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    WE MESSED UP WITH THE FAN ART CREDITS! The correct credits are as follows:

    Molly + Cast- JencilthePencil (https://twitter.com/JencilthePencil?s=09)

    Giovanni POSE! – gearlic (https://twitter.com/thegearlic)

    Huge apologies for the mixup! The editor (me) was very very sick last night when he put this together.This is one of my favorite episodes. I really enjoy the dynamic between Molly, Sylvie, and Giovanni. What was your favorite moment? Let us know in the comments below!

  2. The thing I’m most impressed about is actually how Mera’s epithet was foreshadowed:

    – She gets stressed easily and takes in lot of headache medicine (most likely to cope with her body breaking figuratively and literally)

    – In the opening she’s riding on Indus which could mean the bodyguard relationship and all, but it could also mean by how Mera has to rely on Indus to keep herself safe, despite him being an idiot.

    – The dynamic of Indus and Mera in general, with Indus being a barrier to protect an important but fragile thing, or in this case the person Mera.

    – How Indus handles most of the housework for Mera, she probably hurt herself multiple times while doing this so it’s no wonder that she would enlist Indus to do all the work

    – She gets injured multiple times which is due to her epithet which would make her body fragile, as well as how she easily puts up a cutesy innocent harmless girl act. It’s a form of protection: If she acts innocent and impressed with everything like a typical anime school girl, then she won’t get hurt.

    – Her and Indus’s duo attack where she breaks Indus’s barrier to act as a projectile. It really shows how powerful she is as even Molly can’t Hushabye the barrier as it’s too big and yet Mera can break it with ease. It’s also worth noting that she stated that no one has ever remained conscious from the Barrier Shotgun after seeing how Giovanni’s still conscious. She’s done this before and up until that point, it’s always been effective.

    – We don’t know the full extent of her powers. We know that she could beat Indus easily and that she’s a strong person but it comes at the cost at damaging her own body but as Indus stated we don’t know the full extent of her epithet Fragile.

    I’m really looking forward to how this plays out because Mera (in my opinion), is a victim. Compared to everyone else we have seen so far, no one has an epithet that directly causes harm to the user. In such a case, no one, not even Indus fully understands the pain she’s going through. This isn’t a close relative kind of pain or emotional and mental pain like with Molly (and possibly Geovani due to how he said that his parents are dead) but true suffering. To Mera, nothing could compare to how she suffered everyday because of her epithet, and I think it plays in to how she views epithets. To most, epithets are a gift, something they want but to Mera, it’s the complete opposite. It’s a curse and you can’t blame her for thinking that way. It also makes me curious about Mera’s past as it looks like she and Indus live together with no one else with Mera never mentioning her home or her parents. It could be that her parents are most likely abusive towards Mera, thinking that she’s not grateful for what she got and not understanding the pain that came with her epithet. It could be one of the reasons why it would push her to get the amulet and get Molly’s epithet.

    Either way, it’s just a theory and I’m really looking forward to how this goes! There’s a lot that can happen to this character and I’m excited to see it. Also, to anyone who saw the later episodes, please don’t spoil it as not everyone can watch VRV… Other than that, feel free to let me know what you think about Mera!

  3. This whole time I thought sylvie was a fully grown adult who happens to be very short (based on how quick he was to "correct" anyone who called him kid) but he's ACTUALLY just 15. I laughed way harder at that then I should have.

  4. Clearly people haven't spoken 2 words enough about how Mera's representation~

    p̶i̶n̶o̶y̶ ̶p̶r̶i̶d̶e̶

    salamin is mirror or glass in tagalog

    t̶h̶e̶ ̶m̶o̶r̶e̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶ ̶k̶n̶o̶w̶

  5. This series just keeps getting better and I'm stuck watching it on Youtube, cause no VRV here.
    I don't know if it will get a release outside of VRV so people who can't get that can support this show.
    I'm hoping for DVD.

  6. Why must you rush things? You are given the opportunity to animate something and make it look good, unless you want to anime the other 2 while this one is out, than I'm fine, if you leave the cartoon at just this, than you have wasted your time



    Making the Bull scottish was the single greatest decision in this show. Which is saying a lot, as all decisions have been great so far.

  8. Wait, is Beartrap's (yes that is her name to me) voice actor the same one who voiced priestess from Goblin Slayer abridged?

    (Edit) Just checked, nope, but they sounded kinda similar for a second. IDK. . .

  9. "I wish my mom was a ghost. She's just dead."

    "Listen… If you ever want to consult a professional, my office is always open."

    Why is no one talking about this part? Sylvie was adorable when tried to help Molly!

    And then Molly tried to give him her toy shop card lmao

  10. In Filipino, ‘Salamin’ means ‘mirror’,pertaining to the literal object that people use to see their reflection, or ‘glass’. Its interesting to think about when you connect it to her epithet and how her epithet looks !

    Keep up the good work, I’m absolutely obsessed with this show ! ♥️

  11. 1:38 Doctor Jeremiah Gottwald! That’s right, I’m a doctor – PhD in asskicking, bachelor of pain, and a minor in women’s studies!

  12. I thought her epithet would be something close to mirror because "Salamin" means mirror in Filipino. Fragile is pretty interesting.

  13. So to defeat Mera you should just need an epithet called Reverse and if you get in fight with her the attack will reverse to her and will break her so….

  14. The show is cute and clearly a lot of effort was put in it, but it lacks excitement, both visually and storywise. The feeling and atmosphere it emits is on a constant level, never high, never low, like a rollercoaster without any waves. I was really curious about the art at the beginning and like the drawings too, but the show should experiment more in the verticals and less just progressing the story.

  15. I feel like Giovanni would be pretty strong if he didn't announce everything that he did like people should start clapping.

  16. Knight takes Rooke
    bishop takes pawn
    Sheep to E5
    Beef to D2


  17. I just realised this, but its like they're pulling the whole 'king crimson' thing by showing the ability being used in a vague way before it's actually revealed

  18. Oh i get it why her epithet is like glass shards because of her name is mera salamin and salamin is mirror and if you break mirrors you get glass shards

  19. why is this show so good!!! every character was made so perfectly and while the animation may be a bit odd it just made me love the series more!

  20. 10:45 Ok now I’m both confused and scared. I thought that Barrier dude said she beat him in combat, but those kicks did absolutely nothing (and she obviously wasn’t holding back in her enraged state). So either she cheated during their match…or…her power is more dangerous than I realized. Just what the heck is her ability?!

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