Episode 47 – Physicians Assistant who died for 6 min. Krista Gorman on We Don’t Die Radio

>> MUSIC PLAYING Sandra: Welcome to another episode of We Don’t
Die, where my goal is to give you evidence that although our bodies disappear, we survive
physical death. For all of these episodes, I aim for all of us to take more risks in
life, go after our dreams, have great relationships and of course, some fun in the process. I’m
your host, Sandra Champlain, author of the #1 International best-seller We Don’t Die:
A Skeptic’s Discovery of Life After Death. Today on our show, we have Krista Gorman.
Let me tell you a bit about her. She’s a Physician’s Assistant who died during labor
with her daughter, nearly 14 years ago. Her consciousness left her body and traveled to
the afterlife where she was reunited with universal love. Before she returned, she made
an agreement with her spirit guides that she would share what she learned there with others
here. After many years of struggling to reintegrate into her life, she wrote the book I Died and
Learned How to Love, where she was able to put into words what her near-death experience
taught her about life. She was able to share with others her information on love and service.
So, Krista, welcome to We Don’t Die. Krista: Hi Sandra, I am so happy to be here. Sandra: It’s great. We’ve been sharing
e-mails back and forth and to hear your voice is fabulous. To our listener, you never know
when you’re listening to this, but we’re recording this prior to Christmas. With the
holidays upon us, I know for myself, my dad or grandmother isn’t around anymore and
frankly, my life doesn’t look like I thought I’d be. I’m 48, single, no kids. There
can be regret, fear as well as feelings of loss around the holidays. I’m excited to
talk to you today, because she has an unbelievable story and my stand for today is that we begin
to look at the holidays different after this interview about who we are, and our loved
ones being with us, although we may not be able to see them. Krista, is that aligned
with what you’re up to? Krista: Absolutely. I love that you bring
up that very subject; the fact that when people die, they haven’t really left. They’re
always there. Sandra: Yes, and it’s important. Even like
I said, around the holidays it can be really hard and lots of grief can kick in. It can
be different, you may not need to set a space for someone at the table, but you may want
to as well. Even as you’re just decorating the tree, imagine they’re there with you,
telling you where to put the ornaments; whatever. So, how about you? Tell us about you and what
happened. You’ve got the mic. Krista: Okay. I had just graduated from my
Physician’s Assistants program, and it was the end of June in 2000. I was due to have
my daughter about three weeks later. What happened is that, at my 20-week ultrasound
– At five months, you get one to determine gender as well as check the organs. They saw
that something was wrong with her kidneys, so they thought it’d be good to induce her
a week early and have a specialist see her. I reluctantly agreed. I knew it was something
that needed to be done medically, but I also wanted to deliver her in a natural way. I
was fearful that if I didn’t agree, there’d be a bad outcome. I said, okay, let’s do
it. I went into the hospital on a Sunday evening and began in the induction. About 13 hours
later, I had only dilated about 13cm. They said that this had gone on long enough and
that we would probably need to do a C-Section, but we’ll try and give you more time. Once
that decision was made, it wasn’t much longer. I was continuing in labor and had an epidural
and I was watching the monitor; being a PA, I knew what the tracing should look like when
I had a contraction. What happened is that when I had a contraction, my daughter’s
heart-rate dropped dangerously low and that wasn’t tolerated. When that happens, the
decision is made and it’s almost always a C-Section. Sandra: Right. Krista: That’s what was to occur. They had
to put an internal monitor on my daughter’s scalp, which is a metal corkscrew and it’s
the most accurate way to measure things until the C-Section is performed. They did all of
that and all of a sudden, I felt very short in breath and it was very quick in the progression
of the severity. In seconds, I was gasping for air. They were wheeling me out of the
room. The staff acted very quickly and was moving me out of the room. I remember being
on the hallway, on my side, with an oxygen mask and I was trying to take deep breaths,
but I just couldn’t. My breathing became more and more shallow. I was struggling and,
in an instant, there was a dramatic serenity that came over me. I knew everything was going
to be okay. Then, the lights went out. Sandra: Okay, wow. Krista: That’s the last thing I remember
there. The next thing I remember is being high above my body, although my vision had
remained intact. I was looking at the scene blow me and also seeing black, particulate
matter coming to where I was. It was approaching my eyes. Then, I looked around at myself and
I was like a static cloud, hovering there. I glanced around at the level I was at, and
saw that the walls were fluid. Down below me was something lying on the bed and I couldn’t
recognize any of it. It was just activity. I didn’t know there was people, or that
it was my body. I’m watching this scene and it’s fascinating to me. I’m watching
my daughter being born and being handed to someone over my right shoulder. While I’m
watching that, they turned around quickly and they were resuscitating her. I thought,
wait, I want to see what you’re doing. Then, someone came into the room and went up to
the side of my body. From what I understand, it was a specialist who responded to the code
blue and came to help. Then, I went to the left side of my body and I started to feel
like it was becoming more familiar. Like, wow, wait; this is something that I know.
As I started to feel that, I felt something pulling me from the left, like a tugging feeling.
Then, it began to pull harder. So, I let go and decided to go with it. The instant that
I made that decision, I was moving at lightning speed. I moved through a light space; it wasn’t
very bright, but very white and I went into a space that was expanding infinitely. Yet,
it was very small. The place I was in was very tiny. But, I felt like I was expanding
at the same time. I was that particulate matter that rejoined all the matter that I was in.
It was like being immersed in it and it was all pure, blissful love. I felt that and was
like, wow. It was such an intense and rapid felling. Then, instantaneously, all the questions
I had in life were answered in a nanosecond. It all boiled down to love, every single question.
I had that knowledge then at that moment and was continuing to move in this space. I saw
there was a small, grey dot in the distance and as I approached it, it began to get larger.
It was drawing me in and I wanted to see what it was. I came up and, getting closer to it,
I saw shadow-like figures in this space; very ill defined. Inside that opening, there was
a shadow figure of a little boy. I can describe him as a Tom Sawyer-like; someone from the
1800’s with a wide-brim hat and overalls. It was unclear his features, but he was at
the front of a grouping of adult shadow figures. Like, they had put him there in order to draw
me in. Sandra: Yup. Krista: I went into that space and moved past
a line of these adult figures and my intention was to help the little boy. I didn’t know
where he was though. They had taken him away. I was confused and felt that place wasn’t
as loving as where I was. I felt uneasy, yet I wanted to help these spirits and figures.
I wanted to give them what they wanted, although I didn’t know exactly what it was. Once
they felt that love and compassion, they came at me very quickly. It felt like my energy
was being depleted. Like, they were trying to take my energy away from me. Sandra: Interesting. Krista: Yes. It happened so fast and I could
feel myself being almost disintegrated there. I wanted to leave and soon as I felt that,
I began to leave and was pulled away. I was back in that expansive, static space and feeling
all of the love. Then I came into another opening which was the same static that I was,
and I merged into this space of a gorgeous landscape. It was a field of yellow flowers,
just standing off far into the distance. It met rolling green hills and there were other
things dotted across. There was an intensely evergreen forest and on my left was a rocky,
moss-covered waterfall. I felt this sense of being just one with it all; the flowers,
the rocks, and the trees. It was all a part of me and I was part of them. It felt like
home to me. I was just in bliss. Then, I was flanked on both sides by what I would label
as angels, but they were more like benevolent spirits there to serve as my guides. At that
point, I was at another threshold. They communicated to me in a way that wasn’t telepathic, but
through feeling. I felt them tell me that I could stay here and move to what lay beyond
here, or just come back to my body. It just took a second for me to make the decision
to come back, although I wasn’t sure why I was deciding that. Sandra: Interesting. Krista: Yes, I know that’s what I needed
to do and wanted to do. I started to move away from them and they literally turned towards
me and said “If you come back, you need to share what you learned here”. There was
no hesitation here; I said, of course. Who wouldn’t? Sandra: Yeah, okay. Krista: The next thing I remember was waking
up to someone rubbing their knuckles on my sternal, which is a sternal-rub and it is
done to bring someone around that you believe is awake but not coming to or aren’t waking
up. So, that was my Neurologist rubbing his knuckles because they had induced a medical
coma to help my body recover from what I had been through. What this was is that I suffered
an Amniotic Fluid Embolism and what happened is that the fluid got into my blood stream
and they saw it as foreign, so they sent cells and attacked it and that formed clots which
traveled to my lungs and blocked the circulation there. Sandra: Oh, wow. Krista: This explains why I went into cardio-respiratory
arrest. Typically, that is a fatal medical emergency. After that happened, what I learned
is that a common problem after that type of embolism is a D.I.C., or Disseminated Intravascular
Coagulation, which is that you bleed everywhere and have no ability to clot blood. This had
happened, too. In that, you have about a 50/50 chance of surviving. I had been in the I.C.U.
only about 48 hours or so when I began to show clear signs that I was at least not going
to be completely incapacitated; I would live. They didn’t know what brain function I would
have. Then, just very quickly, I came out of that and they stopped the medicine to keep
me in a coma and I came out of it and began to interact with people. The next thing I
remember is standing next to my bed in the I.C.U. and swimming, trying to open the curtain.
Something was going on and I needed to find out. My entire family had come to the hospital
and was in a circle outside of my room. I saw the curtain open and my father’s head
had popped up, out of the circle and he goes, “Uh-oh”. I had unhooked myself from all
of the monitors and climbed over the railing of the bed. Sandra: You really did this? This isn’t
an outer-body experience. Krista: I did that, maybe about 72 hours after
the cardiac arrest. They were just floored. So, I was moved out of the I.C.U. at that
point into another room and I recovered there. About eight days after the emergency, I left
the hospital. My daughter, meanwhile, had to be delivered and had a heart-rate of about
60 and that was it. She was blue and not breathing. They quickly resuscitated her and moved her
to another local hospital that had a neo-natal I.C.U. because our hospital did not have one.
She was there about six days before they brought her back to me. I got to see her for the first
time and it was so cool, because they handed her to me and it was like I already knew her.
My mom had said I didn’t react at all; it was like she was a baby doll. I said, no,
I knew her, I felt like I already had known her. Sandra: That’s amazing. Krista: Since then, it is a rollercoaster.
I remembered my experience not right away, but about three weeks later and it came to
me in a vivid dream. I woke up and was completely changed. It was amazing. Right after I came
home, I was blissed out. I had no anxiety, nothing mattered. I kept hearing my daughter
instinctively. Mom was like, I don’t know how you know what to do, but you know what
to do. Sandra: Wow. Krista: Yeah. I was just like, nothing mattered.
Everything was cool. That was not me. That was completely not me; I was a PA student
and very intense. I was very much a Type-A personality. They thought, oh, she’ll come
back and be the regular Krista. Then, I had that dream and I was like, wow. It was more
vivid than life itself. You hear people talk about it and you go, wow, that’s neat, but
to experience it was out of this world. It was so overwhelming and intense. I felt such
a huge responsibility to share that message of love with everyone. The thing is that the
message isn’t just love; we need to love each other. Every part of our being is love.
To express that in our lives and every possible way is why we are here. Sandra: Say more about that, because I don’t
quite get that. Krista: Well, we are – the source of us
is this energy of love. It’s nothing something you can put your finger on, unless you’re
here in the physical world and understand it’s all made of love. Every tree, flower,
person, animal; it’s all made of love. In that way, we can touch it physically. There’s
this spiritual — what’s the word I’m looking for – part of love that you cannot
touch. Yet, we all share it. We can’t see it but it’s shared between everyone and
everything else. It’s that quantum physics idea of the sharing of energy. It’s moving
through us all the time, in constant motion. The air I breathe now is the same air that
my husband will breathe two minutes later. Those particles; we share it all. It’s all
love. We are not necessarily aware of it in our physical body. You come from it, we are
it, but we’re more born into this world when that single idea or feeling of love turns
into that other thing, which is fear. Sandra: Yeah. Krista: So, we’re born into that and into
this physical world. We carry the knowledge and fear and its triggered when we start to
experience here. We come to this world in pure, beautiful, joyful light and love and
then we begin to experience the opposite. Then we learn, okay, well there’s this other
thing that doesn’t feel so good. Depending on the balance of that in one’s life, that
is the result of our personality, I suppose. It’s our way of dealing with things in life.
If we’re raised in a loving household, we tend to be loving people. We express that.
If we’re in an abusive household, we tend to be fearful or abusive people ourselves.
That’s a belief we’re immersed in. What people need to understand is that during any
given moment, we have a choice to create our reality. It’s very much the law of attraction
and I experienced that firsthand in the afterlife. I intended to go towards those spirit beings.
I wanted to help them but they were drawing me in and this was orchestrated by the universal
love and energy. Then, I wanted to leave. I was given that. I left because that wasn’t
by my own accord, but through the help of the universal and divine love; god, goddess,
whatever you want to call it. I was given this experience with those beings because
I’m a person who loves to help people and for many years, I lost myself in that. I would
help them, but not help myself. I would give to others, but never to myself. Sandra: Was this before, or after your experience? Krista: Very much before. I feel like this
experience was created by me and for me, so that I could learn to put myself first and
to love and have compassion, but also to put myself first to be there for other people
and give that love to other people. Sandra: How do you do that, Krista? In theory,
it sounds great that we can’t help anyone else unless we take care of ourselves and
self-love is important. Many of us live with doubts, fears, and negative thoughts about
ourselves. Do you have an idea of how we can put in that love? For us, it’s easy to love
other people. Krista: Yes it is. Sandra: But when we look in the mirror, not
so much. Krista: Yes, absolutely. First, become aware
of what you are and who you are is love. The same love you give to others, imagine it being
given to you, by you. Now, just to know that; you don’t necessarily have to put it in
action, but having that understanding is the first step. Then, listen to your own bodies’
energy. Let’s say someone asks you to host a party for your own event. You have work
and all these other things going on and you want to help them, but it is taxing to you
and stressing you out. Rather than saying, yes, I can do that, no problem, and then feeling
bad about it since you know you’ll be stressed and not enjoy it. The choice is to say, I’d
love to help you, but xyz. This is what I need to do for me right now. Is there any
way I can help you that doesn’t require all of my time and energy? Sandra: Yes. Krista: That’s an easy example. The other
one comes when you’re in relationships; women tend to lose themselves in relationships
with others. It’s an easy thing to do when you’re not aware. To be aware that your
needs are equally important, if not more than others, in order to take care of yourself.
If you don’t realize that, you’ll lose yourself in that relationship. The things
that have helped me, and in my experience supported this, is to put myself first in
terms of how do I feel about the situation. If it doesn’t feel good, then what’s my
part? How do I contribute to not feeling good, and what can I do to make myself feel better?
Do I need to change my thinking? My approach to it? Do I need to even be involved in it
at all? There’s a lot of self-reflection, but the main thing is feeling and intention
in our lives as well as monitoring our thoughts. The afterlife, for me, the experience was
pure feeling and vision. I could see and feel emotions and I could feel the energy of the
spirit beings. The intention portion is very important since what we need to focus on first,
is intention for you. Do we want to feel good, or feel like we were in service to others? Sandra: Right. Krista: Only focusing on that or do we want
to feel good? Focusing on feeling good and then going, okay, what can I do in the situation
that won’t drown me, or make me feel bad? Sandra: So, feelings come first. Krista: Yes. Sandra: Then, intention. Speak a bit about
monitoring emotions, because I tell you what. I try to monitor my thoughts but they just
flood in and most aren’t empowering. What can we do about our thoughts? Krista: Well, I’ll give you a backstory
here first. After I came back from my experience, I wanted to share with everyone, but they
wanted me to be the person I was before. I wasn’t. Sandra: Oh, god. Wow. Yeah, I can see that. Krista: That was very intense. Sandra: Yup, like, where did Krista go? Krista: Their energy is that, we want Krista
to be who she was before. I felt I wanted to be the new person I learned that I was,
and I didn’t know how to. I didn’t know what I wanted to do in order to be that. Here
I was, in the physical world, not knowing how to navigate around anymore as the new
person I learned I was. I struggled a lot with that. I eventually fell back into the
Krista-role and as my brain injury improved, I became like the old me, with the exception
that I was much softer, more caring and loving; not only to others but myself as well. So,
that goes along with what was my intention. I wanted to be this loving being, but also
needed to fit in my life. How can I manage that, but be happy in some respect? I had
to manage my thinking. You had this tremendous experience to share with others, you don’t
know how to share it yet, and you will have to figure out along the way. I focused on
figuring it out while I was trying to manage my life, in the meantime. The struggle sometimes
was overwhelming in doing that. Sometimes I wanted to run away and go to like, a commune
or something. Sandra: Right. Krista: I just wanted to meditate and learn
how to be that love. In this physical world, that wasn’t going to happen. I struggled
with that and tried to keep myself happy and grounded by watching my thoughts. Knowing
my near-death experience, the memory would come to me and I’d just push it away and
go, not now. Not yet. My relationships; navigating them was difficult for I wasn’t doing a
good job at it for a long time. I fell out of control with stuff. I feel like I’m not
in control with my life; I want to be this person, but I’m not and I have to go to
work, be a mother, be a wife and clean the house. I had to do all these things that distracted
me and I’m really unhappy about it. I had to change my thinking. You want to fulfill
your spirit, which we all do, but you can’t have the end result right now. You need to
figure out a way to live that’ll give you happiness and joy, while you move towards
that end result. I altered my thinking. I saw washing dishes as serving my family as
well as I because I know it needs to be done and it’ll get me to the next step of where
I want to be. Ultimately, I wanted to just be sharing my experience with others; making
a living by helping people. In the meantime, my relationships were difficult and I realized
mainly that I needed to change my thinking and begin to monitor my thoughts. So, let’s
say there was an instant where my husband became very ill. He was a touring musician
for 20 years and neglected his health, and he became very sick. I was resentful about
that, because I had been holding down the fort and taking care of my daughter, as well
as the house, and neglecting my own needs and dreams. I now had to take care of my sick
husband, who had been pursuing his dreams forever. Sandra: Right. Krista: I was a part of those choices, but
at the time I was resentful. Sandra: It’s easy to do. Krista: Here I, now, had to take care of him.
I was mad for a while, but I realized how destructive that anger and resentment can
be. I had been pushing my near-death experience away, because I couldn’t with it now, or
be the person I wanted to be, or do what I wanted to do because I had so much to deal
with. It made me miserable. I finally got to a point where my daughter was beginning
to suffer as well. She was feeling the stress of her parents and I saw what she was going
through; she was having a hard time. I sat down one night and said, you know what, you
need to stop fighting and battling yourself and get real. Just, get real. So, I thought,
okay. What is it that would make me happy? What is it that I need to do to be the person
that I want to be? I started to make little notes. Eventually, I developed it into the
“12 Principles for Daily Living”, which is in my book I Died and Learned How to Live.
These things helped me navigate my life from that point on. It embodied my whole experience
in the afterlife. The overarching issue and point is monitoring our thoughts. So, if I
am dealing with something in a situation where I feel it should be a certain way and it’s
not that way, the first thing is acceptance. This is how it is in the moment. Then, intention.
What do you want? What’s your desire? Focus on that intention. You’re fighting with
your spouse and want to get along. Focus on getting along. Focus on the fact that the
end result is that, so how do you get there? Love; be all loving in your thoughts, words
and actions, regardless of what they do. You be solid, grounded, and loving in yourself.
The other part that we struggle with is negative thoughts about yourself, or the difficulty
of loving yourself. Understanding that we’re loving beings and having that fundamentally
grounded in you; no one can dispute that. That’s a fact. Sandra: Uh-huh. Krista: I can’t emphasize it enough and
nobody is an exception. There’s no exception to that. The ego is the thing that contradicts
it. That’s the part of our self that is living in fear. Sandra: Yes. Krista: When we aren’t feeling good, then
the ego is involved. When we aren’t feeling good, we need to change that. We can change
our thinking of whatever is going on. You go, you’re really stupid and you shouldn’t
have done that. You shouldn’t have made that decision; instead you should have done
this. That’s all destructive thinking. You have to look at where you’re at now and
then taking the next best step for you. Sandra: And catch yourself in the act of negative
thinking, because they can be autopilots. Krista: Yes, and that is the awareness part.
Okay, the thought is there, seeing it as something that isn’t you because you’re loving as
well as pure love and that thought isn’t you. It’s not coming from you. To acknowledge
it in such a detached way and say, okay, you’re there and I let you go and then replacing
it with the opposite of that thought. Sandra: What do you mean? Krista: Well, if you say to yourself, your
hair color is terrible. No, your hair color is beautiful. If you want to change it, you
can change it. Sandra: Gotcha. But for now, you express the
love and beauty. Krista: As well as acceptance, exactly. Sandra: That’s awesome, very profound. That
feeling of bliss you had during the experience, do you think that’s something we can experience
here on Earth? I’ve heard so many people’s experiences, and as much as I try to visualize
what it’d be like, it’s not possible because we’re on Earth with these struggles. Have
there been moments where you can feel that bliss? Krista: Yes, I had to go through all of these
struggles in my body to experience it. When I was able to let go of outcomes and able
to remember who I was, and experience the love I was in during the afterlife, then things
really began to change for me. I just live my life different and make choices that are
healthier for me. This was over the course of years, but everyone can do it – absolutely
anyone. During the course of that, I’ll run through the 12 Principles. Sandra: I’d love that. Krista: These are things, on a daily basis,
I’ve practiced and I am not perfect, but no one is. I have my bad days, bad hours,
or bad moments. The underlying thing is that what I bring myself back to is that I am love,
infinite, and a part of everyone and everything. I’m never alone. The first is living in
awareness and I talked about that with the knowing and understanding of the loving beings
that we are and we have the ability to change our thoughts at any moment. We have that control
to intend our life in the direction we want it to go. Living willingly, meaning, okay,
the outcome may not be what you wanted at the time, but you must know we live in a benevolent
universe that has the best interest at mind during all times. This particular outcome
may not seem like what you want, but I’ll lead you into the next best thing. Willingness
to accept that in the moment, while still intending what you want to do will help people
to keep moving forward. Sandra: Okay. Krista: Live lovingly. Loving you, but loving
me first. Live fearlessly. Fear will paralyze us. It’s the opposite of love, so when I
find myself in fear, I know, okay Krista, that’s it. Turn it around. What are you
afraid of? Is it going to be something that’ll kill you? Sandra: Doubtful. Krista: Even if it does, I’ve been there.
It’s okay. Sandra: Right, exactly. Krista: We’re just living in a continuum
of energy and it cycles around. Death is just as much a part of life as life is a part of
death. Live compassionately, and this is key. You’re identifying with the other person
that yes, you and I are one. When we’re one, there is no separation. You can then
act to do whatever you want to do to help relieve their suffering. Live patiently; this
is allowing the moment to be that moment and then letting it pass. Stuck in traffic jam?
It’s that way because it’s supposed to be that way at that time, turn up the music.
Maybe you’re there because there was an accident ahead of you, and if you were going
even 10MPH faster then you could’ve been in that accident. When we’re in the present
moment and this is huge; when we’re present, we have all the energy of the universe at
any given time. We can inflect it any direction through our intentions. When we are living
in the present, the power of that moment is immense. Sandra: Wow. Krista: We can create anything we want to
create out of that present moment. The thing is, it’s so powerful that one minute I was
breathing fine and the next, I wasn’t. Things change and things can happen; anything can
happen at any given moment. Sandra: Right. Krista: If we focus on that and our intentions,
we become very powerful creators of our lives. Live spiritually, which means anything for
anybody, really, but my own experiences with spirituality is that we are to recognize we’re
all spiritual beings. The physical bodies are the masks we wear to recognize one another
as spirits in the physical body. I’m sure you’ve experienced it before where you have
a connection with somebody. Sandra: Yes. Krista: It’s not tangible, but you just
have that connection. That’s recognizing the spiritual being on the other end. You
had some connection, maybe in the past. Spirituality knows we are limited by these physical bodies.
Live faithfully; I like to put it in words where you don’t need faith once you have
experience. Having faith that we’ll get to the point we want to get to, and then using
that until we have enough experience. Sandra: Okay. Krista: That keeps us going because we’re
all here to evolve spiritually and to understand that and have faith in the natural evolution
to our highest good. It just calms the soul. Sandra: Sure. Krista: Live purposefully. We all have a purpose
and for me, in my experiences, it’s to move closer to the experience of being love in
the body. Just completely love everything that we do, but along the way we have little
purposes and to be able to get up and say, what’s my purpose today? First, it’s to
love myself and others. What’s the next thing; I need to do laundry, so I can wear
work clothes and eventually drive my car. Alongside this, we all have these mundane
human tasks we have to do, but then we can take our money and enjoy a trip with our family
and bond, or donate it to charity, whatever we intend to do. Every moment can be full
of purpose. Live creatively; this is a big one because we’re creators and co-creators
of our lives. In the self-help area, there is lots of talk about that. What I experienced
in my near-death experience was that I was the creator of my experience and it was co-created
along with the love of the universe. We aren’t alone in the creation of our lives or any
other experience. We have the ability to take that energy and inflect it into whatever direction
our intention is and create our lives through that. Sandra: That’s awesome. Krista: At the same time, we have this idea
of the divine universe so we’re never alone. When we think bad stuff happens, it is never
actually bad. It serves a higher purpose. In order to bring us closer to the loving
beings that we are; to bring us closer to it and experience ourselves as the loving
beings that we are. The last is live miraculously, and boy is that fun because everything is
a miracle. Watching a butterfly flying through the air, with their wings flapping, and knowing
exactly where it’s supposed to go, and seeing another butterfly flying after it and dancing
in the air; that’s a miracle. To be able to identify with that and feel and absorb
that is life. It creates such a joy, connection, and ultimately love. That’s why we’re
here. There are miracles everywhere. Doctor said I was a miracle as well as my daughter,
and my response was that everything is a miracle. I didn’t approach it from, oh, yeah I’m
such a miracle. My response when I heard it, when I came back, was well, everything is.
I’m no exception. Sandra: I think Einstein said that “we can
look at life as if nothing is a miracle or as if everything is a miracle”. If it’s
good enough for Einstein, it’s good enough for us. Krista: Wise man, yes. Sandra: Krista, you’re just a glowing, loving,
brilliant soul. It’s so awesome to hear your story and know that you experienced this
bliss, but then as a human, being able to tell us the struggle to integrate this back
into your life. I love hearing the stories of the afterlife and, as inspiring as they
are, the real inspiration comes from when you can share your struggles. I bet you don’t
have your whole life handled or perfection everywhere. Krista: Oh, no. You should see the wreck my
house is currently. Sandra: But, the gift is that we get a set
of tools and it’s applying them into our lives because I think we need fear to experience
the love. I think that there’s a point to all of us being here. Like you said, for the
expansion of our souls and to bring us closer to who we really are. It may not seem like
a game, since games are meant to be fun, but the game of life is just that. There are things
we can only experience in this human form. Krista: Mmhm. Sandra: Our time is coming to an end, but
something that really struck me from the whole interview is that our best interests are always
in mind. There are times, and I’m sure all of have things in our life right now that
are occurring as pain, misery, or struggle, and it may be hard to look for it like, how
in the world is that for my own good? Just a bit of sharing, my dad died of cancer and
those last few weeks were hell; really, truly were. There was a side of me that I had never
seen before. I’ve never seen the generosity and love, compassion that flew out of me.
The obvious is that out of the painful experiences came my book and being able to help other
people, but for each one of us, to look in our life and maybe that’s the challenge
I want to leave with everyone today. Whatever happens, look through the lens that my best
interest is in mind. Do you think that’s a good thing to take on, Krista? Krista: Yes, wonderful message. Sandra: Even if we don’t understand it,
because in the moment we don’t. Looking back to be the person we are today, we had
to experience the good and bad and it’ll give each one of us a sense of not stewing
on something going wrong, of if you’re angry with someone, don’t hold that anger. Think
like there’s something in this for me. There is growth to be done. Thank you Krista, is
there any closing thoughts you have; anything you left unsaid or any last parting thoughts
before we close the interview? Krista: I’d love to wish everyone a happy
holiday and to do something nice for you. All the giving you’re doing for everyone
else, now take a minute and do something nice for yourself. Sandra: I love that. That’s really great,
self-love. Krista Gorman, her website is kristagorman.com and her blog is there and you can also find
her book. An easy link is if you go to wedontdieradio.com, you see the picture of the beautiful Krista
Gorman and I’ll have the links to her website and book, I Died and Learned How to Live.
I’m just thrilled that we had you today and got to hear from you. Thank you. Krista: Thank you Sandra, it’s just been
wonderful. Sandra: So, for our listeners today, let’s
put in the self-love. Whatever you’d do for another person, do it for yourself today.
My name is Sandra Champlain; you’ve been listening to We Don’t Die. I do believe
that life is an education for the soul, and all of our lives here are truly important.
I wish you a wonderful day and add that self-love in. We’ll see you soon. >> MUSIC PLAYING


  1. Another wonderful conversation Sandra. Thanks for all you do. I hope you enjoy these holidays and all is well with you and family. 💚 💜 💖 Big Love ks xx

  2. I love your radio show, i have had so many unexplainable things happen to me i dont feel so alone in this big ol world so much anymore , thank you for your beautiful heart and your shining spirit, you are the light that lights so many peoples paths to truth!

  3. It used to worry me that all people didn't have the NDE who died and I am so glad to hear that she didn't remember it until later. She is the second person on YT that I have heard who had an nde but didn't remember. So it is not that everyone does not have, it is that not everyone remembers.

  4. I have to say alarm bells rang for me when she remarked that she only remembered the experience three weeks later in a dream. Dreams can't ever be taken as reliable sources of information about real events (other than if they accurately predict the future) . That's not to dismiss her story – it may have been a real memory, but if a dream is all she is basing this on then an open minded skeptic would say that it has to increase the chances that this was a false memory or a dream construction. Had she remembered the experience while awake it would have been more evidential in my opinion. Just playing devils advocate 😉

  5. I too struggle with quieting my "monkey mind," especially in meditation time. Karen Newell and Eben Alexander have pointed out that their "Sacred Acoustics" brainwave entrainment recordings help to do just that. I've recently begun to use their recordings and have found that to be true. My hope is that the effects linger into my non-meditation time and I think that may already be happening to some degree. Thank you for your podcast, I've loved listening to so many of your guests and I'll continue to do so.

  6. I am almost 50 and it is so emotional I am in shock at the fact that I have lived at least a maximum of half my life if not longer

  7. I have been finding these videos very interesting. I'm told I'm intuitive, have some psychic after conferring with a medium on the phone years ago. But several years ago, I woke up in bed and just said "There is a God!" There is a God". But the strangest thing is I don't remember what ever I saw. I assume the "veil" was lifted for me to have a seek peek or I may have entered another realm. But I don't remember a thing, but like I said, I new I saw something that was proof that God exists.

  8. As is coming from you and the Divine an other excellent interview and I usually view your video several times , that one's The I feel that I need the day because I lost my best friend my guide my mother but thanks thru this type of shows I recognize when is here and communication so thank you so much for your excellent work.

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