires some sort of exceptions and if you work Joe if you
work nights fuck man that’s just probably not helping you that’s daddy so
we’re gonna make it work but it’s not good yeah and I be honest it’s not good
and we hear this very often we get into nutrition especially as people start to
clear up the way they feel about things they’re not depending on food and all of
a sudden their emotional connection to the things that happen in their day
increases and next thing you know people have really really stressful jobs that
they used to maybe bottle a lot of that excess energy reactive food or bury it
inside yeah like going in freezing depression about it and I I do see it
often when I when I when we talk to a lot of these people’s it’s like fuck man
how much are they paying like why are you doing that sometimes I’m like what
are you trading yeah that seems like yeah but and then we have people say
well how do I deal with people at work now I’m like well if they keep spitting
in your face maybe no I’m not saying grab a shotgun and start shooting but
maybe stand up for yourself maybe like that’s what you should pose to do
anywhere so we see a lot of that we see people getting emotion because suddenly
they can’t either bare it inside because now it’s in the open right so they come
buried deep inside and then block it until one day the experts by the way
usually depression and you know legit or autoimmune diseases or all that shit or
basically they can’t hide it with the food and so but that’s basically the
issue like and I would much rather I would much rather protect protect my
identity by being assertive to someone who’s treating me
shit or mistreating me and say no listen dude it’s not how it’s gonna fucking
work yeah I’m not gonna last boom boom boom boom boom but people
don’t ever take that approach to their food what they want to do is protect
their own self by saying I’m the person who eats quinoa and I make sure that I
have shaken I don’t know what he likes kale you wanna pretend not even you know
what I mean drusus where I’m from kale literally they feed it to goats I’m
not fucking joking so the fact that it’s an arrest I don’t even understand it
no but you we get that with guys usually skinny that’s a yeah but I need to eat
more otherwise I’m not gonna get bigger you know what you need to get big you
need to Train like a dude who wants to get big and you to sleep like one and
you need to do this and this and the idea that you’re gonna keep your
six-pack while gaining 40 pounds well it also they start eating get fat and go
like but I’m not training anymore like yeah because to gain first we got don’t
understand what 10 pounds of muscle is like to your body it is it we’re talking
two years three years over 10 pounds of steak see what it’s like and imagine
having to build that right what so if you go but if you buy ten pounds of
ground beef you’re most likely even if it’s lean yeah one pound of that is
fucking fats though yeah and 10 pounds of ground beef is this judge fuck you
don’t understand they’re worried basically once more to get bigger you’re
just getting fatter basically that’s what you’re doing like to build muscle
it takes time and by the way it’s a hormonal process not a chemical process
it’s not like eating chicken it’s going to build muscle no it doesn’t it goes if
it’s the body and then the hormonal system makes it grow it’s it’s a far
more complex and but you’re gonna have to train for that you’re gonna have to
sleep for that you’re gonna have to if you’re stressed out all the time it’s
not going to happen like it’s it’s not that simple but so now people like I get
home at 10:00 I’m not good well it it protein at 10:30
it’s like yeah but I woke up at 4:00 I’m like then it’s father oversleep how do
you want me to help you sleep five hours a night I’m sorry you’re not supposed to
as a human beings a koala and to make it work then is it working like the like
that the biggest thing we see is that in the protocol we do is we under it
compared to most people well that’s fascinating you you 140 kilos 315 I’m at
220 getting I’m probably under 10% body fat right now
have maybe 2,500 calories a day I would have to have to count honestly but that
probably not mutual you probably had 3000 but everybody is freaking like I’m
not eating enough no you’re not doing enough mm-hmm it’s not that you’re not
eating enough is that you’re not doing enough you won’t like just go harder in
your training session put more fucking weight on the on the bow don’t skip the
workout we’re supposed to do don’t skip the 400-meter sent back Carrie don’t
skip the assistants work do the assistants worth like like you mean it
and when you’re but no fucking weight on the yoke when you carry it because I saw
all of you cheating on it and when your body needs to grow and recover and heal
it’s gonna tell you what it’s like I need to sleep now when you call another
noise and when you sleep wake up the next morning rested how do I do that
exactly that’s but the problem is the food that you’re getting in is taxing
you in the improper way when you go to sleep you in an improper State that’s
because you’re having carbs so you crash at first but then halfway through the
night you wake up going like shit you’re like this because now that that dive
down that you use the Cubs for isn’t there anymore and you can’t sleep
because now you’re in sympathetic because your body has no fucking clue
what it’s supposed to do cause you supposed to have protein by itself at
night so you stay in past sympathetic all night but that’s what it takes to
get all those goals met it takes action to more you need to do more not eat more
stop using food as a way to not act so you’re gonna have to be very honest with
yourself on this and see like but trust me have the same food for breakfast for
lunch what type of fat for lunch what type of
carbs for four so I want type of fat for breakfast one type of fat for Cap’s want
a protein at night separate it right nutrients waste
separate the macros quality of it always you don’t get to eat a KFC sorry and do
that for four weeks and when you’re fucking bored out of your mind from
eating that look at what you’re supposed to do with all our energy but that’s
what you being bored is is you need to do shit okay go do shit yeah when you
finish your ice jump on a bicycle for 20 minutes go somewhere else start doing
stuff it’s interesting too when we think about as adults we
think of on board you know you turn to food user what is a little kid this is
like what does a child say when they’re poor dad I’m bored well why why did this
hit because they want you to fucking Leigh want to do something yes that’s it
like a kid is when a kid says they’re bored it’s cuz they want to claim some
yeah and and and that’s that’s very simple so if you’re not able to satisfy
your something you have your food right with all this variety then you’re good
yes yeah when you’re supposed to during the day is moving stuff go do stuff go
go go train more or actually go do stuff you’re like that won’t be bad get a
hobby but so don’t zone out in front of the TV
how much like people don’t realize but that’s also what happens unball I put
the TV I’m surfing all the channels and that’s when you reach for the food
because that’s what your phone your nervous system is asking you to do and
it’s so hard to block for the reason is because that’s how you never system work
so once you start doing that you can’t stop yeah because you found a way out
out of the prediction error and not dopamine is is its certain number of
chemical processes are going to start to happen that basically makes you go back
to reaching for the Cubs because you did not stop moving by the way you’re bored
you’re like this you start to hear and hungry walk five minutes just that go
outside walk five minutes and early you’re feeling better you’re not hungry
anymore is there not funny and I were huh you
know we’re almost out of time anyways and I think I want to save the the
testing side of this some of the experiment try to find the version that
works perfect for you I want to save that for a little further down the line
yet because you just laid out a very specific thing that’s a good starting
yeah and if we start getting into variation and this and that and and that
whole concept I want to do that after there’s a baseline mm-hmm so we’ll get
into that maybe if not next week in in a few weeks
yeah well we’re kind of returned to this subject and get into the how to find
that version that works for you and some of the things that you’ve kind
of learned and tried with because we have a lot of other people’s experiences
in this now to draw from yeah so there’s a lot I tried this it didn’t work this
didn’t work yeah we starting to get a good idea and and that way I don’t that
way you’re not so tempted to to go well geez I can never eat black
rice yeah well don’t eat find something else but start with something no way
very simple okay like this is I’m giving you the perfect situation the perfect
world it’s not gonna happen like that you’re not gonna do that
you’re gonna change your fats in the morning because otherwise you will go
fucking crazy but the crazy year you go over all that the more it shows you what
the problem is (It shows me) how much you’re not doing. And the more I look at people the more I realize how little they actually
do. People talk a lot, people express a lot, but they actually do so little… Tyler: Why are you looking right at me now?! …. the stuff with food and behavior I’m
starting to look at people and truly seeing how they are not taking action
it’s starting to it’s becoming like mind-blowing hum like the the ways you
can trick your neighbor stem around doing stuff that’s why I’m looking at
people the most now yeah it’s fascinating you don’t even know you’re
doing it yeah well now it’s because any any any challenge or conflict or
questioning or anything comes by just look at it I’m like oh man like where
are you coming from yeah and yeah well they get defensive and some time is so
random it’s like why that food or why this or what this behavior that’s that’s
it’s like Pavlov’s dog we’re gonna bounce off of a lot of those
possibilities here in the future but in the meantime right now you’ve got your
marching orders I guess ya know that oat by the way there was one time I wanted
there was one thing I wanted to follow along yes from the lot last podcast so
the lad first yes we shot yesterday so for you guys it’s it’s every week but
that means that I had my pro tournament four days ago yes black on Saturday and
I realized what I was doing today it’s fascinating because I’m going back to me
not being able to stay in flow under pressure so my answer was going to world
fight right that means sympathetic I’ve been muscle in my way that’s what I saw
the drama and so today I realized what I was doing when you have the steak right
we breaks it down into you have to do the second part like the one attaches
it’s called a shaft right is that the hand
know where the dollar yeah what the bowl is
that’s our chef and then you got all the but which is one where they’re hand
easier right and the filter of down the bird sugar
like two at the end the more power you can put into it right the the motto of
the center you go to more touch the more control you have same thing for the
bridge if you have more distance between your hand and the ball more shaft you
can basically power your way the closer you are the better you are at control
touching feeling but then the less power you can put into the shot right huh and
I realized today that at my best my hand is actually about I don’t know what is
that like 10 inches from from the the bottom of the the stick and my the shaft
where we call the bridge the distance between the top and in this end is
actually fairly it’s about these banks but eight inches fairly small and I
realized that why I lost it in the past and why tournaments did what I did
because the second I got nervous I saw myself starting to get more shaft
toward the ball using more shaft and basically my hands started to reach back
more why because that would allow me to use more power which is my fat response
and as I school myself I basically my prediction is I need fight to get myself
out of trouble that was one prediction so to get fight
I need muscle sympathetic power therefore more shaft more but all
without a single conscious thought without everyone knowing I was an action
I call it today because suddenly I’m playing something away and then because
I realized that yesterday and then I’m playing and I’m playing someone and he’s
starting to talk trash and everything so I’m getting nervous and before you know
it my hand is moving and I’m losing the touch of the shot and I’m like what am i
doing then I swear I realize like I’m like no no let me go the other way and
then my entire game changed and started winning again and everything like is
that what I was doing yeah I didn’t even I no clue I was doing
it he struck me today that’s what I was doing my prediction was fight therefore
sympathetic therefore muscle your way therefore much more shaft more but and
so before even if my hand was correctly placed I
would basically place myself further from the ball so I could use more chefs
so I have a feeling of power mm-hmm when I hit the ball because that’s why I was
looking for to solve the problem what was the problem
I was nervous yeah and because it was familiar its devil you know that’s why I
know I’m going right no I couldn’t fight that’s what I do so I look for power
around the situation instead of looking for fluffiness coordination and that
sounds cool myself and of course by the way when you do that every shot feels
more you have more power but you have less touch so you start control so now
you’re more sympathetic which means you your hand drops further before you’re
mowing fight and that’s what happens to my hand start sweating because I never
had to touch that I want to play with because I’m actually a finesse player
but I don’t know so is the solution for you to calm the fuck down
yeah or is it just to adjust the hand position so that the action changes the
result that’s gonna be both so that means that you know you’re like well
exactly every financial tack that’s how I’m grabbing and then I gotta be shot
going like stay closer like so that’s the two things I’m looking at right now
is hand position and and the shop going like you’re not allowed to change that
and then I got back into circles so as I get by the way not in practice that
because now I know where I fuck up yeah so I’m gonna practice that and then
over time I’m gonna get a better touch out of it and then I’ll be able to flow
within the shot as I shoot but right now I can’t flow within the shot because I’m
so bad at staying in flow within pressure so if I try to stay within flow
under pressure I just disconnect so I go in freeze so
I’m gonna have to basically under pressure play while feeling and my hands
have to stay where they are right now until I’ve learned you flow within that
as well but that’s what I was doing Wow so I have to change the prediction
which don’t go into fight you have to sin flow and then I have to move myself
correctly you know so that’s the three option you know the Pistons yeah change
your prediction you don’t need to fight you have to stand flow then move
yourself differently in order to feel the way you should feel I fucked up the
the third option because I was looking for a sympathetic reaction therefore we
I do I change my method option two I made it happen so that I would feel the
way I think so I changed my sensory input to fit the earlier prediction so I
went through the first model to fix it what did i do i went to the christian
model and i was like what am i doing because it has been since flush salad
it’s been bothering me and today over sack
that’s what I was doing I knew right away I was like I’m losing it what did I
just do and I was like Oh tommix complete sense and then I played kill
the rest of the of the game yeah oh it’s it’s crazy so now that’s the only new
thing yeah exactly now when you get into I can’t rule it right now I can not to
play pool yeah see another purple belt yeah because now I can do my game
because now I can go practice now I have my half cap by the way mm-hmm I told you
I need to find my half got a pool I found it today I know what my half card
is it’s that Easter hunt position – ah and now I can play all my shots based on
that now I can learn pour ma I don’t have to mimic anymore don’t have to use
memorization now I can stop playing pool just like when I found my I have got a
from TV – I just want pool that’s cool yeah hi so I’m so happy my my my
training analogy does actually today as well was that I had noticed well for a
long time I’m Christ look at me is it if my heart rate and breathing gets up
I am extremely uncomfortable because what I I’m okay with it
as long as I know what I have to do right meaning if I have to rip something
off the ground and throw it through the fucking air I’m not afraid at all I’ll
get I’ll get there and we’ll do it right but conditioning the problem is as soon
as my heart rate gets up and I know it’s gonna have to be there for a long time
the reality of it is like oh fuck and it becomes very so in order to that makes
you yeah yeah and then it makes it worse so in order to train it today what I
want is set just a target and this was going to be just intervals
nothing sprint intervals but just intervals on the air runner I said that
right there we end the assault on so I’m using oh yeah yes and but I I did it
with one intention which was I need to be comfortable moving move in this right
and for a reasonable look or make me feel yeah and so what I did was I
gonna I mean I just went and what I could find is as soon as the heart rate
gets up and things start getting sick let’s just stay in it you have to see
where it goes and I can tell very simply like all I
needed to do and this was a trick Scott McGee told me this a long time ago
never fucking used it one of things he would do when training
is push and push and push and then see how he could focus and stay calm in that
monie so he’s like really really relaxed your face right just mmm yeah and I
fucking notice like as soon as I started even getting my heart rate up nothing
uncomfortable yet I’m still I’m like fuckin running you know and and and
actually in in in hindsight having just focused on only that thing I don’t care
how many calories how many would add our ice table matter get to that’s
outcome-based is ya know get to the end I was able to really push to finish it
something uncomfortable still but what I take away from the situation is I
actually have better control of it and it’s sync not that bad when I would have
just let it run amok and let it all happen yeah it would have felt way worse
in there because I didn’t have and again like for you to get conditioning it
would take a year to year so you have to maybe not enjoyed but I accept it in the
meantime if you had push and go like I’m not I’m not doing this for another six
months then that’s what I do with my conditioning as far as our basically
will go out and I can do the intensity thing for short amounts of time so I’ll
go in and just fucking bury my shit yeah but that’s pretty traumatic
yeah exactly and yeah and it’s tough to go back to so then when I anytime my
heart rate gets up I’m like giggles exactly so there you move for 24 minutes
yeah so that’s a good conditioning so yeah how many that’s how many strong men
you know I can move for 24 minutes by the way two minutes they’ll run around
like two minute on the iodine that’s a pretty fucking big conditioning session
alright but that’s so that’s what I’ve been doing me too when I do the error
was that is like it’s not the number it’s basically based on the how you feel
and by the way don’t shit yourself either or like that’s the thing too is
like oh I have to be under control yeah that doesn’t mean you don’t get to push
push it get there and learn to control something so it’s always that fine line
for me between fat and flight and I stay there when I do conditioning for as long
as I can yeah well for me the the and here’s why that was I would consider
that a success and I think I’m looking forward to doing more office I have no
goals in the conditioning department all I wanted to the condition department is
to feel better doing on had abs but but that’s not a conditioning at all you
know this is just doing the work right so but but for me all I want to do is
feel better doing it so that I’ll do it more often but you know actually in a
way and I know that that’s what’s setting me back in my strength work
though because now my breath and heart rate and that shit yeah that’s the
reason a guy sits on his ass for seven minutes between sets
yeah and that works for getting strong but at some point again you reach the
ceiling you don’t need to yeah and also you can’t do more work yeah that’s a way
out yeah and even though you’re good you can’t – yeah you’re doing good work you
can’t do more of it because you’re conditioning yeah yeah yeah no there’s
no question you need to be conditioned yeah but actually rich Froning remember
when you say how do you try and say put something heavy on your back and make
yourself breathe how mm-hmm that’s it there’s no that’s one of the cool stuff
is CrossFit in that sense is there was there wasn’t always a number that you’re
doing the number but you can’t tell where you were because you don’t wanna
run you have a pace or stuff like that with CrossFit sometimes you go double on
those who do well both there’s no pace there’s number to each but these you
pace as you need it so just get your heart rate up
keep it there yeah yeah and by the way you don’t have to know what the hardware
is it doesn’t have to be 149 you should breathe hard yeah stay there and for the
CrossFit folks also didn’t know a single calorie or what exactly macros man is
the same thing as the macros for nutrition you don’t need to know the
reason I didn’t observe any of those numbers on the thing was because it was
probably embarrassing but no that wasn’t the goal to me the calories and the
stuff is exactly same thing as micros for nutrition it allows you to develop
gym habits yes but on a roll you should be able to cover it and go out a certain
pace and I mean like you should not need the paid to for the pace to be said yeah
Andrews been doing some work on the performance side with some of that stuff
that I look at those workouts and I’m like oh he’s a fucking sociopath anyway
it’s like it’s like do all this stuff but I want you to fucking tape over the
thing and you’re not allowed to look at the clock it’ll beep when you’re done
and inside the way look what what I try to do that
have some now we’re gonna do that in the in the training group we’re starting in
May right because he’s a he’s a performance guy is a pro rugby player
but now he has all those conditioning workout where you don’t get to see you
know where you are in the workout different target but a lot of this is
you’re going to cover the screen and not know how long you gotta go how many
minerals or stuff when he beeps you get 200 that’s your fucked up water all of a
sudden all that pacing you got good at doesn’t matter you can have to go and
welcome to life and then you have to know yourself you just have to know by
the way this works like that because when you wrestle someone it’s not all
about your pace yeah are you in a fight or whatever it’s not your placement some
time it’s his mm-hm and you’re gonna have to learn to deal with that that’s
my favorite we’re gonna we’ll end on this quote because I think I’m pretty
sure you had said this I don’t know if you I doubt that you coined this but
I’ll give you the credit anyways was it like you always have to be prepared to
fight because it does a lot of people will say well well I don’t fight I’m not
if we’re gonna fight it’s like yeah but what if I do you may not but if but what
if I do and you’re there then what they need to know yeah so be prepared we
covered a lot of stuff today actually honestly significantly more than I
planned on but tremendously in a good way I don’t think we don’t think we went
all over the place well because you say we wouldn’t behavior I thought we were
pretty good yeah yeah I wanna go anyway even if you’re not you’re stuck okay
yeah yeah well thanks a lot and we’ll see you next week you know the drill
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  1. Really cool stuff. Re-watching it again now. Anger wise I personally go into a lot of trouble to keep it under control and be as mellow as possible to the point that I feel expressing anger is a weakness. Modern society, really disapproves of displays of anger. I understand that you are not staying to go into rage mode all the time but it's scary not try and control the emotion. I guess it's an emotion that for evolutionary perspective I don't understand it's reasoning. Animals don't get angry, they become hostile. Humans get angry but not hostile. I guess they are in fight mode to go and actively change their situation to fit their prediction. These stuff are really difficult to grasp

  2. So for a good while I was training fasted in the morning. Once I started watching strongfit podcast I incorporated sipping on honey it did give me more energy+ focus . So let me get this straight the end goal here is to get into sympathyc without food ?? Aka the honey in my situation should I just go back to my complete fasted training since I didnt have any problems with it in the past .probably would have a bit less energy without honey.

  3. Julien have you read the Hacking of the American Mind. Probably all information you already know but I'm fascinated by the symmetry.

    I've been using prolonged fasting to change my behavior and doing stuff especially uncomfortable activity has been the best bang for my buck. I love the words you've put to what I've been experiencing.

    I'm learning a lot right now and this fits perfectly. How do I get more from you guys? The auto-regulation group? I think this will be my bridge back to eating at a higher frequency. I remember the basics of this at the seminar in San Diego, but I understand it far better now with some practical experience with the food behavior relationship

  4. Gawd damn…I was listening the whole time wondering how does this all play out for someone that works nights (sorta also guestimating what your answer might be) and BANG…you mention it! Yepp. As I thought. Dear Nervous system, can we not come to some sort of compromise? πŸ˜―πŸ™
    Another great podcast with lots to consider. Thank you fellas πŸ‘

  5. Julien, do you recommend to take proteins essentially at night (before bed time)? If so how much? Understanding that the liver can not process more than (somewhere) 30g of protein per hour how does this work for maintaining muscle mass?

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